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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Tangrowth Lv. 38

Diamond & Pearl
Great Encounters


Date Reviewed: 01.29.08

Ratings & Reviews Summary
Unlimited: 1.25
Modified: 2.75
Limited: 3.50

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

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2005 World

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Unlimited - Chuck this in the rubbish bin. 1/5

Modified - Power Whip is way too expensive for the cost. Stick and Absorb is also expensive. The only good thing about this tanglement of vines is the high HP for a stage 1. 2/5

Limited - Healing and doing damage at the same time is great, plus bench hitting is cool. 3/5

Tangrowth Lv. 38 GE

Happy Tuesday all of you people. Today’s COTD is another new card from GE, Tangrowth. This card is just begging to be paired up with the hyped about Sceptile from GE, making every basic (G) energy count as two. 110 HP is nice for a stage 1, not OHKO able by all of those pokemon that do 100 or 90. The second attack on Tangrowth needs to be 1 (c) less at least, but when paired with Sceptile, it only costs 2 (G). Power whip is why this card will see play if it does see play. 10 damage to any pokemon for every energy on Tangrowth isn’t much, but with Sceptile, it does 20 damage for every (G) energy attached to it! With a never dieing ability to keep gaining energy, and a try at some healing support, this card may see some play yet.

Pros –
Power whip rocks W/ Sceptile
110 HP is nice
Self healing

Cons –
Magmortar loves the weakness
Relies on Sceptile

Unlimited – Why? Just use Sneasle. 1/5

Modified – Simi-fast sniping and good HP 3.75/5 only with Sceptile, 2.25 elsewhere

Limited – Self healing + large HP + Sniping. If you have some grass energy in your deck use him! 4/5

Geez, and I thought I had some seriously messed up hair!

“There cannot be a crisis next week. My schedule is already full.”
Arbok14 (01/29/08)

Today we continue our Great Encounters preview with a new evolution for Tangela, Tangrowth!

Name: Tangrowth Lv. 38
Set: Great Encounters
Rarity: Rare Holo

Analysis: I definitely like this guy. It is the stage 1 evolution for the previously unevolvable Tangela. With 110 HP, it will definitely last for a while, especially since it has the ability to heal itself. It's weakness to fire may be harmful, especially with the popularity of Magmortar skyrocketing. But the resistance to water is definitely nice. It's first attack snipe your opponent, so if you loaded him up, you can definitely unleash on any threats on the opposing bench. But what I like is Tangrowth's second move, Stick and Absorb. It does 60 damage, heals 30 automatically, and prevents your opponent from retreating! And for what it looks like, a retreat cost of 2 is not bad at all. I was expecting 3 or 4 at least. Play it with a Secret Wonders Sunflora, and you will be healing 40 every turn, beating out Venusaur, which needs a flip.

Unlimited: Not really good, especially since there is a good probability you will get OHKO'ed anyway. (1/5)

Modified: I like it. It definitely has potential to last and to beat down your opponent, whether it is his/her active or bench. Team it up right, and you could be in business. Like I said, a Sunflora could be good, along with something else. (4/5)

Limited: Massive HP for a stage 1 and it can heal itself and it can snipe and it has resistance and it has a manageable retreat cost and it... Just take it if you get the Tangela! (5/5)





110 HP





Steep Energy costs

2 Retreat

4 for 60






This Pokemon reminds me of the McDonalds figure they used to had back in the days.
Unlimited: Could work with Meganium from Neo Genesis but there are so many better
Decks to choose from in Unlimted.
Rating : 2/5
Modified: Weakness to Fire isn't that good nowadays. Magmortar is played a lot in this current Format.
Could  be used with Sceptile POP 4 and  Leafeon Lv X (If it's in the set, probably not).Celebi MT could work
to Power itt up but otherwise I don't see the use of this card.
Rating : 2/5
Limited: Good attacks, decent HP and 2 retreat is acceptable.
Rating : 3/5

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