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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Palkia Lv. 62

Diamond & Pearl
Majestic Dawn

Date Reviewed: 06.16.08

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 2.25
Limited: 1.75

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Palkia Lv.62 MD


Hey everyone, today’s COTD is pretty lame, and isn’t really any better than the DP Palkia. Lets looks at the differences, +10 HP isn’t that much, maybe now all of those Nidoqueen and Beedrill (When they have 3 Beedrill on the field,) players can’t one hit kill you now though? An item? And a fairly useless one at that, it gives Palkia an even greater advantage over what it already has an advantage over… Zone Shift Vs. Spacial Rend, Spacial Rend wins here, at lest you could search for speed stadium to help a little bit it you started with it… Pearl Blast Vs. Transback, Transback wins this one, not only does Transback cost 1 energy less, but also it has a chance of completely removing the opponent’s pokemon (May not be a knock out but…) Other stats, DP Palkia wins here too, 1 (C) less is just barely better than one (C) more.


Pros –


Nice HP


Cons –

Attacks suck

Retreat cost stinks

Is worse than DP Palkia


Modified – Unless you use the Lv.X, Palkia sucks, both of them. 2.75/5


Limited – Not worth it, keep it, and put it into your collection box and pray you never get another one again! (Well, unless you also want a RH one…) 1/5


Wow, this card is so bad that it makes Purugly look good!


“Its always in the last place you look... of course it is, why the hell would you keep looking after I found it?”

Jigglypuff13 6/16 Palkia Lv. 62 (MD)
Do you remember the review of Dialga (MD) last week? Well, Palkia today is quite similar to that Dialga. The first reason is because of that attached item, in this case being Lustrous Orb. This is better than Adamant Orb on Dialga last week because more than 1 popular Pokémon in weak to Water. Lustrous Orb makes Palkia's attacks to 20 extra damage to the defending Pokémon if it is weak to Water and applied before weakness and resistance. The before part is very important against the 2 main Fire based decks at the moment, Magmortar (SW) variants and Skittles with Ho-Oh (SW). The reason is Ho-Oh (SW) and Magmortar Lv.X (MT) both have a x2 Water weakness, meaning it essentially becomes +40 against them. Lake Boundary is also nice, since it turns all of those Fire Pokémon in the format into x2 weak Water Pokémon, allowing Lustrous Orb to use that "Before Weakness and Resistance" text to maximum effect. However, due to the Water revolution in MD thanks to Empoleon (MD) and Glaceon Lv.X (MD), Fire types are probably going to end seeing less play, meaning Lustrous Orb is probably going to end becoming less and less useful. Still, it could be useful.
However, as nice as Lustrous Orb sounds, it does require Palkia to have at least 1 good attack to take advantage of Lustrous Orb and preferably Lake Boundary if you are playing it. However, it's attacks are both lack-luster. Zone Shift, for W, is just pointless really, making your opponent switch their active with one of their benched Pokémon. If you got to choose in a Gust Of Wind type effect, then it would be a good disruptive attack for W, but you can't, so chances are, it won't. Also, it does no damage, so Lustrous Orb is doing nothing at the moment. Pearl Blast isn't much of an improvement. WWCC for 60 is never good, and the effect doesn't make the attack any better. Returning an energy attached to Palkia to return one attached to the Defending Pokémon isn't a mega effect. It can be useful with a format full of Scrambles and DREs, but they can just attach them again next turn. It makes them waste an energy attachment during their turn to do so, but the same also applies to you after returning the energy to your hand. However, I suppose it can be useful, since it can allow you do save an energy if you know Palkia is going to be KO-ed during your opponents turn, but still, for 4 energies, it's just not worth it. With Lustrous Orb, it can OHKO any x2 weak Fire Pokémon, and, in fact, many other Water weak Pokémon. Still, 4 energies makes it way too slow to actually make it worth while, unless you can find some sort of energy acceleration for it.
Between this and the DP/GE version, I'm not sure which one I would choose. This MD version can OHKO just about every Water Pokémon thanks to Lustrous Orb, but it requires 4 energies to do so, and it's first attack is just rubbish. However, the DP/MD version has an alright first attack in the form of Spacial Rend, basically making it a sort of counter stadium and allows you to get a Counter Stadium. Transback is just too random to be of any use, but at least only costs 3 energies instead of 4, but does only 40 damage for when the effect doesn't work. It's a tough call, but since it's only ever going to be Leveled up into the Lv.X version (or if it isn't, don't play either), it needs that extra survivability, so the MD version is probably best for that extra 10 HP.
However, that extra 10 HP does little since it most Pokémon can do that 100 quite easily, but it does help if they can only do 80. GG decks will just use Gallade (SW) and flip 2 prizes for a OHKO, but with a DRE attached, it has to flip 3 without the help of a Strength Charm/Plus Power, where as it will always need a maximum of 2 for the DP/GE version. Gardevoir (SW) will always 2HKO Palkia, no matter which version you are using. Magmotar (SW) needs 5 Fires attached to it to KO an active Palkia, again, no matter which one you are using again, though with 4 energies, it can use a Strength Charm/Plus Power to help OHKO the DP/GE one, or use the Lv.X version to snipe a benched Palkia, again, no matter which one. Skittles needs 5 different basic energy cards attached to Ho-Oh (SW) to KO either one, and again, with 4 different basic energy cards and a Strength Charm/Plus Power attached to KO a DP/GE version. Both Magmortar and Ho-Oh need to be slightly cautious of Lustrous Orb though, if Palkia can ever get enough energies attached to it. Garchomp (MT) needs a Lightning basic energy attached to it for a OHKO on either Palkia. Eeveelutions can only get a OHKO using Leafeon Lv.X (MD), and would need a total of 7 energies attached to their Pokémon, or use Jolteon (MD) and discard the energies to do the OHKO. Empoleon (MD) needs a full bench to OHKO the MD version, but needs only 4 benched Pokémon to KO the DP/GE version. Fossils will only ever 2HKO Palkia, no matter which one it is. Very few Turn 2 decks can get to 100 damage, but most can get to 80, meaning they will 2HKO the MD Palkia, but with a Strength Charm/Plus Power, can OHKO The DP/GE version of Palkia. As you can see, the extra 10 HP does help against some decks, but not many.
Modified: If you can get enough energies attached to Palkia and you are against a Fire deck, then Lustrous Orb can become quite deadly. However, you need 4 energies attached to be able to deal damage, and that makes the card too slow. Zone Shift wants to be disruptive, but it probably won't be. The only good thing about the card is the card is the 10 extra HP compared to the DP/GE version, but that can also act as a counter Stadium. The MD version is probably the better of the 2 different version, but that's only because it can be more survivable against some decks. If those decks aren't played in your metagame, and you want to play the Lv.X version, go with the DP/GE version. 1.5/5
Limited: Zone Shift is potentially disruptive here, but chances are it won't be very helpful. Due to the large variety of types in one deck, chances are you will find many people playing even a small amount of Fire, making Lustrous Orb quite useful, but only if you have the time and resources to put that large energy cost on it. 100 HP should see it live for a while, so you should have the time, but it's still not great. 60 damage might be enough to KO a lot of what you find here, but some evolutions might be a bit of trouble.
of the Lake

aim PoJoMOTL
I'm back, woo!

However, the card is bad. No, I don't care if your friend won a regionals with Venusaur/Dialga with Palkia TeCH. This card is bad

Ratings (1 - Sux, 3 - Meh, 5 - Rox)

Modified: 1/5. No.
Limited: 2/5. 2/5 is 2/5 more points than this card deserves, but you can always sell it to the little kids.
Unlimited: 1/5. No.

Well, that was fast. Fast COTDs hopefully won't be naught ubiquitous, though. Have fun.
Alazor Hello Everyone,

And Happy Father's Day to all those Fathers out there, today we have:

Palkia (Majestic Dawn)

Lustrous Orb and its hp are the only things going for it. But the attack that does damage  costs 4 energy! With Palkia lv. X that may not be as much of a problem, but without Palkia lv.x there is not much of a point in playing this card. If you play this with Palkia lv. X and Empoleon, Hydro effect for 80 for 3 energy is pretty good and add another energy and you can do 100 damage. If you don't run the lv. X you can probably forget about this one.

Modified: 3/5 with Palkia lv. X, otherwise 1.

Limited: 2/5 I mean it has the hp, but if it can't power up fast enough it won't be too useful.

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