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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Monferno Lv. 20

Diamond & Pearl
Majestic Dawn

Date Reviewed: 07.17.08

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 2.83
Limited: 3.50

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Hey, the end of the week is almost here! Though since it is summer, I'm sure that doesn't mean much to most of us. Oh well, today we have Monferno for you!


Name:   Monferno Lv. 20

Set:   Majestic Dawn

Rarity:   Uncommon


Analysis: OK, Monferno has a few problems. 70 HP is TERRIBLE on a Stage 1, even if it still evolves. The weakness to water is a definite problem these days. Its free retreat cost is very good. Fire Fang is great for only 1 energy, but Mid-Air Strike is not good at all. Really, you should only use this for Infernape, but the DP Monferno is slightly better for that.


Modified: Good retreat cost and first attack, but everything else sucks. (1/5)


Limited: Its retreat cost and first attack make it a relative gem here, similar to Manectric yesterday. (3.5/5)

Jigglypuff13 7/17 Monferno Lv. 20 (MD)
Monferno's basic stats are, pretty average really. 70 HP on an Evolving Stage 1 is alright, but if you have it active more than 1 turn though, it probably won't survive more than 1 hit, and will be KO-ed. Against Water types, that +20 Water Weakness hurts as well, meaning it definitely won't survive a hit against any hard hitting Water types. No Resistance is, er, no Resistance, and no Retreat Cost is just great. The attacks, however, are great. R for 30 is pretty good on it's own, but auto-Burn sets it apart for all of the other 1-for-30 attacks. That's a great attack, and you'll definitely want to use it at least once when you have Monferno attacking. The rest of the time, though, you will want to use Mid-air Strike. CC for an average of 45 isn't bad really, and unlike the rest of those annoying flippy attacks earlier in the week (apart from Manectric yesterday), is that it will definately do at least 30 damage, and the possibility of 60 for CC is very good. Basically, for a Stage 1 that will Evolve, it's very fragile, but incredibly powerful.
However, before you go and make your Infernape deck and put in this MD version of Monferno in for the Stage 1, there is another Monferno to think about, the DP Monferno. They are the same Stage, have the same HP, same Weakness, same Resistance and same Retreat Cost, so the only way to separate the cards are through their attacks, they both have single R attacks and CC attacks. For the R attacks, the DP Monferno wins out for me there. Infernape (both of them) like to discard lots of energies, so if you can get the energies back and attach them to Monferno before it becomes an Infernape, then to me, that's better than Burn any day of the week. The damage the R attacks to is the same, so I won't bother saying about that any more. For the CC attacks, the MD Monferno wins out here due to having a base damage and the damage averaging out at 45, whereas the DP Monferno has no base damage and an average damage of 30. They can both reach 60 damage, but the DP version needs a lot more luck to do so. All in all, it's a tough choice between the two. However, flame dance on the DP one makes me want to play DP Monferno instead of the MD one. Other people may prefer the Burn and the higher average damage from the MD one, but the DP one sets up Infernape that little bit more, which wins it over for me.
Now, back to the MD Monferno and it's survivability, and it doesn't have any. Every deck should be able to OHKO it, so evolve ASAP, otherwise you will regret it.
Modified: It won't survive one half decent attack, but it's powerful. 30 and Burn for R is great, and 30 - 60 for CC is great as well. It's the worse of the two Monferno's in my opinion, but only just. It doesn't set up Infernape very well, but it will weaken your opponent's active very nicely. 2.5/5
Limited: Here, Monferno turns from strong for a Stage 1, into an absolute power house, and is energy efficient. 30 and Burn for just R is great, and will definitely hurt anything it attacks with just Fire Fang. 30 to 60 for CC is great as well, and should serve as a nice finishing attack, but flips could be it's down fall. 3.75/5
Alazor Monferno (Majestic Dawn)

Free retreat, for a fire you can do 30 + burn-- so that's about 40 damage for 1 energy-- very nice. It's second attack isn't as good, it averages 45 damage for 2 energy, but this guy really needs Infernape (Majestic Dawn) to really be useful.

Modified: 4/5

Limited: 3.25/5

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