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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Minun Lv. 24

Diamond & Pearl
Majestic Dawn

Date Reviewed: 06.19.08

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 1.05
Limited: 1.35

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Jigglypuff13 6/19 Minun Lv. 24 (MD)
Do you remember Plusle (MD) a few weeks ago? Do you remember how bad that card was? Well, this is worse. I didn't think it was possible. The main reason is this card kind of wants to be a main attacker, and not a starter like Plusle wanted to be. And looking at Minun's attacks, it just can never be. Pound is you standard C for 10 attack, which is always a bad start on a main attacker. To be honest, I would've preferred the Call For Family attack from Plusle on here. + Spark is rubbish as well. LC for 20 is just bad, and needing Plusle on your bench to do 20 bench damage to one of your opponent's Pokémon is just taking up too much valuable bench space.
To make it even worse, it just isn't survivable. 60 HP, +10 Fighting Weakness and that pointless -20 Metal Resistance just make the card worse. Every main attacker can OHKO Minun without a DRE attached, and due to the small effort that attackers can OHKO it, you may as well just run a teched in Magikarp (MT) instead of Minun. GG will just use Gallade (SW) for a OHKO, with or without the help from Weakness, or Gardevoir (SW) will come up and without a DRE, get a free KO and stopping your Poké-Powers. Magmortar (SW) decks will just load 3 energies on it for a OHKO, but it may just take it's time and use it's second attack to spread damage while taking minimal damage from Minun's + Spark. Ho-Oh (SW) in Skittles just needs 3 different basic energies attached to it for a OHKO, or they can use Togekiss and, with a bit of luck, get a OHKO using it's attack, though Minun can cause a bit of damage to Togekiss. Garchomp (MT) doesn't even need a Fighting energy attached for a OHKO. In fact, even though you shouldn't use DRE in Garchomp decks, can OHKO Minun with a DRE attached. Empoleon needs just one benched Pokémon to get a OHKO against Minun, but may take the time to Dual Splash your bench instead, but will take 50 damage from each + Spark, so will eventually need to KO Minun, unless it wants to be massively imbarassed. Eeveelutions can use any apart from Jolteon (MD) (Unless you want to discard the energies or use a Strength Charm/Plus Power) and Umbreon (MD) (Unless you use a Dark Special energy or a Strength Charm/Plus Power) to get a OHKO. Fossils will just use Kabutops (MD) and Chop Up Minun for a OHKO without needing the help from weakness. In fact, you will be hard pressed to make a deck that can't OHKO Minun, apart from any other Plusle/Minun decks that you may deck, at which point, why are you even playing them?
Modified: Pound it rubbish, + Spark is a waste of energies and bench space, it can't survive anything other than an opposing Minun's + Spark, and is basically a rubbish card. If you want to use Minun in any deck, use the SW Minun instead. If you get this in a booster pack, I really am sorry, and I know how it feels. This Minun is possible the most useless card in the set, but is definately the most useless rare. If I could give this a negative rating, I would, but I can't. 1/5
Limited: It gets slightly better here. + Spark does give some nice bench damage, and 20 for 2 isn't bad. It still can't survive more than a couple of attack though, but for maximum efficiency, you need to get Plusle as well. To be honest, if you get both, that's really unlucky, and will prove useless after the limited tournament though. 1.5/5

Minun (Majestic Dawn)


Okay letʼs see here, looks more like a collectorʼs item than anything else. ;p Pound, well Base Set Rattata could do better. This card is smiling right at you, but thereʼs really nothing to smile about. It doesnʼt have the damage, it doesnʼt have the hp and fighting weakness hurts. Sorry for those who like Minuns, but the better one is Secret Wonders. Best thing to combo with is Plusle (Secret Wonders).


Modified 1.1/5 (Itʼs smiling.)


Limited 1.2/5 Needs evolutions.


Minun Lv.24 MD


Alright, here, today, we have one of the most useless cards ever printed… Period. The HP is the same as an evolving basic, yet Minun doesn’t evolve. The attack absolutely reeks, 10 for (C)? Maybe 10 for nothing but (C)!?! And the second attack is almost worse (I say almost because I’m not sure it can be worse than 10 damage…) (+) Spark does 20 and 20 to a benched pokemon if you have Plusle on the bench… Wow, not a whole lot to say. Not only does this card suck, it wants you to play another card that sucks in order to make this suckish card a little better… Do I need to go on?


Pros –

*Wind passes through the Pojo website*


Cons –

Weak HP

Horrible first attack

Lame second attack

Doesn’t even get a free retreat!!!


Modified – This card in Modified? LOL. Haha. Oh, that’s a good one. 1.25/5 (+25 for bench damage!)


Limited – A (C) attack is the only thing that is even close to good here. 1.5/5


Why does pokemon insist on making such horrible cards and make them rare?


“Life isn't passing me by; it’s trying to run me over.”

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