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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Bronzong Lv. 44

Diamond & Pearl
Majestic Dawn

Date Reviewed: 06.17.08

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 3.75
Limited: 2.85

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Bronzong Lv.44 MD


Hello people of planet Earth; and Canada! Today’s COTD today is one that seems insignificant, the attack costs nothing but only hit pokemon who you already hurt, the poke-body only hits other pokemon with poke-powers, and Coating isn’t the greatest attack in the world. BUT, there is one good deck (I’ve tried it out, it’s fun too,) using this thing that could be worth checking. First, take your Bronzong and turn it to 250, then add in some Gengar DP, just enough to where you can tell it’s there, then take your Gardevoir SW and throw it in there too. And last, but not least, add in moonlight stadium to keep your Bronzong fat free and bam! You have a deck! Just make sure to keep up the Shadow Dancing until you win. Other than that, Bronzong is basically useless!


Pros –

In between turns damage

Fire resistance (Thank you heatproof ability in the video game.)


Cons –

90 HP

Needs to be active

Attacks aren’t that great

Only hits poke-powers


Modified - Why couldn’t they make it hit both powers and bodies? 2.5/5


Limited – free attack, but not poke-powers here really. 2/5


Cursed Alloy? If the government got its hands on some do you think they’d use it?


"If every cloud has a silver lining; and hundreds of people have been struck by lightning looking for it."

Jigglypuff13 6/17 Bronzong Lv. 44 (MD)
Along with a fair few Pokémon in this set, it's has received a lot of hype. There are a couple of reasons why. The first is Cursed Alloy, which is basically Cursed Stone (LM) in Poké-Body form. There are a lot of Pokémon in this format with Poké-Powers, and thus Cursed Alloy can end up putting a lot of damage counters on a lot of Pokémon, including the every present Claydol (GE), which is used in many decks, along with the likes of Gardevoir (SW), Ho-Oh (SW), Togekiss (GE), Leafeon Lv.X (MD) and more than I have space and time to list them. Basically, you are going to have to be incredibly unlucky to go against a deck that doesn't use any Poké-Powers, and thus Cursed Alloy should be putting a damage counter on a lot of your opponents Pokémon every turn. The only bad thing about Cursed Alloy is Bronzong has to be active to use it, which means Bronzong as to have a good attack or 2 to make use of Cursed Alloy.
Thankfully, it does. Pain Amplifier is instant spread, and for no energy requirement. You do have to try and get a damage counter on each of your opponent's Pokémon first before you will be able to get maximum effect from Bronzong, but there are ways of doing so. The first is using a spreader to attacker for an energy for a while, then allow Bronzong to come up when the spreader gets KO-ed to continue spreading. Good examples of these sorts of spreaders are Prinplup (DP) and Vibrava (SW). The second way of doing the damage spread is to use either a Poké-Power to Body to spread the damage. Zapdos (MD) can do so with a flip and a Power, while Ampharous (SW) will put a damage counter on each of your opponents Pokémon when they play a Supporter. Both of these, when triggered and successful, will allow Bronzong to put one damage counter on each of your opponents Pokémon every turn for no energy cost thanks to Pain Amplifier. Coating isn't great though. For PCC, it can do 60 and protect Bronzong from 20 damage next turn, but that isn't really going to help much, when most decks can and will do the requires 110 to then KO Bronzong.
Actually, Bronzong has 4 big weaknesses. The first is Lati-Lock, which due to MD, is growing in popularity and can be fitted in a large number of big decks. The second is it's low HP, with 90 just not cutting it around here. The third is that large retreat cost, but there are a couple of ways round that, thanks to the likes of Gardevoir Lv.X (SW)'s Teleportation, or Moonlight Stadium (GE). The Weakness is the final weakness, but can be stopped by Blastoise d (CG), which then just makes Bronzong even more Lati-Lock weak. The HP and Weakness can easily be taken advantage of, with most big decks being able to OHKO Bronzong. GG decks will happily get Gallade (SW) to flip 2 prizes, or use a Strength Charm/Plus Power and only flip 1 prize without a DRE attached, or use Gardevoir (SW) and either 2HKO Bronzong, or use a Strength Charm/Plus Power and no DRE for a OHKO. Magmortar (SW) needs 6 Fires attached due to that Fire resistance, as does Ho-Oh (SW) in Skittles decks, but that can be reduced to 5 energies for either one with a Plus Power/Strength Charm attached. Garchomp (MT) needs a Psychic energy to OHKO Bronzong and Empoleon (MD) needs 4 benched Pokémon, neither of which are daunted by Cursed Alloy. Eeveelutions can use Espeon (MD) and a Plus Power/Strength Charm/Lake Boundary for a OHKO, but others can happily 2HKO Bronzong instead. Fossils can only 2HKO Bronzong using Kabutops (MD), but that should be quick enough. Turn 2 decks can only really 2HKO Bronzong without the help of Plus Powers/Strength Charms, but Banette (SW) is the exception, being able to use it's second attack and a Banette in the Discard Pile for a OHKO instead.
Modified: Cursed Alloy is great, and combined with Pain Amplifier and other spreaders, the damage can quickly mount up on your opponents Pokémon. However, it has to be active, which makes it's low HP a problem, with few decks not being able to get a OHKO once set up. Also, Coating is just an awful attack, only being able to 2HKO some weak attackers with it, and the defense it gives basically doing nothing. If it had a good second attack, preferably one that helps or takes advantage of the spreading in some way, then it would be a brilliant card. However, it doesn't, so is just good. Still, if you are thinking of making a spread deck, definately consider this. 3.5/5
Limited: There are a lot fewer Poké-Powers here, and fewer spreaders to help Pain Amplifier, but it's still a great spreader if you can get the support. Also, Coating here can be great, being able to allow Bronzong to be a bit of a tank with the -20 damage next turn, and the 60 damage dealt allowing it to 2HKO most of what you find here. Still, it does need a bit of help to reach it's full potential. 3/5
Alazor Bronzong (Majestic Dawn)

Bronzong looks like a nice card, nice 90 hp, fire resistance, it's poke-body Cursed Alloy puts damage counters on everything that has poke-powers, it's only downside is it gets shut down from Cessation Crystal and Latilock and Bronzong has to be active to use it. Pain Amplifier just helps spread the damage a little more, for more Energy! Coating makes up for it's small hp and it's retreat cost can be alleviated with Stadiums like Phoebe's and Moonlight Stadium. Psychic Weakness... erk.

You could use this guy with Ampharos (Secret Wonders), Empoleon (Majestic Dawn), Zapdos (Majestic Dawn), Bronzong (Mysterious Treasures), Cresselia lv. X, maybe even Cessation Crystal!

Modified: 4/5 Hurts Claydol.

Limited: 3.5/5 About 1/6 of the pokemon here have poke-powers, so it could find some use here.


New Jersey State Champion 07-08

2nd - North East Regional 07-08

And much more…

Bronzong is an amazing card.  Right now, it has the ability to counter the most popular deck in the format – Gardevior.   Its pokebody is strong against a variety of decks, specifically for hitting Claydol.  Also, for no energy, it can do some serious damage spreading.  Each of these attributes is strong on its own, but together they really make Bronzong competitive.

The biggest downside to Bronzong is that its retreat cost is high.  This means that it’s either stuck active, or needs to be “Switch”ed or “Warp Point”ed.  This however is a minor drawback, considering everything else it has going for it.

            Overall, this card is great in modified.  It has everything it needs to be competitive in the current environment.  It doesn’t make it in unlimited though.  Also, there are fewer pokepowers and ways to spread damage in limited.  It however is a decent card anyway, so it is not bad too bad here.


Modified: 4.75/5

Unlimited: 1/5

Limited: 3/5

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