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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Rapidash Lv. 43


Date Reviewed: 12.09.08

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 2.25
Limited: 3.40

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Meganium45 OK, YAY, a Fire Pokemon.

It’s a Rapidash, which is usually bad. Cute, but bad.

This one has decent stats at the first glance.

80 HP – Not bad.

+20 weakness to water…um, Kingdra, is that you? Empoleon, others…

Free retreat is always good.

Attacks, 2 for 30 is meh.

2 for 60 to anyone, discard 2 fire, not bad, good sniper in a fire deck (perhaps his only use).

Used with Heatran Level X, and you do not even have to discard the fire energy (or you get it right back)…

Stark mountain to move energy when needed…OK, I can come up with a few combos.

Scizor being popular, Butterfree seeing play, Sceptile, Tangrowth, Toreterra and other grass meanies, there could be some use for his weakness…but…

There are MUCH better Fire Pokemon to use!

Modified 2/5 (and I am being nice)

Limited 4/5 (it actually works here, if you can get the line)


Today's COTD is Rapadash from Stormfront. His stats are 80HP, 2 attacks, +20 weaknesses to water, no resistance, a poke-body, and free cost. His body Burning Mane burns the Pokémon that attacks Rapidash when he is damaged. Rapadashs first attack Rear kick is basic attack two energies of any type for 30 damage. His second attack Shooting Fire for two fire energies does 60 damage to one of your opponents Pokémon but you have to discard two fire energies to use this attack. This card is ok for a fire type but with all the Kingdra decks being played it won't do that good plus it has only 80 HP.

Modified: 2.25/5- not to bad but in this format it won't work at the moment

Limited: 3.25/5

Art: 2.50/5
Winner of a Stormfront Prerelease
Rapidash (22)
Today’s Card of the Day is Rapidash, the Fire Horse Pokemon

Rapidash has 80 HP, this is an okay amount, and is helped by the fact some Pokemon may be afraid of attacking, due to his Poke-Body, but more on that later. Rapidash has a + 20 weakness to Water. The main deck that will get you because of this is Kingdra, but, frankly, he could kill you even without the weakness. The MD Empoleon can get an OHKO on you with Surf Together, but that’s true of nearly all Fire Pokemon. The no resistance is to be expected, but you’d think that since all the grass types are now weak against fire, that they would have some sort of resistance to Grass. The free retreat cost is an added bonus, but also, it should be expected. After all, this is a Horse isn’t it?

The Poke-Body, Burning Mane, is my favorite part of this card. Burning Mane makes it so If Rapidash is your Active Pokémon and is damaged by an opponent's attack (even if Rapidash is Knocked Out), the Attacking Pokémon is now Burned. This is a great effect, since it can make your opponent hesitant to attack you, and when combined with the Heatran LV. X, they will have taken (40? 60?) damage by their next turn, not including your attack, unless their attack lets them retreat or they have an ability that protects against being affected by the Burned Special Condition.

Rapidash’s first attack is Rear Kick, which does 30 damage for two Colorless energy. Sadly, this is Rapidash’s only attack that doesn’t involve discarding energies. The damage is sub par, but it does okay damage if you factor in burn damage from the Body. The all colorless energy requirement is nice in Limited, but in Modified, any deck that would want to use Rapidash is pure fire, and I think it would be worth a colored energy instead of a colorless one just to do 10 more damage.

Rapidash’s final attack is Shooting Fire, which, for two fire energy will cause you to discard two Fire Energy attached to Rapidash, but you can choose 1 of your opponent's Pokémon and do 60 damage to that Pokémon, of course you don't apply Weakness and Resistance for Benched Pokémon. Shooting Fire is a great attack, because it allows for a large amount of damage for a relatively low cost in energy and it allows you to snipe. The discarding energy is a downside, but with a free retreat, Rapidash can hit a Pokemon on the bench with Shooting Fire and then retreat to another powered-up Pokemon.

Modified: 2.5/5
I think this card can be a powerful with Heatran. Empoleon and Kingdra will eat this guy for lunch though.
Limited: 4.5/5
With an all colorless attack, and a great Poke-Body, Rapidash is easily a powerful card in limited. Add in the fact that about all grass Pokemon in stormfront, and some psychic ones are weak against fire, and you have yourself one great card for this format.

Happy  Tuesday my fellow readers! Today's COTD is everyone's favorite (or second favorite if Ponyta's your thing) flaming horse, Rapidash! 

HP: 80-- really really bad when you consider his weakness. Kindgra OHKO all day long. 

Weakness: water +20-- as said, this really isn't a weakness you want to have in this metagame. Kindgra would love to OHKO your stage one AND do 20 to your bench. And he will thank you for it. 

Retreat Cost: none. I can't complain, or make up complaints just because I don't like this card. 

Attack one: rear kick-- this attack is more like a kick in your own rear. 2 for 30 has been done since the days of Base set over a decade ago. His name was Electabuzz, and he was a basic. 

Attack two: shooting fire-- This attack would be good under different situations. Doing 60 damage isn't going to knock out anyone except for basics,and discarding not one, but TWO fire energy leaves you completely vulnerable. Stark mountain is a great way to get two fire energies attached next turn, but with this guy's super low hp and super bad weakness, there isn't going to be a next turn. 

Combos: Combo Rapidash with your binder.

Final Words: Rapidash has potential in there somewhere, but ends up getting crushed by the metagame and too many flaws. A wonderful alternative to rapidash is Houndoom-- he does 100 for two fire with his pokebody in effect, and isn't guranteed the loss of both energy! And even houndoom has serious kindgra trouble. Wrong place, wrong time.

Modified: 1.75/5. Hitting the bench is always good, but rapidash simply can't compete with several other decks

Limited: 2.5/5-- pulling him and a ponyta shouldn't be so hard, but getting those two fires on him with no recovery should. 

Hope you all have a nice day! I'll let everyone know that I DO love rapidash. . . I just hate his card. 

Octillery49 Rapidash:

The first thing you notice about this card is the Pokebody. Instant burn isn't that bad and it's a good thing they printed even if Rapidash is knocked out, because Rapidash's HP is absolutely AWFUL. Water weakness is very bad at the moment. Also Rapidash's attacks are very weak. Overall I'll give it a:


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