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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Steelix Lv. 63


Date Reviewed: 12.17.08

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 3.00
Limited: 4.50

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Hello everyone, I'm sorry I have been away for awhile, but I needed to take some time off for finals. Anyway, I am back now, and I hope to start the deck garage right back up and get more reviews in in anticipation of Cities! Today we are reviewing Steelix!

Name: Steelix Lv. 63
Set: Stormfront
Rarity: Rare

HP: (130) - Great for a Stage 1. This would even be good for a Stage 2! No problem here.

Weakness/Resistance: (Fire+30/Psychic-20) - Fire should not be too much trouble these days. Psychic resistance is useful, too.

Retreat Cost: (4) - Wow. Uh yeah, pack some switch/warp points, or use Magnezone with it.

Attack #1: (C - Outbreak Power) - This attack is like a weaker version of Tyranitar's Spinning Tail. The only good part of this is that you don't need the ridiculous 5 energy, and you can choose what you hit if you have less energy than your opponent has pokemon.

Attack #2: (MMCC - Iron Tail) - This, to say the least, is not something I want to rely on. It will be rare that you need 2 heads (to hit for more than 100), so this essentially becomes a 50/50 attack.

Final Analysis: This Steelix has very nice HP and a decent spread attack. Its weakness should not hinder it greatly, but its retreat cost may. The second attack is too unreliable to rely on. The best part of the first attack is that is does not require a specific energy. I could see this becoming a decent partner to something like Typhlosion to keep something on the bench replenished.

Modified: This Steelix is not bad, but not a centerpiece card. It could work with the right help, such as a double-headed coin. (3/5)

Limited: This would be a beast in limited. The first attack annihilates here. (4.5/5)
Meganium45 Happy Birthday to ME!

Come on Bill, it SHOULD have been a Meganium today!!! LOL

In all seriousness, this Steelix is one of the new spread deck powers.

I have been toying with a cool version using Unown G, and a Magnezone to power him…kind of feels like the Old Dark Tyranitar deck, but heh, showing my age.

130 HP and weakness to fire, both GOOD. Resistance to psychic, what is Gengar/Dusknoir going to do to this thing when G gets attached?

The first attack becomes YAY, 20 to everybody REALLY quickly! This adds up, and then you devolute them. (That worked great before everyone started playing unown G on EVERYTHING)

The second attack, flips at 100 a shot, sounds great, but WAY too high risk/reward for me.

I have been toying this card with several partners, but it comes up just short. Will have to wait until Uncle Tony, Colin, or Jayson find out the way to break it, and then share that information with me!

Retreat cost of 4, just don’t do it. Switch and Warp Point are good partners.

Right now, the card looks good, but I have felt that way about Steelix in the past. Except for Dark Steelix (Eric/Colin) I don’t think we have had a great one.


Modified 2.5/5 right down the middle
Limited 4.5/5 very good high HP pokemon with cheap attacks and no Unown G.

My rating today 37/37 !!!

Winner of a Stormfront Prerelease
Today's Card of the Day is Steelix, the Iron Snake Pokemon.

Steelix has 130 HP, an outstanding number for a Stage 1 Pokemon, very few things can take this guy out in one hit. Steelix has a +30 weakness to fire. This isn't as big as you'd think, as most fire types 2HKO him, even with the weakness. However, Flare Blitz on DP Infernape with a PlusPower will kill him in one hit. Steelix also has a -20 resistance to Psychic, which gives him an edge against AMU, not a big one, just a little bit of an edge. Finally, Steelix has a whopping retreat cost of 4, meaning, if you run him, be prepared to run Switches and/or Warp Points alongside him.

Steelix's first attack is Outbreak Power which lets you choose one of your opponent's Pokemon for each energy attached to Steelix, and then do 20 damage to them. This attack is great as an early game spreader, and it is really cool how the amount of Pokemon you can hit goes up as you attach energies to Steelix. However, you need a lot of energy attached to Steelix for the attack to be really useful, and the damage doesn't stack. What's worse is that every decent HP Pokemon out there takes 3 turns to KO at least with Outbreak Power. By the time you get in three whacks, Steelix is usually facing a much stronger defending Pokemon who is ready to take him out.

Steelix's final attack, Iron Tail, lets you flip a coin until you get tails and then do 100 damage times the number of heads. At first glance this atack seems great, if you flip two heads in a row, you can KO anything in the game! But then you realize that if you flip tails that first time, you get nothing.

Modifed 2/5
Not good here, all of it's attacks are slow and Iron Tail is too risky. I suppose ou can pack four special Metal energies on him and use Outbreak Power for a while, but that's as good as you'll get with this Pokemon.

Unlimited 5/5
Steelix is a unstoppable here. Few Pokemon in the set can resist even one Iron Tail, and Outbreak Power can KO many Pokemon at once. If you get this guy and Onix, use them.


Happy tuesday ladies and gents! Today's pokemon is Steelix, the "almost one thousand pounds" pokemon. Let's get to it!

HP: 130-- awesome! I believe this ties steelix with blissey for 2nd highest hp on a stage one pokemon (wailord is just in a league of its own). He can definitely take a hit. . . or two. . . or three. . . 

Retreat cost: 4. ouch. this guy won't budge an inch if you don't load your deck with switch/warp point. 

Weakness: Fire +30. hurts against magmortar and friends, but could be much worse. Magmortar and friends don't see much play because of their own weakness. . . 

Resistance: Psychic -20. looks good, but isn't as good as you think. Gengar and Dusknoir, the two main psychic offenders, both place damage counters with their main attacks, thus ignoring weakness entirely. You'll still defend yourself against some of AMU and Gardevoir, i guess . . . 

Attack: outbreak power--has potential. It's basically a mini tyranitar attack based on how many energy you have attached to you. You're going to want tto find some way to get maximum energy on-- this attack can be absolutely brutal with a good 3 or more steel energy-- you'll get to keep hitting multiple pokemon for several turns-- sounds fun!

Attack: iron tail-- and the results are in! The winner for the best attack to use with a two headed coin is. . . . STEELIX and his insanely risky IRON TAIL! serioulsy, this attack is only for the bold, brave, and mentally insane. For a heads, you're doing base 100, with another chance to do 100 more. but if you flip a single tails, your luck is done, and steelix does 0 for four. I imagine this to be a desperation attack when hope is lost, or when steelix is about to die and can't make use of his first attack.

Combos: Energy acceleration will help, but might not be needed. I'm really not sure, but I really want to try this deck. You could work him with other spreaders like bronzong, ampharos, spiritomb, etc etc. Special steel energies are a must for this guy-- 130 hp and metal defense can work tremendously. Teching an omastar in would help KO evolved basics too-- especially those who evolved through rare candy. 

Final Decision-- I like this card, and I bet the world a dollar that somebody can make a winning deck with him. High HP and defense, along with being a stage one and having a spread attack, are all good reasons to try him out. Four retreat cost and the risky attack aren't the best thing ever, but i suppose that's the price to pay for being almost a thousand pounds. However, he might face trouble against speedy decks or pokemon with high hp-- who knows?

Modified-- 3.75/5-- i think he has potential to be an unseen spreading force

Limited-- 4/5-- stage one with high hp and colorless energy attacks? sounds great


Steelix is a HORRIBLY underrated card. It's extremely hard to kill, because of it's high HP and Special Metal. With Pokehealer it's even better. It works pretty well with Togekiss or Magnezone. I've also played it with Blissey and energy link. However, it's still a pretty slow card in this format, I'll still give it a: 4/5

Just like yesterday's card, Tangrowth is a pretty hard to kill card. It's attacks aren't too great for the energy cost, however with Sceptile (Great Encounters) you can heavily reduce the amount of energy it takes to attack. It's first attack isn't too great when so many people are playing Unown G. It's second attack is bad early game, because of the heavy energy cost. Overall, it's decent with Sceptile, but not too great otherwise. 3/5

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