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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Lucario Lv. 30

Diamond & Pearl
Burger King Promo

Date Reviewed: 07.25.08

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 3.50
Limited: 3.00

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Name:   Lucario Lv. 30

Set:   Burger King Promo


HP: (90) - A little low for something that does not evolve further. But this guy hits fast and is not meant to last in a trench fight.


Weakness/Resistance: (Psychic+20/none) - Gardevoir is definitely still a force, which can pose problems. Banette...


Retreat Cost: (1) - Not bad for a Stage 1.


Attack #1: (C - Feint) - Great great great move. Very cheap and reliable.


Attack #2: (FF - Aura Sphere) - One of the best moves out there. Very cheap for what it can do.


Final Card Analysis - Lucario used to be extremely popular. Why? It hits hard and fast. And it is very easy to use and combos with a lot of stuff. Gardevoir and Banette kind of spelled its end, though...


Modified: Used to be a great force, but recent weakness issues has hurt it greatly. Still: (4/5)


Limited: A very good limited pull. Getting the uncommon Riolu is the only thing to worry about. (5/5)

Jigglypuff13 7/25 Lucario Lv. 30 (BK Promo)
It's the last day of the BK Promos, and we have what in our opinion is the best of the 12 promos, Lucario, a reprint of the DP version. Lets start with the basic parts of the card. 90 HP is alright for a Stage 1, but since it doesn't evolve any more, it's only alight. That's one bad thing about the card, and the second is that +20 Psychic Weakness, which means the card dies horribly to Plox decks and Banette decks. The Retreat Cost of 1 is average again. The attacks are what make the card a good card. For C, Faint does 30 and will always be doing 30 (apart from in certain circumstances) due to ignoring Resistance, which is helpful on a Fighting Pokémon. Aura Sphere is Lucario's main attack, doing 40 and 20 snipe for FF. Obviously, this means you'd be a fool to use a DRE with this card, but it's worth it, with that damage being able to start using that attack quickly (turn 2 if you get lucky), and allowing that damage to build up, which will then set everything up for late game with another attacker (probably a Stage 2 considering the archetype Mario and those Lucario/Empoleon that were going around) to sweep everything later game. The attacks make this card a great card, and is worth considering even in this Plox format.
There are no other Lucario's in the format (though it does seem as though we will get one soon), but there is a Lv.X and it's basic, Riolu, isn't bad. I'll start with Riolu, which isn't bad. For F, it does an average of 15 damage. If you get lucky, you could be putting a large dent in your opponent's starter, especially if they happen to use Pachirisu (GE) or Furret (SW), which then sets it up for a Turn 2 KO, which is nice. Lucario Lv.X (MT) is a great finisher and a bit of a staller. It can stop Lucario being damaged during your opponent's next turn, which is nice, and can do 80 for FFC, but has a nasty side effect, which is easily negated from Stance. Lucario has a nice line, but other than in a sniping deck, it doesn't really have any combos, which is a shame for such a great card. People could argue Mario is a good Lucario combo, and it is, but it isn't really that great anymore, all thanks to Plox. It's a great shame for such a great card.
As for survivability, with 90 HP and that bad weakness, every deck should be able to do that 90 damage for a OHKO, and if not, then chances are, it will get a 2HKO.
Modified: Lucario is a great attacker, but is very fragile. It covers the unique role of a Fighting sniper (and there are very few Fighting snipers) and does the job very well. It's fragility is the only imperfection on an otherwise great card. If there is another slight problem, it would it's low damage output, but it isn't meant to be KOing the active that often. 3.5/5
Limited: It can snipe, which is great here. That +20 Psychic Weakness may end up being used more here due to the greater variety of types you'd find. Still, 90 HP here should allow it to live for a while. While it can snipe, there are very few other snipers, so it won't but taken advantage of. Still, it's great. 3/5
Alazor  Lucario (BK)

As much as I like Lucario, I have had bad experiences with this guy unless I ran a strong supporting pokemon. He can snipe and with Riolu he can take a quick KO, but he isn't a heavy hitter-- he's best if you can get him out and out fast! Claydol (Great Encounters) should run really well with him and Lucario lv. X buys a turn. Run this guy with Rampardos (POP 6) or Machamp (Diamond and Pearl) or Empoleon possibly. This guy might be useful when the devolutionator TMs come out, because then you can snipe, devolve them and take a couple KOs out of nowhere.

Modified: 3/5

Limited: 1/5 You can't play this guy-- no Riolu.

 So... probably won't review for.... I don't know.....Hope you all liked my reviews.

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