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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Lickitung Lv. 23

Diamond & Pearl
Majestic Dawn

Date Reviewed: 07.14.08

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 1.33
Limited: 2.50

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Hey everyone, this week we will be reviewing uncommon cards from Majestic Dawn. Today we have the weird (which has become weirder with the evolution) Lickitung.  


Name:   Lickitung Lv. 23

Set:   Majestic Dawn

Rarity:   Uncommon


Analysis: OK, well this card does not need a very lengthy explanation, and an analysis would be very unnecessary. This card is bad. Save yourself ridicule and don't play this. Unless they make a broken Lickilicky, there is no reason Lickitung should be in your deck. There are much better starter Pokemon than this guy. 


Modified: Not going to have any impact. 70 HP is OK for a basic, but a Pachirisu (which is 100x smaller than Lickitung) has the same HP. Notice anything wrong with that? (1/5) 


Limited: Can help your draw. Its damaging attack is bad in any format, though. (2.5/5)

Jigglypuff13 7/14 Lickitung Lv.23 (MD)
In MD there are some cards that you have to ask yourself "Why is it in this set?". This is either because it is rubbish, or doesn't have one of it's evolutions in the set, or a combination of the two. This is one of the cards. With the DP games, Lickitung got an evolution, though you wouldn't believe it from Majestic Dawn. Well, that's enough complaining about the set, now onto the card. 70HP and a +20 Fighting Weakness means it will survive very few hits, but you shouldn't have it active long enough to be attacked really, since you should evolve it into Lickilicky ASAP anyway. That Retreat Cost doesn't help either, with 2 on a Basic being quite a nasty cost. To round the card off to being down right awful, there are the attacks. Admittedly, Lap Up is quite nice in being able to draw a card, but there are better attacks to start off with around. Slam is, has and always will be a dreadful attack, with this one being one of the worst. Yes, it can do 40 damage, but it's an average of 20 damage for CC, and that isn't very good.
Lickitung isn't going to set the world alight with it's attacks, and can evolve anyway, so it wouldn't need to. However, all it needs to do is beat the other Lickitungs in being any good, and since there are 3 (including the MD one) Lickitungs in Modified at the moment, so it's got stiff competition. The other DP-on Lickitung (in SW) has an immediate advantage to the MD one with 10 more HP, but also has an extra Retreat Cost. Lick is rather average to be honest, but is probably better than Lap Up at the moment, with other starters attacks being a lot better than Lap Up. Stomp is as useless as Slam, but it's average damage output is 25, which is ever so slightly better than Slam. So, you are probably better off with the SW Lickitung, but there is another Lickitung to think about though. The final one is the delta one from DF. With only 60 HP and a x2 Fighting Weakness, it is a lot less survivable than either of the DP-on ones. It does have only 1 Retreat Cost though, which is a lot better. The first attack is a good Lap Up, being able to draw 2 cards and making it a decent starter, or at least better than the other 2. Delta Mind, however, is useless, since you need a P energy to use it, and is only really effective against Delta Pokémon, which are basically not played at the moment. Out of the three, use the SW Lickitung, and if you can't, it would probably be better to go with DF one instead of the MD one, simply because of that great version of Lap Up compared to MD's lousy version.
So, the MD version is the worst of the Lickitungs, and it's survivability is rubbish as well. Basically, every deck will easily be able to OHKO or, if they are really unlucky, 2HKO Lickitung, with Lickitung struggling to even 5HKO the weakest of main attackers. However, of course, you should just evolve Lickitung as soon as possible really, and not use it to ever attack.
Modified: It's the worst Lickitung. Use one of the other two, either for it's survivability (SW) or better starting attack (DF). None of them are good attackers, and none of them can really survive an attack, but the other two are still better than MD Lickitung. 1/5
Limited: Normally, a set would have 1 good starter maybe, with a low chance of getting it in limited, making Lap Up type attacks wanted. However, with Call Energy and Chatot in the set, you are better off choosing Call Energy to Lickitung, but Lap Up is still useful, I suppose. Slam is alright, but still too flippy to really be useful. Unless everything else is rubbish in your card pool, try not to use this card. It can live for a while though, due to it's 70 HP. 1.5/5
Alazor Lickitung (Majestic Dawn)

If you want a Lickitung, that has the chance of doing the most damage, go with the Secret Wonders Lickitung. This Lickitung is only good with it's lower retreat cost and Lap Up, which lets you draw a card. I'd rather use the Dragon Frontiers Licky to draw cards though.

Modified: 2/5 Only because of Licklicky. The other one can do more damage. When boost is rotated out, this will need other ways to power up.

Limited: 3.5/5 High hp and an attack that draws cards, should be taken.

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