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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Grotle Lv. 21

Burger King Promo

Date Reviewed: 07.21.08

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 2.87
Limited: 3.50

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Name:   Grotle Lv. 21 

Set:   Burger King Promo 


HP: (90) - 90 HP for a Stage 1 that still needs to evolve is great. It will be able to last a little longer until you can get Torterra out. 


Weakness/Resistance: (Fire+20/Water-20) - The weakness used to be a problem, but Empoleon has helped that a bit. That's where the resistance to water becomes great. Too bad Torterra doesn't share the resistance. 


Retreat Cost: (3) - A retreat cost of three is terrible on anything. Especially on a Pokemon that still needs to evolve. 


Attack #1: (G - Synthesis) - I really like this attack, because it can definitely help speed up an hugely energy-hungry Torterra deck. 


Attack #2: (GCC - Cut) - A basic attack that only does a mediocre amount of damage. Only use this when Torterra is unavailable.


Final Card Anaysis - Grotle should really used solely for Torterra, and I believe this is the better of the two available right now. Alone, this card isn't terrible, because of its resistance.


Modified: Good resistance. The weakness is no longer a big problem thanks to Empoleon. Play with Torterra! (3/5)


Limited: Synthesis can break a game wide open and allow you to blow past an opponent. Cut also does a good amount of damage for Limited. (4/5)

Jigglypuff13 7/21 Grotle Lv.21 (BK promo)
Hello, and welcome to the first day of Burger King Promo week. If you've seen the promos already, then you know what to expect.
Anyway, Grotle, and yes, like all of the other BK promos, it is a reprint, in this case (and the case of all bar one of the other cards) from DP. The card, for a Stage 1 that evolves, isn't too bad really. 90 HP on a Stage 1 that can evolve again is really good, as is -20 Water Resistance. 3 Retreat Cost and +20 Fire Weakness are annoying, though the Weakness will probably never get used due to the overabundance of good Waters, and thus a lack of Fire decks being played (though there may be the odd Magmortar (SW) or Infernape (MD) or Skittles deck that you end up playing against). The attacks are alright. Synthesis is a nice bit of Energy acceleration attack, getting the energy from the deck and being able to attach it to one of your Pokémon, plus serves as a nice little bit of deck thinning. For G, that's not a bad attack. For GCC, Cut can do 50. That's alright, but not spectacular. To be honest, if you have enough time to use Cut, you really haven't got Torterra out quick enough.
There is another Grotle in Modified to think about, which is from MD. The card was actually reviewed a couple of weeks ago, in case you want to remind yourself of what it does or what people thought of it. Now, the HP and bottom stats for both cards are the same, so only the attack will split the two cards. For the first attacks, Planting vs. Synthesis, they are similar attacks. Planting, however, needs a C energy, does damage, but will only attach the energy from your hand. Because, early game, you cannot guaranty you will have an energy in your hand, I think Synthesis may be the better first attack, but only just. for the second attacks, Body Slam vs. Cut, it's a straight fight between if you want to do more damage or have a chance to stall with Paralysis. Personally, I prefer Body Slam by a long way, but really, if you end up using their second attacks, you need to change your deck so you can get Torterra out quicker. Because of Body Slam and Planting's similar effect to Synthesis, I would probably play MD instead of DP, but since there is very little to choose between the 2, everyone will have a slightly different opinion and reason for their Grotle.
Like I said before, 90 HP for this card is pretty good, but if you leave it out long enough, any main attacker will OHKO it very quickly, so try to evolve it ASAP.
Modified: It is really just very slightly worse than the MD Grotle, but is still not bad really. Synthesis is a nice attack to help power up the otherwise slow Torterra relatively quickly. Cut is average, but you should never have to use it anyway. Of course, in a non-Torterra deck, Grotle will do nothing, so don't try to add it to any other deck. 2.5/5
Limited: Er, this particular one is a promo, so if you pay limited with the promos, what are you thinking? ?/5
However, in DP limited (remember, it is a reprint, so you could find yourself with the same card, just without the nice stamp), it isn't bad, with a nice energy acceleration attack and an attack that should 2HKO most of you find here, and becomes a bit of a tank with 90 HP. If I had to give it a mark, with would probably be 3/5, but I'd still wish the MD one in DP instead.
Alazor Grotle (Burger King)

So, I guess everyone's excited about the new Burger King cards...
or at least try to be. *Yay*

Grotle is the none other card that can be used in the Torterrible, which T4ed in US Masters in Nationals-- if you haven't heard yet. But this guy has nice 90 hp, energy acceleration on the first attack, but a high retreat cost. You need cards like Super Scoop Up to make it up.
If you aren't running this guy with Sceptile (Great Encounters), you might want to eat this card with your Burger.

Modified 3/5 Run 2 of each Grotle for variety.

Limited: 3.5/5 High hp, energy acceleration, alright! And a 1 energy attack.

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