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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Manaphy Lv. 32

Diamond & Pearl
Majestic Dawn

Date Reviewed: 06.12.08

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 2.00
Limited: 3.25

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Manaphy Lv.32 MD


Alright folks, I’m on a time crunch today so today’s COTD review will be quick! (Plus today’s card sucks.) Alright, Chase up isn’t worth is, it looks a lot like Delibird with Present. Aqua skin isn’t bad, but you really don’t want to be attaching all of your energy to Manaphy. The second attack is the best thing on it (And it isn’t very good.) 30 damage and you get to put two water energies from your hand onto your bench pokemon. This could be nice if used right but most decks don’t play enough energy to use it PLUS, they need to be water energies…


Pros –

Nice second attack


Cons –

HP is low for an un-evolving basic

The first attack stinks

The poke-body would be better on a different pokemon


Modified – This thing could work a little in water decks… Could… Maybe… 1.75/5


Limited – The coin flip to find anything you want is nice, and the attack could work if you pulled mostly water cards. 3.5/5


Eek! Look at the time I’ve got to go!


“There is nothing more depressing than a hollow chocolate bunny.”

Jigglypuff13 6/12 Manaphy Lv. 32 (MD)
Manaphy is another starter wanna be (like Plusle a couple of weeks ago) that just isn't really any good. The reason is for Chase Up. For an energy, you can get any card from your deck and put it in your hand. However, it relies on a coin flip. Starters need to be consistent, and Manaphy just isn't. The fact it needs a flip just makes it unreliable, and means you are better of playing any of those great other starters, like Pachirisu (GE), Phione (MD) or Furret (SW). Actually, if you really want to find any card you want, you are better of using Furret as you starter. It does take up an extra 2 spaces minimum in your deck for a consistent line, but it can search out 2 cards for no energies. Furret, from turn 2, is getting 2 cards every turn, while Manaphy is getting, on average, half a card per turn (is that possible?). Furret is easily 4 times better than Manaphy, as is Pachirisu and Phione and whatever starter you want to talk about.
The rest of the card isn't that great either. Aqua Skin isn't actually that bad, but it depends upon how many energies you want to attach to it. Obviously, most people (and that hopefully includes everyone reading this), will only want maximum 2 Water energies on it for it's second attack (as if you really want to use it anyway), so being able to remove 2 damage counters from Manaphy by attaching a Water to it isn't exactly good after the second turn. It gets even worse if you really need to remove the damage early game as well, because then you are stopping yourself powering any main attacker up (unless Manaphy is your main attacker, at which point I really feel sorry for you). Aqua Skin can make it slightly survivable, which actually takes away from one of the main attractions of using a starter, which is Scramble abuse after it dies. Basically, Aqua Skin is useless on this Pokémon. If it had a Magmortar (SW) type attack, then it would be good. Manaphy doesn't, so it isn't. Fountain is rubbish as well. WW for 30 is rubbish, even on a Basic. The effect can be nice, but you need 2 Waters in your hand, but you actually need them there first, along with a least 1 benched Pokémon that needs them desperately fast. However, when this attack is useful, which is the first couple of turns, you should be concentrating on set-up, which means you are unlikely you want to get 2 Energies into your hand to use this frankly useless attack when you should be using Chase Up (not something I will ever say again) to make sure you get your main attackers quickly, and thus warrant the use of Fountain to get the energies onto it. By the time Fountain become useful, the beat down from main attackers become what you should do, meaning you are better off using Scramble or DRE to speed up powering up your main attacker, and not using Fountain. If you can find some time to make Fountain useful, then I'm sure it will be very helpful to use them, but those times will be very few and far between.
Of course, since it is a slow set up with this Pokémon, it easily takes it's time to set up into the time that other decks will all ready be set up and ready to attack, and many of them will roll on straight through Manaphy without breaking sweat. GG can use Gallade (SW) a flip a prize or use a Strength Charm/Plus Power for a OHKO, And Gardy (SW) without a DRE only needs a Strength Charm/Plus Power as well. Magmortar (SW) just needs 4 energies or 3 and a Strength Charm/Plus Power, and same sort of thing for Ho-Oh (SW) in Skittles, only they have to be different basic energies. With a but of luck, Togekiss (GE) could also do the required 70 as well. Eeveelutions can KO it in 1 or maybe 2 turns, depending on what Eeveelution it's attacking with and if they have a Strength Charm/Plus Power or not, with Jolteon (MD) needing no discard for a OHKO without a DRE attached and without needing a Strength Charm/Plus Power. Garchomp doesn't even need a Lightning Energy for a OHKO, and Fossils with Kabutops (MD) will also happily OHKO Manaphy. Empoleon (MD) only needs 2 Bneched Pokémon, and it's goodbye to Manaphy. Turn 2 decks, which starters most fear, threaten Manaphy the most, with very few not being able to get the OHKO, with Quicktune, T2 Banette and what ever other T2 deck you can think of all being popular (kind of) and all OHKOing Manaphy.
Modified: Manaphy is useless. If you want to search for cards, use Furret (SW) instead. Just about every starter you can think of is a lot more consistent and a lot better than Manaphy at setting your deck up. Fountain may have uses in pure Water decks, but that's only after you have have set up will it actually become useful, and that may take a while. Aqua Skin looks nice, but just isn't, and isn't exactly going to cut it on a rubbish starter and rubbish attacker. Basically, I'd actually prefer to play Plusle (reviewed a couple of weeks ago) (MD) to playing Manaphy. At least it could be worth something because it's a legendary, so it isn't all bad if you get one in a pack. 1/5
Limited: Chase Up could end up being quite useful here, but the flip is still bad. It's probably better than any other starter you could find here, but still not great. Aqua Skin could be useful to allow you enough time to set up, but past the second Water, you are wasting your time. Fountain could potentially be useful as well, but it's actually making sure you have those 2 Waters in your hand when you use the attack, and when you are probably going to be using 3 or 4 different types in your deck, that could be quite hard. Looks good, but too many "ifs" involved. 2/5
Alazor Manaphy (Majestic Dawn)

Good 1st attack, except for the flip. It's poke-body will make it last a couple more turns. Fountain is pretty good, with energy acceleration and damage. Only thing is it costs 2 water energy and it has to be energy from your hand. 1 retreat cost is good, weakness is OK and the hp is good. I think we have a somewhat decent starter- a little risky, but could be made up with Call Energy (Majestic Dawn).

Modified 2.75/5 

I'd rather use a starter with a free retreat like Phione (Majestic Dawn).

Limited: 3/5 Phione would do better in a water based deck, but there aren't very many water pokemon in this set. This might work well with Articuno and Super Scoop Up.

E-bay Price:  ~$6-8


New Jersey State Champion 07-08

2nd - North East Regional 07-08

And much more…

Manaphy doesn’t see much tournament play, but it does have some stuff going for it.

Its first attack is a coin flip to search out any card from your deck.  This can be pretty handy early, but is inconstant.  Its second attack deals 30 damage and allows you to play two water energy from your hand on to your Pokemon.  This is really good, because it can bring a lot of extra energy into play very fast.

            You could look at it a different way though.  You need 2 energy to use the attack and it puts 2 energy into play.  Why not just attach normally to your pokemon?

            The only way this attack can be useful is if you can use it more than once.  If it can put 4-6 energy into play for you, you get a good deal.  This, however, is completely dependant on how fast your opponent can kill Manaphy.  Mid or late game, you will get KOed in one turn, but during the opening, you make get a couple of turns out of it. 

            Another problem is getting enough energy into your hand.  If your attaching energy every turn, which you should be, you may have problems getting extra energy in your hand.

            Overall it’s a pretty average card.  In competitive play, it seems to fall just a little short.  But for a casual player this could be a fun and strong addition to a water deck.


Modified: 2/5

Unlimited: 1/5

Limited: 3.9/5

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