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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Rotom Lv. 37

Diamond & Pearl
Majestic Dawn

Date Reviewed: 06.13.08

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 3.67
Limited: 3.67

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Jigglypuff13 6/13 Rotom Lv. 37 (MD)
I love this little card, and so a lot of people. Before I get onto the reason why it's great, I'll talk about the not so great stuff first. First is it's HP. 60 on a non-evolving Basic isn't bad, but it isn't great either. To be honest, it will never survive more than 1 attack, and if it does, it's either early game or you got very lucky. Still, it can be used as Scramble bait, which is great. Next, Reflect Energy isn't great. It requires LC for 30, which isn't great, and you can move an energy, which isn't bad. However, it needs you to run a Lightning or Multi energy to be able to use this attack. Mind you, why you would use this attack instead of the reason to play this card is beyond me. Dark Weakness isn't bad, but there are Darkrai Lv.X (GE)/Weavile (SW) decks floating about, so if you run into one, you are going to have to say bye bye to Rotom quickly. The Resistance isn't that great anymore, with Togekiss (GE) and Garchomp (MT) the main Colourless types being played, and thus Rotom could stall against them, but chances are, it won't be more than 1 extra turn. The Retreat Cost doesn't matter since it should be Scramble bait anyway.
Now for the reason for playing Rotom; Dual Trans. It doesn't look like much, being able to choose up to 2 Basic energy cards from you Discard Pile and attach them to 1 of your Pokémon, but it is, and that's all for no energies. The fact that it is no energies means you don't need to waste an energy on powering Rotom up in order to give it's unique brand of energy acceleration. It still doesn't sound like much, but just think about what could benefit from Dual Trans. The first thing that should come into your head are Pokémon that like discarding energies for their attacks, such as Infernape (MD), Magmortar Lv.X (MT), Electivire (DP), Moltres (MD) and many others. Obviously, it does take that valuable turn to actually power them up, but it's often better to do that than to end up attacking once every 3 turns or something. However, they aren't only ones who like Dual Trans. Pokémon that like lots of different energies on them also like to use Dual Trans to get the required energy on them. The main examples are Garchomp (MT) and Ho-Oh (SW). Rotom allows you to get the high amount of different basic energy cards (for Ho-Oh) or the required basic energy card (for Garchomp). As you can see, it can end up as a nice bit of energy acceleration, and can basically lead to an increase in the damage you could cause as well with the right Basic Eergy cards in the Discard pile. However, generally, if you want to use Dual Stream, it will probably only for 1, maybe 2 turns, at which point you will have to waste an energy attachement to retreat Rotom (unless it gets KO-ed, which it should). However, a nice little combo you may want to consider is Unown Q (MD). Why? Because when attached as a Pokémon Tool card using it's Poké-Power, you can attach it to Rotom to reduce it's Retreat Cost by C. Now that is great.
Obviously, if you are using Rotom, most of the time, you will want to attack with it once or twice, then have it KO-ed so you can power-up 2 main attackers, one with Scramble, the other with the Basic Energies from Dual Trans (unless you are using Garchomp or Ho-Oh). However, snipers are a bit of a problem. Dugtrio (CG) or Bastiodon (MT) could be used to protect your bench, but then you have to be careful of Lati-Lock shutting that off. Sniping decks to watch out for include Empoleon (MD) and Magmortar (SW) or the Lv.X version of either of them (DP and MT respectively). They may be other rouge sniper decks to watch out for as well, so it's best to be prepared for sniping decks not KO-ing Rotom directly straight away. If you are worried about Rotom not being KO-ed, every big deck out there can easily OHKO Rotom. GG don't need anything for a OHKO with either Gallade or Gardevoir (both SW) so long as they don't have DRE. Magmortar (SW) needs 3 Fires for a OHKO, but be careful of them sniping. Skittles need 3 different Basic energies attached to Ho_oh (SW) for a OHKO, and with a Plus Power/Strength Charm, Togekiss can get a OHKO with a but of luck as well. Garchomp (MT) needs a Dark energy to make sure of a KO unless it uses a Strength Charm/Plus Power to get round the annoying resistance. In fact, if it uses DRE for some strange reason, it still gets a OHKO. Eeveelutions can use almost any Eeveelution and their second attack for a OHKO (only Umbreon and Jolteon (both MD) need help). Empoleon (MD) needs just 1 Pokémon on the bench for a OHKO, but they could snipe instead. Fossils gets a OHKO with Chop Up and Kabutops (MD) as well. Every T2 deck can easily get the required 60 damage as well, without any effort. All of this is good news due to the possible Scramble abuse, just don't put it active if your opponent has one prize card left, and don't let it be your only Pokémon in play.
Modified: This is a great card. It isn't a main attacker, obviously, but it is a great, mid game support attacker, ready to help power up any main attacker straight away without the need for any energies. That is great, and then it also allows you to gain Scramble abuse once it gets KO-ed, which will hopefully be quite quickly. The Retreat Cost is annoying if it doesn't get KO-ed in one turn, but there are ways around it, you just may need to get imaginative. I wish it had a better second attack instead of that useless Reflect Energy, and it does need a lot of support to get the right energies in the discard pile to make Dual Trans a useful attack, but it is still a great card. However, it does work better in some decks than others, but I think most decks could use it do great effect. 4/5
Limited: It can happily power anything up that needs specific energies, so long as you have them in the discard pile anyway, and Reflect Energy could give the much needed 30 damage to sufficiently weaken to KO a Pokémon, so can be useful. 60 HP won't see it live long, and in a format without Scramble, that isn't too good, but it is still worth it. 3.5/5
Alazor Rotom (Majestic Dawn)

You could use this guy with Moltres (Majestic Dawn), TV Reporter, and Felicity's Drawing (Great Encounters), the one retreat cost is OK, but it could also be combined with Blissey (Mysterious Treasures). Its low-hp is the only downside.
Reflect energy alright, but you have to move the energy to a benched pokemon.

Modified: 3/5
Limited: 4/5--- Energy acceleration should help out a lot.


New Jersey State Champion 07-08

2nd - North East Regional 07-08

And much more…



Rotom is pretty decent, and could possibly work in competitive play.  The ability to bring energy into play from the discard pile very quickly is a very powerful option. 


The difference between Rotom and Manaphy (Which we reviewed yesterday.) is that Rotom can bring energy into play without need to have energy attached to himself.  This means that he can get going as early as turn one. This speed will be one of the many factors that makes Rotom a competitive card. 


You should combo this card with supporters such as TV Reporter and Felicity’s Drawing which will allow you to get energy cards into the discard pile.  You could also use Pokemon such as Lunatone, Sableye and Delcatty to get energies discarded.


I expect this card to see play at various points throughout the next season.  After Double Rainbow and Scramble Energy are rotated out, energy acceleration will be critical.


Modified: 4/5

Unlimited: 1/5

Limited: 3.5/5 (It’s harder to get energy into the discard pile here.)

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