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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Energy Restore

Diamond & Pearl
Majestic Dawn

Date Reviewed: 07.02.08

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 2.00
Limited: 2.00

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Energy Restore MD


Alright, today’s COTD today is one you won’t see played often. The effect is simple, think of it like a Time-Space Distortion for energy, but it isn’t that good. We already have Night Maintenance, which lets you put any combination of 3 pokemon or 3 energy from your discard back into your deck. Not only is Night Maintenance guaranteed to work (No coin flips!) But also, it can get back pokemon too.


Pros –


Gets energy back into your hand


Cons –

Can’t get pokemon

Coin flips are evil!


Modified – Meh, if you really need energy in your hand instead of drawing into it, use this. 2.5/5


Limited – Although it’s a trainer, in Limited you won’t see very many energy in your discard and you’re more likely to have energy in your hand… 1.5/5


Really, why on earth would someone want to use such a card?

Jigglypuff13 7/2 Energy Restore (MD)
Flip 3 coins, every heads nets you a basic Energy. So, using this card will give you an average 1.5 energies, with the chance of getting nothing being 12.5%. Basically, this is an Energy version of Time-Space Distortion, only we have had this card for a lot longer. Energy Restore has never seen much play due to it's flippy nature and the fact that it only gets Basic energy cards, when Special Energy cards are a lot more important in today's format when compared to Basic energies. Compared to other energy restoration cards, there are other and better cards. Night Maintenance is the main one really, because it can also get Pokémon back. Energy Recycle System is better as well, definately getting you one energy back to your hand, or 3 back into your deck. Either way, it's certain, where as Energy Restore is way to flippy. Basically, it's too flippy to make it worth playing.
Modified: There are better cards to use instead of this, and Energy Restore is way to flippy to actually every be of any consistent use. I suppose it could be relatively useful sometimes, with the energies going back to your hand, but some energy accelerators (Blaziken (PK), Typhlosion (MT), Togekiss (GE)) won't like that. 1.5/5
Limited: You can get energies back, which is great. Still, too unreliable to allow you to be confident when using it. 2.5/5
of the Lake

aim PoJoMOTL
Trainer week continues.

Energy Restore

A tails fails card that basically is the Time-Space Distortion for Energies. Except like, one BILLION dollars cheaper.


Nothing, really. Sure, you could "combo" it with TV Reporter or Felicity's Drawing, after getting energies into discard, but it's tails fails, so you can't really call that a combo.

There's a certain invigoratorion that certain thoughts about nailing two Energy Restores and using Feraligatr's Energy Cyclone to do 120 can bring forth, but the odds on that are 1/64. Unless you practice flipping heads like the Japanese.

Ratings (1 - Sux, 3 - Meh, 5 - Rox)

Modified: 1/5. While it doesn't get the energies back into your hand, Night Maintenance is infinitely preferable to this card. INFINITELY.
Limited: 3/5. It has its uses in Limited. But then again, so does Base Gastly.
Unlimited: 1/5. Don't you DARE use this card in Unlimited.

This card simply isn't very good. It's tails fails, and the effect isn't even good enough to take the risk in throwing this card into your deck, let alone 4 for consistency.
Alazor Energy Restore

This card is probably best in a deck that is very energy reliant or benefits from energy being put back into the hand. It's basically a TSD except for basic energy. So it could work well with decks that use Houndoom (Great Encounters), Infernape (Majestic Dawn), Leafeon lv. X, but there are cards that might not need it such as Mewtwo (Majestic Dawn), Moltres (Majestic Dawn), Rotom (Majestic Dawn).

Modified: 2.5/5 Because it would probably work well in certain decks only, but might help if you have energy drought or when energy attachments are crucial.

Limited: 3/5 You should usually have enough energy, probably around 16-18-- but you could take out an energy or two and add in these to see if it works any better.
Milk Man

Energy Restore


Hello and welcome to Trainer week Round 3! Energy restore is our focus for today and as for most of the trainers in the Mystic Dawn set, unfortunately I would rather pass it up. The primary drawback to this card is the coin flips, all 3 of them. It's always good to get energy from your discard to your hand, but not with a coin flip... let alone 3. Night maintainance would be an ok subsititute, comboed with Roseanne's research you could get the energy you need, or maybe even the basic pokemon you need, more open ended and no coin flips.




Limited can do without this, coin flips and taking up space that may not be worth it



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