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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Pikachu Lv. 15

Burger King Promo 2008

Date Reviewed: 07.21.08

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 2.00
Limited: 2.00

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Name:   Pikachu Lv. 15


Set:   Burger King Promo

HP: (60) - 60 HP is pretty good for a basic.


Weakness/Resistance: (Fighting+10/Metal-20) - Weakness to fighting can pose a problem. Resistance to anything helps, though Metal is less common than most these days.


Retreat Cost: (1) - Not a lot of basics have free retreat, so I have no issue here.


Poke-POWER: (Electro Recycle) - This power isn't worth playing the Pichu that are necessary for this to work. If only you could attach to the Pokemon. Magneton is probably better for this kind of thing.


Attack #1: (LC - BikaBika) - The only this attack has going for it is its name... At best, 30 damage for two energy is not good.


Final Card Analysis - Not the best Pikachu out there. There's like 20 in modified isn't there?


Modified: Not great at all. Use other Pikachu. You are using it for Raichu right? Ok, good. (1/5)


Limited: No. (1/5)

Jigglypuff13 7/22 Pikachu Lv. 15 (BK Promo)
Yep, the second day of Burger King Promo week features every ones favourite, Pikachu! Actually, for what it is, it isn't a bad little card. 60 HP on a basic, even if it can also be evolved from Pichu, isn't that bad, especially considering it can evolve again. The bottom stats are very average. +10 Fighting Weakness just means the ever present Gallade (SW) will always be able to OHKO Pickachu without the need of flipping over any prizes. -20 Resistance to Metal is useless really, since no one really plays Metal at the moment (apart from the occasional Scizor (MD)). 1 Retreat Cost is average, really. BikaBika, whilst being one of the most hideous attack names ever in the history of Pokémon card, is a frankly bad attack. 20 for LC is just average, and a possible +10 doesn't make it better.
Mind you, even you are using the card for it's attack, you aren't playing it right. You should be playing it for the survivability due to it's HP, and for it's frankly great Poké-Power. Electro Recycle does ask for Pikachu to be evolved from Pichu, but getting a Lightning Energy back from your discard pile, even if it does go back to your hand, is a really useful Poké-Power, and it's not as though there is a shortage of Lightning Pokémon who discard Energies either. I would start to list them, but it would take to long. However, the most important ones are probably the Raichus (PK, MT, MD and 2 HP). Now, one of the HP ones is Metal, so we can ignore that straight away, and the other ones doesn't even discard any Energies. All of the others do, but all discard all energies attached to them, which means unless you play Leafeon Lv.X (MD), you will never attack 2 turns in a row with their most powerful attack, which is rubbish. Thankfully, Pikachu doesn't need Raichu to be any good, but in a couple of sets time (thank you Japanese spoilers), there are a couple of Raichus that look very good, but we aren't reviewing them today, so back to Pikachu.
As for other Pikachus, well, considering it is Pikachu, there are a lot of them. In the current Modified format, there are 10 of them in total. Thankfully, one of them is a Star Pokémon and 2 of them are Delta, so we can rule them out of the running straight away. Another 3 of them are from POP Packs, and are thus destined to be rubbish. Looking at the 3 competing with the BK one (I'm counting the MT one from which this is a reprint of), and only the MD one has 60 HP, but also has the suicidal Volt Tackle attack. One of them has a Thunder Wave attack, that does no damage, and is annoyingly a flip, plus it only has Quick Attack, which is the same as BikaBika, for offensive support. The final one (PK) has the least HP with 40, and only has Charge and Slam as attacks, both of which are rubbish. However, because none of them have the brilliant Electro Recycle, The MT/BK one is the best of the lot.
I won't talk about Pikachu's survivability against big decks because a) it should be a bench sitter and b) it can't survive a single hit against most of them.
Modified: Electro Recycle is the only reason why you should play this card. Raichu (all of them at the moment) is useless, so even that isn't a reason to play Pikachu. However, due to the sheer amount of Lightning Pokémon who discard L Energies will have a use. However, as good as it is, it does require at least 2 deck slots (1 for Pikachu, 1 for Pichu) and uses up a bench space. However, I'm sure it will be very useful. Maybe. 2.5/5
Limited: In MT limited, which is the limited format where you'll find this card, Electro Recycle is nice so you can have a constant stream of Lightning energy. However, only 7 cards in the set use Lightning energy, so it may not be entirely useful. BikaBika is just average here, and the 60HP isn't bad. If there were more Lightning Pokémon in the set, it would be better, a lot better. 2/5
Alazor Pikachu (BK)

I guess you can use this card with Raichu (Mysterious Treasures) and Raichu (Majestic Dawn), both of them can abuse Call Energy, but the Majestic Dawn Raichu can abuse Scramble as well. This Pikachu though can't attack, so Call Eneergy is the best for him.
Right now I'd play a mix of Raichu with mostly the Majestic Dawn Raichu, but after Scramble and DRE are rotated the Mysterious Treasures Raichu might prove useful.
I think the Majestic Dawn Pikachu is a little better, because it gives more options on the first turn.

Modified: 2/5 A good rat in a burger.

Limited: 3/5 Although I'm not sure how interesting a limited of Burger King cards would be.

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