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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Drifblim Lv. 48


Date Reviewed: 12.05.08

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 2.75
Limited: 2.67

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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OK, me again.

This is a Pokemon that has potential, but I have not seen it played a lot as of yet.

It is a stage 1, with two (2) zero (0) energy attacks, both of which can be quite valuable in setting up your deck.


First attack listed, but better for mid or late game to get that crucial piece back into your hand. Have to use the attack, which is a downer, but can be a really good hit.


Early Game, grabbing 2 pokemon from your deck, and attaching an energy to each is a very accelerated setup. Like get the Pokemon, energize, and rock from there! This is the first attack I can remember that gets you both the pokemon, and the energy, and lets you play both!

Ominous Wind – 2 for 40, if heads, confused and can’t retreat. Too many other ways out, and I would not have this Pokemon in as an attacker.

Retreat cost of 0 makes this almost worth playing.

Weakness to dark, could be TTAR, Sableye or ‘krow food.

Resistance to Colorless, can defend against Regigigas for a little while at least!

Basics, not bad, especially the Shining Driftloon. Other good choices too!

The main problem with this pokemon is that is a stage 1. It can’t be used like Dunsparce or Sableye right away for the advantage. You not only have to wait a turn, you have to find the evolution. Falling behind in this envio is, well, BAD.

90 HP is acceptable for a stage 1. At least it will stick around to fight a few turns.

No power keeps Gengar away on the bench as well.

I may tinker with it a bit, but, with only 3 bench spaces, (Thanks DP Dusknoir), I may find this to be a bad play.

Unlimited . 1/5 NO

Modified 2.5/5 (Not great, not bad, just eh)

Limited…3.5/5 (Abundant Common, setup attack, I might just try it here)



Travis hilse
This is my first Pokemon COTD. Todays card is Drifblim lv48 i like this card it has good attacks he's a stage one 90HP not the best for his stage but no too bad either. but on to his attacks

Delivery-i like this ability get one card from your discard is amazing

Lifting-is another amazing attack get 2 basics and put them on ur bench then put and energy to them NICE

Ominous wind- 40 damage and the chance to confuse and keep from retreating is good i like it

weakness it dark+20 ehhh Resistance to colorless-20 is good

Modified 3/5
limited 4/5
KFT And here's Drifblim
Drifblim (Stormfront 16)
Today's Card of the Day is Drifblim, the Blimp Pokemon.

Drifblim has 90 HP, my idea of what the average HP for fully evolved Stage Ones should be. Drifblim has +20 weakness to dark. the only dark Pokemont hat jumps to my mind is Tyranitar, but that means it takes just one less energy to KO you, but with Drifblim's free retreat cost, you can retreat when they start powering him up. Drifblim also has a -20 resistance to Normal. This would help if Skittles was still particularly active, but to my knowledge, this may not be the case, since Gengar and Dusknoir are both sporting resistances to Normal. and even now, with a dark energy attached, Garchomp would still OHKO Drifblim.

Drifblim's first attack is Delivery. It allows you to put any 1 card from your discard pile into your hand, and for no energy. I'm at a loss of words to say whether this or the DP one is better. for one thing the DP one gets five cards, but only Pokemon and Supporters and shuffles them into your deck, whereas this one gets any card and puts it in your hand, but you only get one. I'd try them both out if you're looking to splash one in, and see what works better for you.

The second attack, also for no energy, Lifting, lets you search your deck for two basic Pokemon and attach an energy to each. I like this attack, I like it a lot. I can really see it working in decks with lots of basics as a form of searching. The attachign fo energies to each searched Pokemon is also nice.

And now the final attack, Ominous Wind, which does 40 for one psychic and one colorless energy, and you can flip a coin and have a chance to confuse the defending Pokemon. I wish that this drifblim had an all colorless attack like the Legends Awaken one, but I guess that was too much to ask for. Confusion isn't that great of a status condition in my opinion, but I'll admit it can be good.

Modified: 2/5
I'm not sure any decks have a place for the balloon-dude.
Limited: 4/5
A lot of people in prereleases splash colorless to meet the forty card deadline if they get a lot of evolution cards, or use large HP normal pokes. I can't count how many Miltanks I saw at my prerelease here. The resistance can come in handy then. Not only that, but in Limited, you end up getting a lot of 1-1 lines, so this way, you can retrieve a lost evolution card, or search your deck for the basic Pokemon you need for it.
Happy Friday everyone! It's J-Wittz with another COTD for you all-- it's the Stormfront Drifblim! The Ghost-balloon-bandiad-whipped cream-on-head. . . thing. Anyways. . . let's get right to it!

HP: 90 -- not so good. slightly better than yesterday's cherrim, but still not so excellent. However, with luck, it has a fair chance of not getting OHKO'd, depending on the deck you're playing. 

Weakness: Dark +20 -- also not so good. Darkrai and Tyranitar will eat this card for breakfast. With dark decks on the rise, darkness isn't a very good weakness to have these days. 

Resistance: Colorless -20 -- is at least nice to have. Regigigas is seeing a lot more play than expected, and the resistance gives Drifblim the edge to not be OHKO'd by any Regi's attack (excluding the LA regi's crush grip, but that isn't very heavily played anyways). The only other played colorless cards are Blissey and. . . perhaps Salamence? It's not the best resistance to have right now, but resistance at all beats no resistance =D

Retreat Cost: none: can't really argue with this. No retreat is always very good. Bring in Drifblim, use a technical attack of your choice, and retreat him if he isn't OHKO'd! Then bring him back in later and attack again! And THEN get KO'd. Or just sacrifice the damaged Drifblim with Regigigas X =P

Attack 1: Delivery: is interesting at the least. We've seen this ability before on Honchcrow LVL X. . . except it cost 3 energy. . .and you had to knock out the defending pokemon to use the effect. . . ANYWAYS, This attack can be semi-good. why semi good? Trainer recovery is a very rare ability in the game right now. For pokemon and energy, use night maintenance-- but for everything else, there's this guy. Pulling back a crucial trainer can possibly turn the tide of the game in your favor. Out of warp points? Bebe's? Wanna Play Luxary ball again? This guy is the only guy that can do it. However-- this ability can also be bad-- for three main reasons. 1) Team Galactic's Wager. Team Galactic doesn't care how badly you want your trainer back, they just want to shuffle your hand back into your deck and forget about your hopes and dreams. 2) your opponent knows what you just took, so they are prepared to play around your upcoming strategy. They aren't going to be suprised by the trainer you just took back from the discard pile. 3) he has a much more interesting second attack. . . 

Second Attack: Lifting -- this attack is like Pachirisu on steroids. Firstly, it costs no energy again, so you'll be able to build your bench. Secondly, the attack can promote some really good setup, providing he comes out early game. The possibilities are huge here. not only do you get the effect of call energy, with two basic pokemon, but you can ALSO attach a basic energy to each pokemon your bring to the bench! So, for a grand total of 4 cards from your deck, Drifblim can be a massive search engine. I like this attack a lot-- it can be utilized in many ways. 

Third Attack? Yes, there is a third one!: Ominous wind -- I find this attack fairly useless, but I've said that several times in my life and then later ate my words. I've seen chatot use his attack for a winning move. I've seen claydol use his attack for the win as well. I have no reason to believe that you couldn't use Drifblim's attack either. It just isn't very good. 2 for 40 is. . . weak nowadays (Bibarel=60 for 2, Scizor=70 for 2), and the effect is great but requires a coin flip. I don't think this should be your focus at all. 

Combos-- It doesn't specifically "combo" with anything, per say. His first attack "combos" with luxary ball by giving you another another usage of a great search card. His second attack "combos" with every basic pokemon and energy in the game. it just works better with some pokemon than others. I see him most usefull in a regigigas deck-- getting 2 regis out and putting energy on them seems like the best setup I can think of at the moment. . . 

Final Words-- I'm very interested by this card, to say the least. It's second attack for sure, can provide some excellent support on the bench. However, I don't know how much room decks will have for drifblim. While it does have no retreat cost and zero energy attacks, Claydol provides a more reliable draw engine every turn from the bench, and his pokepower doesn't end your turn like Drifblim's attacks do. He reminds me very much of Furret-- having a strong supporting no-energy attack on a stage one. . . but only a few people still play Furret =( Putting 2 pokemon on your bench also leaves you more open to DP Dusknoir's pokemon power-- you will most likely have 4 or more benched pokemon, giving dusknoir the ability to shuffle a few of your set-up pokemon back into your deck. I don't think Drifblim is a guranteed play, but I do believe he deserves a chance to be tested. 

Modified: 3.5/5 

Thanks for reading everybody! Have a nice weekend testing out your Drifblims!

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