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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Sceptile Lv. 52

Diamond & Pearl
Great Encounters

Date Reviewed: 02.13.08

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 3.75
Limited: 3.00

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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2005 World

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Unlimited - I'd rather use Meganium (NG). 1/5

Modified - Combo with Tangrowth, Exeggcutor, or Celebi*. But it still doesn't make those cards much better. 3/5

Limited - Again, it's hard getting stage 2s into play here. But if you do, the poke-body could come in handy. 3/5
Hey, today we have one of the more talked about cards from the new set, Sceptile. Today we will look into this, the final evolution of the Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald starter, Treecko.

Name: Sceptile Lv. 52
Set: Great Encounters
Rarity: Rare Holo

Analysis: Ah yes, the Wild Growth Poke-BODY has everybody talking. With only 100 HP for a stage 2, a weakness to fire, and a retreat cost of 3, Sceptile stumbles out the gate. Its attack is really bad, especially for four energies, but with the power you would only need 2. The Power is what it will be used for, which makes all basic grass energies into 2 grass energy. This would be great, but I really don't see great partners to use for it. I've looked for stage 1's, but most are weak, and it's really tough to make a successful deck with two stage 2's. The only combo I can think of is with Tangrowth. I haven't seen or heard anything official about this, but if Tangrowth's Power Whip attack could take the effects of the Body... *shudders at the thought* I don't see this happening, but I definitely can be wrong. There really isn't anything out there right now besides Tangrowth that would really be able to take advantage of it well.

Modified: In consideration of possibly having the Body work for Tangrowth's Power Whip and for Pokemon in the future that could benefit... (4/5)

Limited: Small HP and large retreat cost on a stage 2 makes it not worth it, but it could do well in certain situations. (3/5)

Michael from Denmark

2 worlds and 4 national finals.

Sceptile lv 52


This aint going to be your main attacker but its body can generate some insane damage outputs fast (leafeon maybe)?. CC retreat is easy to pay with its body. Dont even think about playing DRE with this. Its attack may be useful but i suggest finding another poke to stack your extra energies on (tangrowts first attack actually is quite fun with this)


Modified 3.5

Classic 1.5

Limited 4

Modified: Love this card! Sceptile has always bin one of my favorite cards. This one has no exceptions.

The power is super but too bad they didn't print Leafeon Lv X in the same set. They only Energy accelerators in the Format that you can combine this with are Flygon d and Togekiss. There are some cards you can combine this
with but I just don't think it will be fast enough. The POP 4 counterpart is really nice too.

Rating : 3/5

Limited: Hard to get out but good attacks and good Power.

Rating : 2/5

Alex Bramham

UK Nationals Finalist 2007

Lots of options and combos for this, it may even make a new archetype. Much like Honchcrow, if it sits middle tier then Latilock will not see much play but if Sceptile really works then latilock may gain popularity and wreck it. Tangrowth, Exeggutor, Sceptile POP4, Dragonite ex are to naem but a few of the grass pokemon that could make use of the extra energy.

Modified: 4.7/5 - Big potential
Limited: 1/10 - Don't bother with stage 2s, mediocre without the right combo.

Sceptile Lv.52 GE
Mornin. Today’s COTD is Sceptile a wonderful card from the new GE set. The HP is low and Magmortar Lv.X bait but, it makes up for that with it’s amazing poke-body Wildgrowth makes all of your (G) energy count as (G)(G)! That means two (G) for the price of one! This is what will allow (G) decks to be used, as it is the only “nearly broken” cards out there for (G) pokemon. It’s body combos with it’s own attack instead of 2 (G) 2(C) for 50 or 70 it is only 2 (G) for 50 or 70. Add his power with pokemon like Dragonite (Delta) DF who is (G) type and start doing 80 per turn for 2 (G)! Or use it with Venusaur CG and let his attack do 20 damage per every (G) energy on the field!
Pros –
(G) needed support
Great poke-body
Cons –
Low HP
Modified – Expect to see a few (G) decks at states! 4.25/5
Limited – Once you get it up there is no stopping it. 4/5
Today’s COTD review has been brought to you by the letter (G),
“As for me, except for an occasional heart attack, I feel as young as I ever did.”=

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