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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Tangrowth Lv. 41


Date Reviewed: 12.17.08

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 4.25
Limited: 4.25

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Name: Tangrowth Lv. 41
Set: Stormfront
Rarity: Rare

HP: (110) - This is pretty good for a Stage 1.

Weakness/Resistance: (Fire+30/Water-20) - Weakness should be OK, and the resistance to water is... AWESOME.

Retreat Cost: (3) - Yeah. Pretty bad. Now the pair switch that comes in virtually every theme deck comesa to use.

Poke-BODY: (Green Renewal) - This is definitely a great Body. As you see, it can heal even if it is on the bench. This will prevent spread damage, and it will enable you to bench it and heal for free. Simply amazing.

Attack #1: (Green Acid) - This is decent for the cost. Considering you would want to use Sceptile with this, it gets even better.

Attack #2: (Reaching Vine) - This is a great attack! The cost sucks, but if you are using Sceptile, which any sane person should, it becomes great. 60-20-20 for 2 energy is amazing.

Final Analysis: It's good. Use with Sceptile. That is all.

Modified: See Final Analysis. (4.5/5)

Limited: The healing ability and multiple status condition attack make Tangrowth a priceless pick here. (4.5/5)

This is one of my favorite Pokemon in the entire Stormfront set.

It screams that it has to be played with Sceptile (GE) which doubles the energy, so it is a part of a setup deck, but these days, that is pretty OK. The ability to hit for bench damage is elite, and combining it with the other Tangrowth that whips anything on the board, makes it pretty cool.

The damage output is enough that I would not try to squeeze a Cherrim line in with it, but I could live with a small line.

You are basically looking for Tangrowth/Sceptile and a good starter, which could be Sableye. To go first, and use a supporter, is usually a broken combination in this envio. You are at risk for the b’donk of Machamp or Kingdra, but isn’t any deck (except for Regigiggles)

The fact that this thing does damage, and does not throw damage counters makes unown G less of an issue. The self-healing, and ability to drop conditions on un-G’d Pokemon is really good too.

When Stormfront came out, this Pokemon got a lot of attention, especially from an area where Colin made the playing of grass Pokemon more than cool.

Fire weakness is still OK. Water resistance is very good.

OK – given the statements and the combos above….I forgot to mention that this is only a stage 1, and Tangela can be a decent starter too!

OK, now that I have said ALL of that…

Modified 4/5 You should see more of this guy soon.

Limited 4/5..Stage 1 with easy to get basic…makes for good fun, no?

See you all at my event at the St. Louis Mills mall this Saturday…shameless plug…

I am giving away more T-shirts as bonus door prizes, along with the playmats, binders, hats and Poke’balls.

Come join us for a GREAT time. Registration starts at 11:00

Thanks to Bill for the Elite Gift!

KFT Tangrowth (SF29)
Today's card of the day is Tangrowth, the Vine Pokemon, the card that won me my Stormfront Prerelease.

Tangrowth has 110 HP, which, when combined with its Pokebody, can keep it in play for a long time. The +30 Fire weakness is pretty bad, as it means a OHKO from Infernape, Magmortar, or just about any decent Fire Pokemon out there. The resistance is a good 'ol -20 to Water which helps against Kingdra, because if they attack with Dragon Pump, bu the time their next turn swings around, you will still be at a respectable 90 HP. Tangrowth's retreat cost is three, which means you'd best be packing a couple of Switches or Warp Points.

Tangrowth's PokeBody, Green Renewal, let's you remove a damage counter each turn from Tangrowth, and unlike Leftovers, it does it after your opponent's turn too. This Body is like a combo Leftovers and Metal Energy, it revents damage from your opponent pretty much, and also lets you heal. And the best part is that it cannot be turned off. Not only that but it works on the bench so Snipers will have a hard time too.

Tangrowth's first attack is Green Acid, which costs one Grass and one Colorless energy to do 20 damage, and you can flip two coins. If the first one is heads, the defending Pokemon is confused, second one heads, they get Poisoned. This attack is great while building up energy on Tangrowth, because it will usually get at least one status condition on them, which can force a retreat. But this attack is nothing compared to...

Reaching Vine, Tangrowth's second attack, which costs two Grass and two Colorless energy to do 60 damage to the defending Pokemon, and 20 to two benched ones. I love this attack. If this attack was a person, I would marry it. This attack may seem costly, but with a Sceptile or Leafeon LV. X, it seems easy. You can constantly whack the defending Pokemon, and two Benched Pokemon for damage every turn. you can even get a triple knockout, and before you say how unlikely that is, I took out a Scyther, a Budew, and an opposing Tangrowth all at once with this attack to win my prerelease. This attack makes me want to call Tangrowth, the Kingdra of Grass, but he has no Aqua Stream attack, and he's not really a seahorse.

Modifed 4/5
Yes I am biased, I have four of these babies in my binder, and I'm just waiting to bust them out on the Tourney scene. Comboed with Sceptile (GE) or Leafeon LV. X, you can power these guys up quickly and maybe even try an swarm them. Luckily, Kingdra took away all notion of a Fire doiminant metagame.

Limtied 4.5/5
Hooray for Bias! If you can get the energies on this guy, he's unstopable. No fire types to stop him, quite a few water types to fear him, and two consecitive 60s can KO just about anything, unless they got extremely lucky with their draws.

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