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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Vaporeon Lv. 45

Diamond & Pearl
Majestic Dawn

Date Reviewed: 07.07.08

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 2.88
Limited: 4.70

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Vaporeon Lv.45 MD


Good evening everyone! Today’s COTD today is arguably one of the lesser of the Eeveelutions. The HP is average Eeveelution fare, and the Retreat cost and weakness are all normal. The attacks aren’t too bad, 30 for (W) and remove 20 from each of your benched pokemon in nice. And of course, we have 60 for (W)(C)(C) and the possible mass energy removal. There are three problems with the second attack though, the first is the weak damage, second is the coin flipping, and third is the fact that it can only discard energy from your opponent’s active pokemon (Who really cares if you get more than 3 heads…)


Pros –


Mass energy removal

Nice first attack


Cons –

Weak second attack

Coin flips are EVIL!!!

Only discards energy from your opponent’s active pokemon


Modified – New age mass energy removal? Na… 3/5


Limited – Only 1 (W) for 30 and healing, plus with Eeveelutions and two different Eevee, this is gold! 4.5/5


If only the people of POP would make weaker cards just a bit stronger…


“Chuck Norris is the reason why Waldo is hiding.”
of the Lake

aim PoJoMOTL
Happy July 4th! Ooh, is he late for this year's July 4th, or is he celebrating the one next year REALLY early?! I'm full of surprises, baby!

Yeah, lame intro. Bite me. Not very hard.


Pfft, Glaceon? Vaporeon, Jolteon, and Flareon are the real Eeveelutions. Amateurs.


You can obviously see the Eeveelutions combo, as the card is, well, an Eeveelution.

Not strictly a combo, but the first attack is a great counter to Empoleon and Bronzong.


The first attack is really, really good. For a single Water energy, this thing can do 30 damage, and act as 5 Potions at once. Potion wins tournaments.

The second attack is a bit of a letdown, 2W for a meager 60. Sure, the infinite ER effect is nice, but it's on a flip. And what happens if you never flip tails, like the Japanese? Then the game goes to time, and you lose on prizes. And then you cry and quit Pokémon.

Bottom stats

The opposite of Base Gastly, this thing has a Weakness, no Resistance, and a Retreat Cost of 1. To be fair, the Lightning Weakness shouldn't be any problem whatsoever, thanks to our good friend Gallade; although the Retreat Cost is a little annoying.

90 HP isn't terrible, but it's not exactly high either. Don't try to stall with it.


In the ubiquitous Eeveelutions COTDs that we have done in the past two months or so, I have repeatedly tried to drill this into your young, fragile minds:


Never, ever use the Sand Attack one. Ever.

Ratings (1 - Sux, 3 - Meh, 5 - Rox)

Modified: 2/5. A possible Dugtrio substitute in Eeveelutions, but you have to make room for the Water/Multi. If you already run the Glaceon, and Empoleon/Bronzong is HUGE in your metagame, you could do worse than tech one of these in. Or stop running Eeveelutions and run Meatloaf instead.
Limited: 5/5. Mass healing is roxor in Limited. Plus, very few Lightning threats in MD. What are they going to play, aggro Rotom?
Unlimited: 1/5. It's a crappy stage 1 that doesn't even hit for the magical number of 70. How do you think it will fare against the sheer amount of denial in Unlimited?

Miss the quotes? Well, today we have one from a genuinely good player, whose friendship I cherish and whose weird rogue decks I admire. The man, the "ratings poison," the Alpha Omega World Champion, Dendrobatida!

(10:23:59 PM) Dendrobatida99: While Vaporeon may be of potential use in conjunction with other eevelutions, or as a situational stopgap against damage-spreading decks, its damage output and reliance on water energy for both attacks render it primarily a tech, rather than the type of card you'd want to base an entire deck around. On the flip side, however, try dunking your vaporeons into a glass of lukewarm water. Presto! It'll disappear! Cool, huh? Wait....what? It didn't disappear? Just got soggy and unplayable? That's really odd, because the flavor text says it'll totally melt. Dang flavor text, messing with our minds...Anyway, sorry about the wet card. Bet you can still get 10 cents for it on Ebay.
Milk Man

Milk Man


Welcome back, hope everyone had an enjoyable 4th of July weekend! Our COTD today is Vaporeon from Magestic Dawn. When played in the right deck this card can devastate! Healing the bench can be annoying and discarding energy is a plus for you, but it really isn't fun to face. The bottom stats aren't bad, only one retreat and a weakness to a rarely played type is nothing to be ashamed of. The only noticable drawback to this card is the hp, and like I said before, if played in the right deck (with an Espeon MD) it can be handled and eloquently at that!

Modified- 3.5/5

In Limited this card has potential to be a beast! Only a stage one, one energy for 30 damage and healing and if you can pull it off discarding energy for only two more energy!

Limited- 4.5/5

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