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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day



Diamond & Pearl
Majestic Dawn

Date Reviewed: 06.18.08

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 3.45
Limited: 4.25

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Hippowdon Lv.44 MD


Good morning. Today’s COTD today is the hungry, hungry hippo himself, Hippowdon. This card looks nice at first glance; a free attack that does 20 and attached energy from your discard, 100 HP on a stage 1, and a second attack that can get massive with more energy on it. But this all comes at a large price, first is the massive 3 retreat cost, nothing can save you if you don’t have warp point or switch. Second is the coin flips for the second attack, coin flips are evil! You will get 1 heads the only time you need 2! And lastly is the horrible evolution line, there is no good Hippowdon to date (Well, this one isn’t bad.)


Pros –

Free energy attaching attack that does damage

Second attack that can do massive damage with a bit of luck

100 HP stage 1 is nice


Cons –

3 retreat cost

Fippy attack!

Weakness to a rising type (Water)


Modified – Someone lucky need to play this deck and win, then he may show its true potential. 3.5/5


Limited – free attack! Take it! 4.5/5


This guy isn’t bad; he just isn’t all that great either…


“I’m not clumsy…the floor just hates me…”


Hippowdon (Majestic Dawn)


Vacuum Sand's 1st attack is really nice- 20 damage, energy acceleration all for no energy? This could be useful with TV Reporter or Felicityʼs Drawing. Sand Impact is good and it can abuse Scramble and Double Rainbow Energy, it can also do unlimited damage, but itʼs a little flippy. Still- doing up to 110 damage for 3 fighting energy is nothing to look down upon. Now for the bad part, Hippowdon has weakness to water, which means yikes! Water Empoleon and Omastar taking it down and a 3 retreat cost to make it hard for the retreat. You could probably combo this with a few pluspowers and strength charms just for some extra security with Sand Impact and add some Warp Points when you need to retreat. You could try using this guy with Lucario (Daimond and Pearl), Blissey (Mysterious Treasures), Rampardos (Mysterious Treasures), and even Gallade (Secret Wonders).


Modified 3.4/5 Just donʼt know about that water weakness.


Limited 4/5 Looks like a nice tank to take down that can do damage pretty quickly.

Jigglypuff13 6/18 Hippowdon Lv. 44 (MD)
A few people liked the look of this card when it first came out, and I think it's obvious to see why. With decks that load up on energy seeming very popular and powerful this format (Blissey (MT), Magmortar (SW) being the 2 main ones), then Hippowdon, with it's energy loading first attack and a second attack that likes it, might be quite good. Vacuum Sand definately does look quite good, doing 20 for nothing and getting a Fighting energy from the discard pile and attaching to Hippowdon does sound very tempting. However, you do need to make sure you can get the Fighting energies into the discard pile first of all, and the fact that it is an attack just makes Hippowdon that little bit slower. It's self energy acceleration Vacuum Sand is nice, but just means you will have one less turn using Sand Impact.
Sand Impact is this cards main attack. 50 for FCC, and then you get to flip a coin for each F energy attached to Hippowdon and do 20 more for each heads. Basically, Sand Impact will, on average, doing 10 extra for each F energy attached, meaning with 3 Fighting energies attach, will do on average 80 damage. That looks better than Magmortar (SW) at these low energy costs, but go beyond 5 energies, and Magmortar becomes the more threatening on. With 6 energies, Magmortar is certain to do 120 damage, and while there are few 120 HP main attacks at the moment, that's still a good amount to hit. Hippowdon, on the other hand, is doing on average 110, but with enough luck, can do 120. 110 is still a lot, KOing some of the weaker main attackers, but getting there slow. One of the things that made Magmortar and Blissey popular was energy acceleration. Blissey actually had it in it's main attack, while Magmortar has a popular type for energy acceleration, with 2 different Firestarter Pokémon. Hippowdon only has it's first attack as a unique bit of energy acceleration, which is just a waste of an attack since you won't be able use it's energy hogging main attack until the turn after. Sure, it can use Togekiss (GE) or Leafeon Lv.X (MD), but so can the other two. Togekiss seems interesting, with MagKiss decks doing quite well recently, but HippoKiss decks would need even more luck to KO some of the main Pokémon. Leafeon Lv.X seems interesting as well, but it's a Lv.X, and that's always quite hard to get out, especially for a energy accelerator. Bascially, Hippowdon is a weaker, slower, more luck needing version of Magmortar and Blissey.
And the HP doesn't help it survive like Magmortar and Blissey have high HP to allow them to survive all bar the most powerful attacks. 100 damage can be achieved by most of the best decks. GG will just get Gallade to flip 2 prizes for a OHKO, or use Gardevoir to 2HKO Hippowdon, and can stop any Poké-Powers Hippowdon will want to use, like Togekiss's Serene Grace or Claydol's (GE) Cosmic Power. Magmortar needs 5 energies attached to OHKO an active Hippowdon, and 4 if it wants to use the Lv.X version to OHKO a benched Hippowdon. Skittles needs to load 5 different basic energies to Ho-Oh (SW) for a OHKO, or can use Togekiss to stall Hippowdon with it's Fighting Resistance. Garchomp (MT) will need a Water energy attached for a OHKO. Eeveelutions needs a Plus Power/Strength Charm attached to Glaceon Lv.X (MD) for a OHKO, though all of them can get a 2HKO. Empoleon (MD) needs just 2 benched Pokémon for it's main attack to get a OHKO. T2 decks will struggle to get a OHKO without the help of multiple Strength Charms/Plus Powers.
Modified: Vacuum Sand is a waste of an attack, Sand Impact requires a lot of luck to well, and with an average damage attack, ends up being weaker and less efficient than other energy hogs like Magmortar at high damage ranges, and can't survive a single half decent attack like other energy hogs, so if you do get one loaded with energies, it's likely to get KO-ed quickly, making all of the time and resources in powering that single Hippowdon up a waste. If you want to use Hippowdon, just use another better energy hog, like Magmortar. However, it does have one good thing on it's side, surprise. If you play it, who will expect it? Mind you, it still probably won't work since it's easily countered with it's low HP. 1.5/5
Limited: 100 HP makes it a bit of a tank here, giving it enough time to load up on Fighting energies. However, without a consistent way to discard Fighting energies, Vacuum Sand becomes quite situational. Sand Impact is still very luck based, but can quite easily become a consistent heavy hitter, OHKOing most of what you come across here. However, one big attacker on your opponent's side of the field, and it's a good idea to say "bye bye" to Hippowdon. 3/5

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