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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Lucario Lv. 39


Date Reviewed: 12.23.08

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 2.20
Limited: Promo Card

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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The second promo of the week, we are looking at the new Lucario!

Name: Lucario Lv. 39
Set: Promo (POP8 - 02/17)

HP: (90) - This is decent for a stage 1, and the Lv. X definitely improves that.

Weakness/Resistance: (Psychic+20/none) - Psychic is definitely something to be reckoned with right now. Be wary when considering Lucario.

Retreat Cost: (1) - This isn't terrible for a Stage 1, 1 energy is easily expendable.

Attack #1: (MC - Blocking Punch) - This is a nice little defensive attack, and a great turn 2 move.

Attack #2: (FCC - Striking Kick) - This attack is OK, because it gets around special effects on the defending Pokemon, it just doesn't do much damage.

Final Analysis: This card may be playable with the Lv. X, but the other choices are nicer because they can hit the bench.

Modified: This may find a play in some decks using the Lv. X, but it just isn't strong enough for my taste. (2/5)

Limited: This is a promo, so no prereleases for this guy. (1/5)

Happy Holidays to all. Lucario, what a great way to finish off this week.

90 HP stage 1, weak to fighting +20. JUST strong enough to survive a Gengar or Dusknoir assault.

40 for 2 (but one of them is Metal) for the attacks is average at best in this envio. Reduction of damage is pretty good.

60 for 3 is very good with a “swift” style attack. 60 for 2 would have made this card very playable, and don’t tell me that they can’t do it (Birabel).

1 retreat cost is, average. Fighting type is good, especially against the Regigigas (Giggles) decks out there right now.

All in all…a quite average cards.

Ratings – Modified 2.5/5 I don’t really like it. Nice for the kiddies, may cause some headaches, but 2 energy types, when metal and fighting usually do not combo well, is less than ideal. If I HAD to play a Lucario, I would consider this one, with the first attack to set up the “Stance” of the Level X card the next turn.

Limited – You can’t, sorry.


Sorry fans! (do I have any?) school finals pounded me into the ground, and I had to spend a handful of days recovering as well. 

Happy Tuesday! the holidays are approaching, you forgot to buy your friends and family presents, and you're running out of time! what better way to procrastinate than with today's COTD? Today we're reviewing a special Lucario, level 39! the promo card you never knew existed and probably wish you didn't know!

HP: 90. about average for a stage 1. Damaged dusknoir, regigigas, scizor with cherrim and pluspower/bucks, and base set gastly will all OHKO him, though. 

Weakness: Psy + 20 -- not so bad, considering most popular psychic attacks (I'm looking at you Dusknoir/Gengar) only place damage counters and don't actually do "damage". And Gardevoir will be just short of OHKOing him even with the weakness. And base gastly doesn't do damge either. 

Retreat Cost: 1. Fairly annoying, but not that hard to work around. Base gastly had no retreat cost. 

Resistance: Nothing. booo. 

Attack: blocking punch-- an average attack. 2 for 40 is weak compared to scizor's 2 for 70 +, and bibarel's 2 for 60. The steel energy requirement just makes it inconvenient. you can't even use a special steel energy because he's a fighting type. The effect blocks 20 damage. . . which is just average. It could keep him alive 3 turns, but he's not exactly doing damage over those turns anyways. . .

Attack: striking kick-- 3 for 60 is just plain bad. Hitting through powers and resistance and stuff is still bad. Lucario won't be alive long enough for you to get three energy on him, and you wouldn't really want to even if you could. 

Combos: combo Lucario level 39 with spills on your counter. He cleans up kool-aid almost as well as regular paper towel. 

Final Decision-- he's cool for being a promo and all, but he's downright weak. The original Lucario would be ashamed at what his namesake has become. 

Modified: 1.75/5 

Limited-- if you find this guy in a regular pack, call Pokemon USA and blame them for faulty packaging. He's a promo. 

Have a safe and happy Holiday everybody!

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