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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Heatran Lv. 45

Legends Awakened

Date Reviewed: 07.30.08

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 2.00
Limited: 3.25

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Name:   Heatran Lv. 45 

Set:   Legends Awakened 

Rarity:   Rare


Type: (Metal) - Not the most popular type, but this could do OK with Magnezone.


HP: (100) - Great HP for a basic. 


Weakness/Resistance: (Water-X2/none) - Terrible, terrible, terrible, terri... 


Retreat Cost: (3) - Terri...(you get the idea) 


Poke-POWER: (Smelt) - A built in Stark Mountain, specifically for Heatran and Metal. 


Attack #1: (CCC - Heavy Metal) - Well, Heatran likes good music. A bit flippy, but this has potential to hit very hard. 


Final Card Analysis - I probably would only play this in one or twos. Its weakness and retreat cost just kill it. 


Modified: Not horrible, but until Water goes out, I would not play this a lot. (3/5)


Limited: Heavy Metal is a good attack for limited, and Smelt can help power it up. Great HP. (4/5)


Jigglypuff13 7/30 Heatran Lv.45 (LA)
Welcome to the final of the LA preview card of this week, and it's a new Legendary, Heatran! And, of course, because it's a Legendary, expectations on the card are extremely low with almost every legendary card being rubbish. Unfortunately, this card fits into the rubbish category. Lets start with the basic stats of the card, and it's 100 HP, which is very good on a Basic, even if it is Legendary and a Metal Pokémon. And of course, because it is a Metal Pokémon, it has great tanking abilities due to being able to use Metal Special Energies effect. However, because it's a big, fat, Metal Legendary Pokémon, it has a massive 3 Retreat Cost, which is rubbish on anything. It has no Resistance, which is normal, really, but you'd expect some sort of Resistance on a Metal Legendary though. Then, there's it's weakness. Now, if you remember yesterday's review of Probopass with the +20 Water Weakness, I said that was bad. Therefore, it is logical to assume that a x2 Water is terrible, and it is due to the fact people are assuming that Water will see a lot of play next format with Kingdra (LA probably), Empoloen (MD) and Glaceon Lv.x (MD). Basically, if you are playing this card in a Water metagame, you are going to see it be OHKOed a lot.
OK, so the basic stats are alright all in all, but with 2 absolutely terrible stats. However, the attack and Poké-Power have a little combo between them. Smelt allows you to move a Metal Energy attached to any of your Pokémon to Heatran. It doesn't sound inspiring, but it does allow you to power up Heatran a bit if you've attached Metals to some of your other Pokémon earlier on in the game. However, it's a bit inflexible really, since you have to move the energies to Heatran. However, the attack, Heavy Metal, quite likes this, flipping a coin for each Metal attached to Heatran, doing 40 base damage, and 20 more for each heads. On average, with the minimum amount of energies attached to Heatran (thus 3 Metals), you are doing an average 70 for 3, which isn't too bad. However, the more energies you attach, the worse it gets, with 4 energies being 80 for 4, then it gets completely worse with 90 for 5, 100 for 6, 110 for 7. Those averages are getting slightly worse every time, which is just bad really. Heavy Metal is a slightly worse version of Hippowdon (MD)'s second attack, and that wasn't any good in the first place.
As for combos, well, there aren't any, and it's a rubbish card, so there is no reason to want to use it. There is another Heatran (Fire type this time) in the set, but since it hasn't been released or revealed in English yet, I won't say about if it's better or worse. The same goes for it's Lv.X version. Survivability, well, it depends upon what decks are big. With the Water type going to be popular, it probably won't be too survivable. With a couple of special Metals attached, it might be able to survive a hit or 2 from the likes of AMU (the pixies) and Skittles, but really, Water types (like the ones mentioned previously, but also Tentacruel (LA) and maybe others) with be pleased to see it for a free prize card.
Modified: For the DP-on format, it's going to be useless. It is a rubbish main attacker, won't survive most of the formats attacks, and is just plain bad. Seriously, do not use this card. If the Japanese translations are right, the Fire type one is so much better, even if you only want to Level it up (if we get the Lv.X version in LA). 1/5
For the HP-on modified format, it still rubbish. In fact, there is even less reason to use it, and there wasn't exactly a list of reasons to use it for next format anyway, so basically, leave it in the shoe box, even if it is a Rare. 1/5
Limited: 100 HP should see it survive most attacks here, and so long as you get enough Metal energies here (and preferably getting some basic Metals form the Tournament organiser), it should do fair amount of damage to the opponents Pokémon. Still, you need the Metal energies from the TO to really make it work well. 2.5/5

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