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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Dialga Lv. 63

Diamond & Pearl
Majestic Dawn

Date Reviewed: 06.11.08

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 1.50
Limited: 2.75

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Jigglypuff13 6/11 Dialga Lv. 63 (MD)
For a Dialga or indeed many Pokémon, this one has an almost unique ability in it's attached item. Others have attached items such certain berries that remove damage or special conditions, or an item hat allows them to evolve straight away or something, but Dialga has one that allows it to deal more damage to already Metal weak Pokémon. It adds 20 more damage to it's attacks, and if you were to level this Dialga up to the truly woeful Dialga Lv.X, then the Lv.X version would also benefit from the damage boost to Metal weak Pokémon. However, as nice as it may sound, there are very few Metal weak Pokémon around and even fewer that are played. In fact, the only ones that are at the moment are Glaceon (holo MD) and Glaceon Lv.X (MD). Adamant Orb might sound like a tempting prospect against Eeveelution decks, but chances are, they will easily counter Dialga, be this or the DP/GE one or the Lv.X version. Other than that, Adamant Orb is frankly useless.
The attacks don't help this Pokémon either, with Time Shift looking nice in having a Cosmic Power (Claydol GE) type effect, but the fact that it needs a Metal Energy kills most of it's effectiveness. If it needed a Colourless energy, it would be a lot better, and chances are it would see some play it some random decks, maybe even as a random rouge starter (it would never be common place in any deck is it needed even a single Colourless Energy for Time Shift), but at the moment, it will only even seen play in Metal and Dialga Lv.X decks, but then why not just use Claydol from turn 2 onwards instead? Diamond Blast is way too expensive as an attack as well. MMCC for 60 maybe 80 damage is just not good enough, 4 energies to do an average damage of 70 is just poor. Diamond Blast can never be an attack you will actually want to use. It's better than Dialga Lv.X's Metal Flash, but only due to being able to use it 2 turns in a row. Mind you, if you are going to play Dialga, then it's going to have to be for it's Lv.X, and you are never going to want to attack with it.
There is a choice of which Dialga to play, be it the MD one or the GE/DP one. This MD one does have 10 HP more, but I would go for the GE/DP one (though it's a choice I really don't like to make due to how aweful both cards are). The reason is because for that first attack, the DP/GE Dialga is certain to draw a card and do a little damage for M, while MD can't do damage and may not draw for M. DP/GE also has a rather interesting second attack in being able to devolve your opponents active, which is always a nice option against all of the Lv.X's floating about.
It gets worse for this Dialga as well, with every big deck being able to at least 2HKO it. GG will happily use Gallade (SW) and Psychic for an easy prize. Gardevoir (SW) has a little more trouble due to that Psychic Resistance, so will only be able to 3HKO it. Magmortar (SW) will just need to load 4 energies onto it to either use the SW versions first attack to OHKO an active Dialga or use the Lv.X and snipe a benched Dialga. Ho-Oh (SW) in Skittles just needs 4 different basic energies attached to get a OHKO, and that's quite easy to do here. Eeveelutions may want to conserve Glaceons, but can either use Jolteon (MD) to stall Dialga while getting a 2HKO, or use Flareon (MD) and a Strength Charm/Plus Power and OHKO Dialga. Garchomp (MT) needs a fire energy attached to get a OHKO, and that's quite easy for it to do. Empoleon (MD) needs a full bench for a OHKO, and there have been harder things to pull off. Infernape (either) just need 2 Fire energies (the MD cannot use DRE for a OHKO, so would need them to be basic energies) for a OHKO. Fossils have a slight problem in not being able to OHKO Dialga, but the spread they can cause should weaken Dialga sufficiently for a quick KO. T2 decks will struggle to do 100 without the help of Plus Powers or Strength Charms, but they will certainly get a 2HKO. Lets be honest, that 10 extra HP compared to the MD/DP one doesn't exactly make it any more survivable. Metal energies can be used to increase Dialga's survivability, but many of the decks I mentioned can easily do the extra 10 or 20 damage to bypass Metal, plus would need to be one of the 4 Special Energies you've put in your deck, and what are the chances of drawing one of them?
Modified: Adamant Orb is basically useless in this format, Time Shift looks nice, but you need Metals or Multis to be able to use it, and why would you when you could just use Claydol (GE) instead? Diamond Blast is way too expensive to make it worth while, and the 10 HP more than the DP/MD one doesn't really make it any more survivable. You are going to play it for the Lv.X obviously, so you don't really want to be attacking Dialga anyway, but if you had to, the MD/DP one is better by a mile. 1/5
Limited: If you can get at least 2 Metals in your boosters or have someone organising this limited event who will give basic Metals for people to use, then this could be quite useful, with Time Shift giving you a bit of much needed draw power and Diamond Blast probably OHKOing most Pokémon you see here. Adamant Orb is still useless, and as a whole, Dialga is very slow in needing 4 energies attached to it, and if you only have special Metals in your deck, you have to draw into them quick enough. Could be useful, but probably not. 2.5/5


New Jersey State Champion 07-08

2nd - North East Regional 07-08

And much more…



Not too much to say here, use it to level up into the Dialga lv.X.  Dialga isn’t that great.  The second attack is bad, and shouldn’t really be used.  Its cost is way too high for the effect, and you can’t use Double Rainbow or Scramble Energy to power it up.

The first attack can be useful early on, but needs a colored energy, so it’s a little tougher to use.  For the first attack to be effective you have to have a metal energy and fewer than 6 cards in your hand.  Even then, the only time that drawing a couple of cards is worth an attack is very early on.  So it will rarely be any help.

The other legal Dialga is probably a better choice.  Its first attack is just as good or better, and its second attack is much more affordable.


Modified: 2/5

Unlimited: 1/5

Limited: 3/5


Dialga Lv.63 MD


Today is Wednesday! Or it’s Wensday to all of you people who can’t spell… Anyway, today’s COTD today is Dialga from MD and today’s COTD review will be simple. If you use a deck which wants Dialga Lv.X (For some insane reason,) then use this Dialga because of its draw power. If you use a deck that needs one of the other Dialga, obviously you’ll want to use whichever one of them you need! Dialga isn’t good enough for non-crazy decks so don’t really even think about it!


Pros –

Nice draw power

Lv. X


Cons –

Lack of good damaging attacks

The Lv. X slightly (Or maybe more than slightly) sucks.


Modified – Are you really going to use Dialga in a deck?!? *Whack!* 2.25/5


Limited – Only better here because there are now basic metal energy and because draw power here rocks. 3.75/5


Wohoo! Another almost completely useless card for people to add to their collection boxes!


“Join The Army, Visit exotic places, Meet cool people... then kill them.”

Alazor Dialga (Majestic Dawn)

So at 1st look, 100 hp is pretty good for a basic-- looks like a starter. Dialga's 1st attack isn't too bad, but it's 2nd attack is too costly, so the Adamant Orb probably won't be helpful for most of the game. Weakness to fire could be bad if you're facing Infernape or Magmortar, but you have resistance to psychic which is pretty good. Its 3 retreat hurts though-- a lot.

Modified 2.1/5 

I'd rather use a starter with a free retreat like Chatot (Majestic Dawn).

Limited: 3/5 So there is Super Scoop Up in this set, but no Switch, no Warp Point. Metal Energy can buy him a few more turns.

E-bay Price:  ~$4-8

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