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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Cherrim Lv. 30


Date Reviewed: 12.04.08

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 3.25
Limited: 3.40

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Hi ho dere, Meganim45 coming back at you with another review. Man, I have been away from this for far too long. Still running events, but now back on COTD.

Cherrim – Stormfront

An 80 HP Grass Pokemon that just makes Kingdra want to weep.

This pokemon has a unique Pokebody that adds 10 damage to each of your fire and grass Pokemon’s Attacks.

If you have 2 Cherrim in play, you add 20, 3 you add 30, and so on. Rare you will have more than 2 of these little monsters out!

What really becomes impressive is the first attack…0 energy for 20 (wait, that is 30 with the Pokebody)!

30 for 0, and remove 2 damage counters, not just from Cherrim, but from Any of your Pokemon (taking them away from that bench knockout from Kingdra, Dusknoir Level X Stadium, Dusknoir, or any of the bench hitting Pokemon out there right now!).

The second attack, 3 for 50 (60 with the body) is pretty standard, and low in today’s environment.

This is an elite support Pokemon for Scizor (Stormfront), Tangrowth (both), and even some fire decks. Most Torterra lists with Sceptile are far too tight to try and fit this in, but go ahead and try…let me know.

The Fire weakness, not to bad right now in my area.

The water resistance, really makes Kingdra and Empoleon weep, as it becomes REALLY hard to knockout this thing.

1 retreat cost is more than fair. 0 would have been way too good.

80 HP is fine. With the new Shaymin coming out - WOW…OK, we won’t go there quite yet…

My ratings – Unlimited 1/5 Sorry.

Modified – 3.9/5 Limited in the number of decks in can play in. In a grass deck, goes to 4/5/5

Limited – Colorless Attack for 30 and 3 for 60? Good Resistance. Play it, or draft it so someone else doesn’t! 4.8/5
Jigglypuff13 12/4 Cherrim Lv.30 (SF)
Cherrim, a card was hyped a bit, just not as much as some others, like Gengar (SF) or Dusknoir (SF). Also a card with quite a bit of potential. Of course, if you've already had a glance at the card, then I think it will be quite obvious that it's not going have potential in the active position. The reason? Well, you've probably already had a look at the HP number, and 80 is hardly going to be a good number for a stage 1 main attacker, especially since many are now having 90 or even 100 HP. The bottom stats are alright for if you do find Cherrim in the active slot. +20 Fire Weakness is expected, but if you find yourself against a Fire deck, then they will probably be OHKOing you even without the Weakness. -20 Water Resistance is only really going to be any good against Kingdra (LA), but even then, when hit by max power Dragon Pumps, it turns a 2HKO into a 2HKO. It helps against normal Dragon Pumps, turning into a 4HKO, and does force an Aqua Stream to need 10 energies, but that isn't really a problem for Kingdra decks. 1 Retreat Cost is, again, expected, and is average really.

Now, while it may not be a main attacker, it isn't too bad at being an attacker, and does help others. First, how it helps others, and it's Sunny Day Poké Body. Basically, all Grass and Fire Pokémon do 10 more damage with their attacks whilst Cherrim is in play. That doesn't sound to great, so how about I tell you about the fact that it's stackable. Yep, get 4 of these in play and your Grass and Fire Pokémon will be doing and extra 40 damage with their attacks. That rather nice if you can do it, but then limits your bench space for other support Pokémon and back-up main attackers. Because of this, it would be best to probably limit it to a 3 on a bench at any one time for the best compromise. Now it's attacks, which are both alright, but not exactly going to set the world on fire. First, Salty-sweet Pollen does 20 for no energies and heals one of your Pokémon by 2 damage counters. Obviously, you will want to factor in Sunny Day to make it 30 for nothing and up to a maximum of 60 for nothing if you have another 3 Cherrims on your bench. 60 for nothing sounds nice, and while Kingdra can have that as a max damage, I don't think it will work for Cherrim due to the lack of a snipe that makes Kingdra so great, along with the lack of a donking ability. Solarbeam is a solid 50 for GCC, which turns to 60 for GCC with Cherrims own Sunny Day Poké-Body, and up to a maximum of 90 with another 3 on your bench. Sounds not too bad, but you need to get those 3 energies on Cherrim and get 4 Cherrims in play, and that just isn't that easy, at least to do quickly, which is what you need to make it effective at all.

Cherrim does have a couple of nice combos. The first is with Scizor (SF), and this is the combo for Cherrim that has been hyped the most. Scizor's second attack, Pound Down, is the main attack of this combo. This does 40 plus 30 more if you have no Poké-Powers in play, and for GG, that means you have to have no set-up Poké-Powers to be able to do this attack for an amount of damage that many will be able to survive at least once. Step up Cherrim, who adds 10 damage to that attack for each Cherrim you have in play. Get 3 out, and you are doing a rather this 100 damage, which is quite a nice amount to hit. Get the fourth out, and you are hitting 110, which is even more important for going against Gengar (SF) (though watch out for Fainting Spell) and Raichu Lv.X (SF), along with anything else you can think of as being in the metagame and having 110 HP (probably including even the odd Plox/GG deck and their 110 HP Gardevoir (SW)). All of that for just GG if you can get it set up is just amazing. However, I prefer a different Cherrim combo that I heard about on a forum with Butterfree (GE). This combo revolves around Parrallel Drain. 30 for G isn't not bad, but the effect is quite nice, being able to remove damage counters from one of your Pokémon equal to the amount of damage done. Yep, you read it right, equal to the damage done, meaning that if you add damage to the attack, you get to remove more damage counters. Shove 3 Cherrim on your bench, and you are doing 60 for G and healing 6 damage counters from one of your Pokémon. That's rather nice by anyone's standards. Also, and advantage this combo has over Scizor is that you can use Claydol (GE) or Uxie (LA) to help you set up, which makes it just a little more consistent.

Survivability, and with 80 HP, well, if it isn't OHKOed, it will probably be 2HKOed instead. I won't give any specific survivability numbers for the reason I said on Tuesday.


Modified: It makes a nice bench swarmer for Grass and Fire decks, allowing your Grass or Fire main attacker doing extra damage. However, aside from those sorts of decks, it probably won't see too much play since it isn't that great as a main attacker on it's own, and obviously won't be any good in non-Grass or Fire decks, so is rather type specific. Also, you need to get at least 2 or 3 out for maximum effectiveness, which might be quite hard really. Still, if you can pull it off, it will be worth while. 3.25/5

Limited: You can't swarm it since you will probably only really get 1, maybe 2 of these, and even if you do get more, you probably won't get many Grass or Fire Pokémon use and abuse Sunny Day for. Salty-sweet Pollen might be a good attack here, but I'm not so certain about Solarbeam. Might get more 2HKO's, but does leave Cherrim's 80 HP quite vulnerable. Not quite as good here as it is in modified. 2.5/5

The card of the day for December the 4th is the new Cherrim from Stormfront. Her stats are 80HP, 2 attacks, a +20 weakness to fire, a -20 resistance to water, a poke-body, and one retreat cost. Cherrims poke-body Sunny Day is great for any grass or fire deck because it adds 10 more damage to any of your Pokémon's attacks done to your opponents Pokémon. Her first attack Salty-Sweet Pollen a free attack does 20 damage and removes 20 damage from one of your Pokémon also this attack does 10 more damage thanks to Cherrims body so with this attack it does 30 damage for free and heals for 20. Cherrims last attack Solerbeam for one grass and two of any type does 50 plus the ten so 60 damage for three energy with this attack if you play Cherrim in your deck use the Sceptile that doubles all your grass energy so if you have 2 attached you now have 4. The thing I don't like about this card is that it has only 80HP for a stage one but everything else about this card seems balanced.

Modified; 2.35/5- not a card that will drastically change the format but you may see Cherrim being played to increase the damage you can do

Limited: 2.75/5

Art; 1.50/5

This is my first COTD Review ever, and it seems that I am starting with Cherrim! Cherrim has one of the most unique pokepowers in the game, and I've found him to be a near-necessity in most of today's grass decks. Lets go to the stats!

HP: 80 -- not impressive at all. Actually, as low as stage 1's get these days. While going for all-out power isn't as popular as it used to be, cherrim will usually go down with a OHKO. 

Weakness: Fire +20 -- in today's game, hardly worth worrying about. Kingdra scares most fire decks out of the game, and with 80 hp, cherrim's most likely to be killed in one hit anyways, regaurdless of weakness. 

Resistance: water - 20 -- water is an excellent resistance to have with the continual popularity of kingdra. In combination with its healing attack, it will take kingdra about 3 turns to KO it. It also helps against less popular water decks like empoleon, eeveelutions, frosslass, and gyrados. 

Pokebody: sunny day -- THIS is the reason Cherrim will be seeing play in "almost" every grass deck, and possibly some fire decks. Flat out, it's a pluspower/bucks training every turn. An extra 10 damage can go a long way-- especially every single turn. It also can be used more than once a turn, so you can play two cherrim on the bench at once and add an impressive 20 damage per turn. Right now, there aren't any popular cards that play around poke bodies, so the effect is instant and unstoppable. It also powers himself up, which leads us to his first attack. . . 

Salty-Sweet pollen -- an oddly named attack, but very helpful. The best part, of course, is the fact that it doesn't cost a single energy-- if cherrim is forced into the active slot, you can attack with cherrim and continue to attach energy without worrying about him. The attack itself is nice as well-- no matter what, it will hit for 30 damage as opposed to the text's 20 because his own sunny day body will boost his damage. In addition, removing 20 damage from one of your pokemon is an excellent bonus. you can heal a damaged pokemon on the bench, or heal cherrim himself. Doing the latter is especially helpful when facing kingdra decks, making dragon pump take an additional turn for the KO. While Cherrim shouldn't ideally be active, having a nice attack option increases his usefullness. 

Attack 2: solarbeam -- stay away from this one. Even though it does more than 50 because of the body, there are much better attacks to do for the amount of energy it costs. Even with sceptile, the attack cost goes down to two energy. . . and still isn't worth it. It's always nice to have the option though, and I'm sure someone out there somewhere has used this attack in a smart way. Whoever they are, I'd sure like to meet them. . . 

Combos: The two main I've seen with this guy are torterra/sceptile and scizor. The new fighting torterra evolves cherubi the turn he comes into play with his pokepower, making cherrim's pluspower ability even more dreadful in combination with torerra's mighty attacks. His body also makes the quick scizor's attacks even quicker-- with two in play scizor does a solid 90 for two energy! (providing you aren't playing any pokepowers)

Decision: I like this guy. He's simple, tech-able, and doesn't take up much deck space. Running a 2-2 line with him in grass decks has proven to add a considerable impact to the power of the deck. He could even help fire decks, too. . . but I haven't seen it yet with the decrease in fire deck power. The current deck to watch out for him is Scizor-- turn 2 80+ damage can become an easy win-- even more with the addition of pluspower/buck's training. He's becoming gradually popular at Cities-- so keep on the lookout for this card. 

Modified Rating: 4/5. 

KFT Cherrim (Stormfront 14)
Here's a Pokemon I've been hearing a lot about, between splashing it in fire/grass decks that are lacking Pokemon, to it even being a Torney winning card (okay, maybe not that much hype.) Let's take a look.

Cherrim has 80 HP which is, in my opinion, lower then the average for fully evolved Stage Ones. Cherrim has +20 weakness to fire, which isn't that big since the low health would gurantee it a fire KO even without the weakness. Cherrim also has a -20 resistance to Water, which might help...if Cherrim was a main attacker. But since all attacks that hit the bench disregard reisistance, Empoleon and Kingdra will still be hiting for full damage.

The thing that everyone sees at first glance is the Poke-Body, Sunny Day, which boosts the damage of all grass and fire Pokemon's attacks by 10, before applying weakness and resistance. Now this amy not seem like a lot, but keep these two things in mind. One: 10 damage can be the difference between KOing and not KOing a Pokemon, and Two: The ability is stackable, so with a whole bench full of Cherrims could mean +40 damage for your grass and fire Pokemon, including Cherrim itself. That sin't very likely, but you can always try.

Onto the attacks.Salty Sweet Pollen does 20 damage for no energy and you can remove 2 damage counters from any one of your Pokemon. The 20 damage however is only a base number and with Cherrim's Pokebody in action, the attack will do 30 damage (or more if you have additionial Cherrims in play.) I only wish that this attack either did more damage or had text similar to Butterfree from Great Encounters' Parralell Drain attack. As for the final attack, Solar Beam, which does 50 damage (60+ with the Bodies) for a grass energy and two colorless energies, I have to say it's rather average.Now a days, with Pokemon attacking for more damage or getting extra effects for that amount.

I think Cherrim is a good card, but not a game-breaking one. It is splashable into most grass, or fire decks, but I'd rather use PlusPower or Buck's Training rather then, say, throw this in a Magmortar deck and have to add Grass energies in case you want this thing to do  any real damage when active.

Modified: 3/5
Not bad, but not a game-breaking card either
Limited: 3.75/5
In limited, 10 damage can mean all the difference, if you pull one, or, luckily, more, you can hit for a lot of damage.And since the only fire mons in the set you can use are the Ponyta line, with a rare Stage One, Cherrim can actually be an attacker. 60 damage Solar Beams for three energy are nothing to scoff at.


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