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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Magmortar lv. 52

Diamond & Pearl
Secret Wonders

#5 of 2007

Date Reviewed: 01.21.08

Ratings & Reviews Summary
Unlimited: 1.40
Modified: 4.40
Limited: 4.00

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

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2005 World

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Unlimited - Trash. Raindance and Base Gastly blow this away. 1/5

Modified - Cornerstone of one of the most popular decks in modified, Magmortar/Typhlosion/Delcatty. It's almost like the Blaziken deck from 2004. The Poke-Body is awesome, it's like you're using a potion every turn, and each time you do, Flame Blast does 20 more damage. Fireball Bazooka can slowly whittle down your opponent's Benched Pokemon, and then you can finish them off with a Flame Bluster from Magmortar LV X. DRE and Scramble Energy are helpful, because Flame Blast only mentions Fire Energy, not Fire Energy CARDS. 110 HP is great for a stage 1, only 20 less than Blissey. The Magmar from MT is great to evolve from because it hits hard and fast, 20 damage for 1 energy. Weakness to an almost obsolete type is also good. Magmortar's cool. 5/5

Limited - The healing poke-body works wonders here. 4/5

Magmortar Lv. 52 SW
Peace! Today’s COTD is number 5 in the COTD top 10, it is… Magmortar, the most hyped about fire pokemon at the moment. 110 HP lets him survive most OHKO attempts. The poke-body is nice, -20 damage whenever you put a fire energy on it, this ‘body combos well with it’s first attack. The first attack is Flame Blast, a very hot move that could leave your pokemon smoked depending on the amount of energy attached to Magmortar. The second attack is also great, 40 plus 20 to two bench pokemon, that’s 80 damage for (fire) and 2 (C)! The weakness and retreat cost sucks but it is livable.
Pros –
Big HP
Awesome first attack
Great second attack
Good ‘body
Lv. X ‘able!
Cons –
Bad weakness
Horrid retreat cost
Unlimited – No! Don’t use it here. 1/5
Modified – 5 pros and only 2 cons… DANG! 4.75/5
Limited – Great! But needing only fire energy sucks. 4.25/5
Next COTD top 10 is one that we all have come to hate or use,
“Nothing is impossible for the man who doesn't have to do it himself.”

Michael from Denmark

2 worlds and 4 national finals.

Magmortar SW

This card is amazing. Its so versatile and can be used in loads of decks. Flame blast is begging for scramble and fireball bazooka got endless possibilities  110 Hp is nice and it pokebody gives it’s a lot of survival chances. If you haven’t played this TRY IT!. 3 retreat is no problem as you’ll rarely retreat this anyway. Its LV X is amazing as well and beats the crap out of all kinds of decks. Playd rigth theres no deck that magmortar doesnt beat. Feraligatr? hit cronaw for 100 on the bench. Gardelade damagde its bench suddenly  Take down isnt very usefull i could go on.. Ended in finals in EVERY tournament i played this card. 


Trust me it Sooooo good


Modified 5 and that’s with an arrow up J

Classic 2

Limited 4

Unlimited: Too much Blastoise/Suicune Ex in this Format.

Rating : 1/5

Modified: Good card in combination with Delcatty and Thyplosion. It's Lv X is nice too it can do 100 damage on any Pokemon. Scramble and Double Rainbow's work great on it too.

Rating: 3/5

Limited: Stage 1, good attack, good Body, bench damage is important here too.

Rating : 3.5/5


110 Hp
GREAT attacks

No Resistance

Unlimited: 3/5
Modified: 4/5
Arbok14 Good monday! Today we have one of my favorite new cards, which is one I even got to use back in the Secret Wonders prerelease I went to last year. It is the new evolution for Magmar, Magmortar!

Name: Magmortar Lv 52
Set: Secret Wonders
Rarity: Rare

Overview: I think I'm just going to stop doing the overviews because they are, well... redundant and a waste of space. Lol, on we go:

Analysis: As I said, this is definitely one of my favorite new cards, because it is so versatile. It heals itself (PokeBODY - Flame Body), it hits for potentially massive damage (Flame Blast), and it can hit the bench (Fireball Bazooka - love that name ^_^). And 110 HP will keep it around a while. The +30 weakness to water should not be a big problem, but its retreat cost of 3 is huge. So pack him with some switches and warp points. Flame Blast is a great attack, especially since it can do unlimited amounts of damage. Scramble energies can also be a great combo with Magmortar and provide a quick 60 damage. Fireball Bazooka hits 2 benched guys for 20, which will discourage your opponent from retreating heavily damaged Pokemon. Plus he has a Lv X, which makes him EVEN BETTER. Whoa.

Magmortar finds a great partner in Typhlosion, which can recycle energy back onto it. And Delcatty's can help you draw, while at the same time discarding energy. This Magmortar/Typhlosion/Delcatty deck is one of the best and most popular decks out now and is one which I used in one of my City Championships I attended. I did go 2-3, but if I played it better, I probably could have made the top cut of 4 (misplays were key). Well, my dumb mistakes aside, I did learn a lot that day: This deck sets up slowly, but is great late game. Definitely worth trying.


Unlimited: I kind of like him here... Unlimited damage is good. (3/5)

Modified: Absolutely great here, because he has so many combos, such as Typhlosion, Scramble Energies, etc. USE! (4.5/5)

Limited: Healing + Heavy Damage + Bench Hitting = *drools* (5/5)

Alex Bramham

UK Nationals Finalist 2007
Lucario is a favourite card of mine for its ability to counter fighting weak pokemon particularly starters very well. Riolu can give you a great headstart or a wasted turn but it's certainly worth the gamble. Lucario's lightness due to low retreat and balanced attack costs keep it going steady and swarms easily. I've found Absol ex to be a great accompinate to Lucario, as combined with Aura sphere you get decent damage wherever it needs to be. Lucario level X is quite possibly the most useful level up card around, it doesn't get much better than a turn of immunity that comboes directly with its attack! I like this card so much I used it to get 2nd place Masters at my last CC with this list:
Pokémon: 13
2 Absol SW 21
4 Riolu DP 61
3 Lucario DP 6
1 Lucario LvX NDP 12
2 Sableye CG 10
1 Minun SW 24
1 Absol ex PK 92
Trainers/Supporters/Stadiums: 30
4 Pokedex DP 111
2 Castaway CG 72
2 Buffer Piece DF 72
1 Strength Charm DF 81
1 Timespace Distortion MT 124
1 Scott PK 81
3 Roseanne's Research SW 125
2 Team Galactic's Wager MT 115
1 Team Galactic's Mars SW 126
2 Super Scoop Up DP 115
1 Warp Point CG 84
4 Celio's Network CG 73
2 Lake Boundary MT 112
2 Professor Birch PK 80
1 Professor Rowan SW 123
1 Master Ball PK 78
Energy: 16
4 Multi Energy PK 89
3 Darkness Energy MT 119
9 Fighting Energy PK 108

I suggest to try out Lucario, you won't be disappointed and if Darkrai makes it big, Lucario may just make a comeback.
Modified: 4.7/5

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