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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Dusknoir Lv. 47


Date Reviewed: 12.08.08

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 3.00
Limited: 3.00

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Meganium45 OK, this is about the weakest of the Dusknoirs. I don’t like it.

It’s body would have been much better combined with the attack that protected Dusknoir if the attacking Pokemon had less than 3 energy, but, heh, that kind of symbiosis is RARELY Seen.

I prefer the Holo Dusknoir (#1 in Stormfront) and the Diamond and Pearl Holo Dusknoir, but not this one.

And no, I do not consider it feasible to attack with the SF Holo, to have the DP Holo on my bench, and then to have this one on my bench.

The attack (being only one) is alright, not to high, not too low. The retreat cost is average, HPs average, weakness and resistance average…can you say average in an extraordinary envio??

Modified 2 out of 5. Much better choices here.

Limited (Draft)…3 out of 5. I would take it, if I were going Psychic, just to give me another option, but stage 2s in draft are inherently risky!

See you all at my event in St. Peters, Missouri on Saturday December 13Th (shameless plug)

Octillery49 Dusknoir:

This Dusknoir is an okay card, however, he's overshadowed by the many other playable Dusknoirs. His pokebody is interesting and could be combo'd with Tentacruel (LA). His attack isn't to great though. In a format where a certain water dragon can do the same thing, but actually better, in my opinion, for 1/3 of the amount of energy Dusknoir isn't that great.

Modified: 3/5

Travis hilse
today pokemon is Dusknoir LV47. hes a stage 2 pokemon with 120hp which is nice for a stage 2 his pokemon power is nice putting 1 damage on all ur opponents pokemon with and energy on it which is nice. his attack for 1P and 2C is nice doing 60 plus 20 if it has 2 or more damage already

in limited 4/5
constructed 4/5
Winner of a Stormfront Prerelease
Dusknoir (Stormfront 17)
Today's Card of the Day is Dusknoir, the Gripper Pokemon. (Doesn't that sound wrong?)

Dusknoir has 120 HP, a fairly high number which is needed with all the high powered attacks in the DP era. Dusknoir has +30 weakness to dark. Once again, the only dark Pokemont that jumps to my mind is Tyranitar, unlike Drifblim, Dusnoir cannot retreat for free unless you have a Moonlight Stadium, but if you Level him up, any body will think twice about KOing you.. Dusknoir, like Drifblim, also has a -20 resistance to Normal. This sin't as helpful as you would think, since Normal Pokemon are rarely the mainstays of decks, and are usually more techs, or searchers. Skittles is the only deck I can think of that uses Normals as their main attackers, and as far as I know, that Archetype is dead.

Dusknoir's PokeBody is Spirit Pulse, As long as Dusknoir is your Active Pokémon, put 1 damage counter on each of your opponent's Pokémon that has any Energy attached to it between turns. This would be a lot better is you could use it from the bench, because then I believe that this would be an integral part to Dusknoir decks, rather then being shunted aside in favor of the Holographic Dusknoirs. Anyways, this Body is great if your opponent is powering up multiple attakcers at once, but not so great if they're only focusing on one Pokemon.

Dusknoir's one and only attack is Darkness Mist, which does 60 damnage for one psychic and two colorless energies, but If the Defending Pokémon already has 2 or more damage counters on it, the attack does 80 damage. I rather like this attack better then the other Dusknoir's attacks, because it combos nicely with Dusknoir's body, since you can't have an active Pokemon without energies if you're really hoping to KO this Pokemon fast. Or you can just do 60 the first turn and 80 the next.

Modified: 3.5/5
This card is great, but there isn't enough room for a third kind of Dusknoir, although I suggest you try it out. Maybe you can deviate a little from the 1 LV. X, 1 DP, 2 SF Holo line.

Limited: 4/5
This card can be quite a force if you can get it out. With partly colorless attacks, he can fit in a two-type deck, and sicne msot people have energies on some, if not all of their benched Pokemon, the power can really come in handy. Finally, the attack will 2HKO anything in the set, and OHKO basics who've been weakened by the Body

Happy Monday! Todays COTD is Dusknoir lvl 47! let's get right to it!

HP: 120-- not really spectacular, but pretty standard as far as Dusknoir goes

Weakness: Dark +30. The only guy to watch out for with darkness weakness is Tyranitar. He's being played a good amount, so it isn't a very great weakness to have =P

Retreat cost: 2: At least here we can confidently say that he has an advantage over his other dusknoir brothers. however, 2 retreat cost is still heavy, and you aren't going to want to retreat him without switching, warp pointing, or moonlight stadium. . . ing.

Resistance: colorless -20. This helps protect against Regigigas and. . . not much else. But Regi's becoming a huge threat, so resistance is awesome!

Pokebody--spirit pulse-- sounds a lot better the first time you read it. The first time you read it you think "hey wow 10 damage spread what a combo with dusknoir X as a stadium!" But then the drawbacks kick in. The huge one would be that he needs to be active in order for the effect to take place. The effect really depends on what kind of deck you play as well. Some decks work on putting energy on several pokemon, while other decks will only have 1 pokemon with energy on it at the time. 10 damage between turns is annoying, but it isn't a massive hit. It's kind of like instant poison that can sometimes hit the bench. . . as long as you're active. All in all though it's fairly good-- I just like the other dusknoir pokepower/bodies better.

Attack-- darkness mist-- is an okay attack at best. if you've been spreading damage well with his pokebody and some other dusknoir X and got 2 damage counters on the defending pokemon then well. . . you're doing 3 for 80. Let's say, ideally, even though this would never happen, you have this guy as your active and Dusknoir X the stadium out. AND your opponent has 2 damage counters on it.Even then, you're going through a lot of trouble for a possible 100ish after several turns of set up. The biggest drawback is that huge energy cost--3. Psychic has no energy acceleration, so unless you're going to make space in your deck for energy pickups or togekiss, it's going to take some time building this guy up. valuable, valuable time. 

Combos: nothing I can think of. The pouty expression on Dusknoir's card art reflects his combo-ness: he wants to be left alone and doesn't want to work with anybody.

Final Words: I really do feel bad giving this guy such a hard time, but he has a lot to live up to. He's like an average child in a family of geniouses. The grandaddy DP dusknoir has one of the most powerful pokepowers in the game, and the other SF dusknoir can self-damage to get dusknoir out quicker while drawing cards and has the versatilty of two attacks. The third dusknoir (what? there's ANOTHER one? why yes, there is. He's a promo) has a cool but flippy power and 10 more HP. I just can't find room for THIS dusknoir in my dusknoir decks. 

Modified: 2.5/5 -- There are just better dusknoirs out there, especially the original DP one

Limited: 1/5 -- even if you miraculously pull this guy, the stage one, and his basic , you're still going to have to get those energy on him -__-

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