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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Bibarel Lv. 29


Date Reviewed: 12.18.08

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 3.50
Limited: 4.10

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Name: Bibarel Lv.29
Set: Stormfront
Rarity: Uncommon

HP: (100) - Definitely not terrible for a Stage 1.

Weakness/Resistance: (Fighting+30/none) - Fighting weakness is not terrible, but be super careful with the slightest hint of Machamp, though this guy can hit the Lv X for 120 with only 120.

Retreat Cost: (3) - This retreat cost sucks too, especially since you would have to use more energies to retreat than you would to actually attack.

Poke-BODY: (Unaware) - Nice. Protect yourself from everything except damage. A built in Unown G.

Attack #1: (CC - Amnesia) - This could be useful, but it is certainly nothing to rely on, especially since it only puts out 20 damage.

Attack #2: (WW - Surf) - This replaces Seaking as the highest damage for 2 energy and no ill effects. This is great for early game: hit your opponent hard and fast and give them no time to recover.

Final Analysis: Bibarel is a great starter for a Water deck. It is nothing to rely on to win games, but if you use it to give you time to set up for your finisher, you could already have 3 prizes by the time you get the other thing out.

Modified: Use to support your water powerhouse. I am a fan of hitting fast for a lot of damage, and Bibarel fits in perfectly with that kind of strategy. (3.5/5)

Limited: This is another area to excel for Bibarel. (4/5)
Jigglypuff13 12/18 Bibarel Lv.29 (SF)

Right, Thursday, and what a great little card we have for you today, Bibarel. This is a great card for those who are a little short on money due to it's Uncommon rarity. Anyway, the basics of the card, and first, it has a rather nice HP for a fully evolved Stage 1, 100. Not quite as nice as the 110 of Tangrowth yesterday, but should still allow Bibarel to survive at least 1 hit. +30 Fighting Weakness is rather annoying since Machamp (SF) is quite a big part of the metagame, so if Machamp has even one damage counter on it, Rage will get a OHKO, and Hurricane Punch will need either 3 heads (which is actually quite a lot), or 2 and use a Plus Power/Buck's Training to get a OHKO. Machamp Lv.X reduces these figures, but still, it's only one deck. No Resistance is, er, no Resistance. However, 3 Retreat Cost is just way too much for a Stage 1, so make sure you pack a few Switches/Warp Points.

Abilities, and first of all, Unaware, which means you don't need to use Unown G (GE) with Bibarel, and thus have no fear of Gengar (SF), Dusknoir (SF), or even the not often used Gliscor (LA) (though the latter targets Weakness with it's damaging attack). That is just brilliant. Then we have it's attacks. First, we have Amnesia, which does 20 for CC and has the standard Amnesia effect of stopping one of your opponents attacks next turn. This just makes it a really good Gengar counter, since you could easily Amnesia Poltergiest, and thus stop them from doing anything. Unless they just retreat to another 2 energied Gengar and KO with Poltergiest, but that isn't the point, the point is, Amnesia is just a great disruptive attack, stopping your opponent from using one of their annoying attacks. However, it's the secondary attack since it only does 20 damage. Surf is just so much better damage wise, doing 60 for WW. T2, this will happily donk most starting Pokémon nowadays due to most basics having 60 HP. All of these just make it a great little card.

Now, what should run it with? Well, Bibarel should be used with more Bibarel. Just make a T2 Bibarel deck, and that should do quite well. It's not going to set the world alight, but it is a solid deck and should be quite fun to play. However, there is one more reason why you should play this deck; it's cheap. a 4-4 line of a card where the Stage 1 is uncommon is going to be very cheap. Admittedly, some trainers like Roseanne's Research, Bebe's Search or, if you decide to play it, Time-Spacde Distortion, might be slightly expensive, but it's still going to cheaper than any Lv.X fueled deck.


Modified: It's fast. T2 60 is nothing to laugh at, and Amnesia is quite annoying as well. 100 HP is nice, but Machamp (SF) still laughs at it. However, as the game progresses, that 60 damage cap doesn't look quite as good as it did at the beginning of the game, but it's still really good. Of course, the main attraction is the price, which I don't care about here. 3.5/5

Limited: Due to it's uncommon rarity, at least 1 person will pull a decent line of this card at your draft/pre-release, and the person who will find it's brilliant here.Take this card and run it if you can, and I'm sure it'll be well worth it due to it's high HP and 60 damage output, just watch out for Fighting types. 4.25/5

OK, who can spell this Pokemon???

You all have to listen to a fun story, and the ONLY way this Pokemon should EVER be used….

We opened a lot of product from this set, excited about the Xs, Shinings, Chars…so we decided to do the most radical thing imagineable…a 27 pack pass draft.

Imagine 8 of us sitting around a table, with 27 packs in front of us…wow, a lot of packs.

We decided to make the decks 60 cards, with no limit on the per-card (which is standard in draft)

My friends and kids were laughing, yes laughing about how unusable this card was. It began the discussion of “other worthless pokemon that were never made good” discussion…you know, the Raticate, Teddiursa, Granbull, Rapidash and others that have never been given a tier 1 card.

While this is being said I am quietly drafting ALL of these I get passed. I end up with a 9-9 line of Birabel.

Also get 9 Poke’blowers and 7 pokedrawers. Add in 3 Luxury Ball, 3 Marleys, and 20 energy, and you have my deck.

Turn 2 Birabel. I went 3-0 easily beating everyone in 2 out of 3 games, only losing one game total, and then beat 3 other people for fun, not losing a game.

Always started with Bidoof, an energy, and usually had the Big Guy waiting!!!

Turn 2 60 is HARD to deal with, when you can’t really take down the big guy in a hit. And I was ALWAYS building a backup!

For a real deck, in a real game, a 3 retreat cost and weakness to fighting +30 is unacceptable. 2 for 60 is good damage output, and always having an unown G attached is a great thing. Just not good enough in this envio.

Modified…too fragile…3/5

Limited (pass draft) 4/5 as it is an uncommon that usually people won’t want (until they read this review)

See you tomorrow!

Octillery49 Bibarel is a GREAT card. Looking at him at first, he doesn't seem like much, but you have to look deeper. First off the Body. His Pokebody is AMAZING in a format with Gengar and Dusknoir decks running around everywhere. Amnesia is great at stalling and controlling the game. Surf is a decent attack, sixty's a pretty good amount of damage. His retreat cost is AWFUL, but a switch or Warp point can fix that. 4/5

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