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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Staraptor Lv. 64


Date Reviewed: 12.15.08

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 2.15
Limited: 2.25

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Jigglypuff13 12/15 Staraptor Lv.64 (SF)
Hello, and first of all, sorry about not reviewing anything last week, but I was quite busy with school work, but that's done, so I can get back to doing something interesting, reviewing cards. Just a shame that I start again with this card. Staraptor might some how be good, but I can't see it at the moment. Before moving on, the basics of the card, and they are alright, with very little that's spectacular about it. 120 HP is average, but should be able to survive a hit or 2. Unless it comes up against a Lightning Pokémon due to it's +30 Lightning weakness, so Raichu (SF) will be able to OHKO it with it's 3rd attack (that I may have forgotten the name of), but there aren't that many Lightning Pokémon in the metagame. However, -20 Fighting resistance is quite useful, especially against the ever popular Machamp (SF), but again, while it is quite a big part of the metagame, there aren't that many Fighting Pokémon in the metagame. It's retreat cost is perfect, nothing. Get it back to the bench without any cost, back to safety. Why you'd want to have it active in the first place is beyond me anyway.
Protect Wing, it's Poké-Body, reduces damage from  Stage 2's but 20. 20 damage isn't going to make too much difference, but combined with the resistance, it makes Staraptor fairly effective against Machamp. Other Stage 2's are effected as well, so Kingdra (LA), Tyranitar (SF), etc. will all have reduced damage outputs, but that doesn't make Staraptor that much better because it's attacks are awful. Strong Breeze seems nice, being able to return a benched Pokémon from your opponents bench to their deck, but first of all, there's only a 50-50 chance, and secondly, you are going to be pummelled by your opponents active next turn. OK, you can get rid of an underpowered main attacker or a draw engine or a disruptive tech, but there will always be something on the bench making you think "Maybe I should've got rid of that instead" (unless you are playing against Houndoom (LA)). Then there's Clutch. Used with Metagross (LA), I suppose there could be some use in it, but a simple Switch or Warp Point will allow your opponents active to get out of the not retreating effect. And then, it requires CCC, and only does 60 damage. OK, it will 2HKO Claydol (GE) if you can bring it active, but then your opponent will probably just use a Switch or Warp Point to get it back to the bench and then attack Staraptor with their main attacker.
To be honest, I can barely see any reason why you'd want to use this card, but if you do, use it with Metagross (LA) and Poké Blower + (SF) to try and bring something from the bench to the active spot, so you can then either Clutch it or Strong Breeze whatever you put back to the bench. However, if you use combo, you will see it failing a lot of the time.
Modified: There is only one reason why I'd think anyone would use Staraptor, and that would be as a slightly annoying Machamp (SF) counter. Resistance and that Poké-Body means all of Machamps attacks do 40 less damage. Mind you, while they are barely scratching Staraptor, Staraptor is barely doing anything back. Basically, leave it in the folder, trade it away, anything, just take my advice and probably the advice of everyone else writing a review today and don't use this card. 1.75/5
Limited: It could be a bit more useful here. Protect Wing will barely do anything, but Strong Breeze and Clutch should be quite useful, with the latter 2HKOing most of what you find here, and the former just being really annoying, and getting rid of possible threats. Still, you need to get a Stage 2 rare card out, and that is going to be quite hard. 2.5/5
Meganium45 OK, one day until my Birthday, YAY!

OK, 120 HP, free retreat and resistance to fighting, and weakness to a non-played type (electric) is definitely good.

Now, reducing attacks from a stage 2 by 20 is good as well.

The first attack, for 1 energy, flip a coin, if heads take one benched pokemon and all cards attached and shuffle it into their deck, not bad, but Unown G stops it DEAD. Too limited.

The second attack, for 3 energy, 60 and can’t retreat is a more powerful, more costly Pidgeot Clutch attack. Not hitting hard enough in this envio.

This is a pokemon that is well, not good enough today, or any day.

For Modified, 2/5 you could pick something worse.

For Limited, 2/5 you really could not pick much worse.

Steelix on my Birthday! YAY!

Winner of a Stormfront Prerelease
Sorry about the delay, my internet crashed last night, anyways, here is the COTD

Staraptor (SF27)
Today's Card of the Day is Staraptor, the Predator Pokemon.

Staraptor has 120 HP, a good amount for a Stage 2 Pokemon. The Lightning weakness means that Stormfront Raichu only needs one Burst Ball to kill it, but fighting resistance is great against Machamp, especially when combined with his Poke-Body. A free retreat cost is also nice, snce it allows this bird to fly the coop in a bad situation.

Staraptor's Poke-Body is Protect Wing, which reduces the damage done to staraptor by 20, as long as the damage is done by Stage 2 Pokemon. That means Machamp's atacks will 40 less damage, or 20 more with the Level X, and Staraptor gets to do enough damage to OHKO Machamp. Too bad the power only works when active, otherwise it could be used to block the spreading damage from Kingdra.

Staraptor's first attack is Strong Breeze, which allows you to Flip a coin, and, if heads, put 1 of your opponent's Benched Pokémon and all cards attached to it on top of their deck, and then they shuffle it. his attack si totally worth the flippiness, the ability to take a Pokemon they were building up off the field and into the deck is great. you could combo it with Palkia Level X to swap out their strongest Pokemon to the bench and then send him to the deck. f it discaarded all cards attached, the attack would be so broken.

Staraptor's final attack is Clutch, which does 60 damage for three colorless energies, and prevents the defending Pokemon from retreating. This attack is outright horrible. Stage 2 Pokemon should be doing at least 80 for three energy, or at least have better effects then preventing retreat.

Modified 2.5/5
The first attack is great, the second not so much. But at least it's better then the suicidal DP one. With a better second attack, I think this could have been quite a competetive card, but now only people with a Staraptor fetish will try and use it.

Limited 3/5
Being a Stage Two isn't great, neither is having a weakness to a lot of the set. But  all colorless attack requirements are great, and the resistance to the Larvitar and Machop lines is great.


(Un)Happy Monday eveyone! Isn't it just thrilling to get up, go to work/school, and come home to today's awesome Card of the Day? I sure think it is. Today's COTD is Staraptor, the "Pidgeot Wannabe" pokemon. 

HP-- 120-- not very good, but there is worse. Keep in mind though that Blissey is a stage one with 130 hp and SF Tangrowth has 110 hp and an autoheal ability. 

Resistance-- Fighting -20. Good to have-- machamp might have to take an extra punch at staraptor to finally knock him out. Actually, with the pokebody, several extra punches. 

Weakness-- lightning +30. Luxray and Raichu get OHKOs, but you won't see a huge amount of them around anyways. 

Retreat cost-- none. This guy's fast. If pokemon was a racing game, this guy would be awesome to have. But it is not, and he is not. 

Pokebody-- Protect wing-- kind of protects you. Obviously, stage 1's and basics hit right through the power. He also can still get hit on the bench because he has to be active to get it working. Dusknoir and Gengar hit right through this with their "place X damage counters" attacks, as opposed to doing damage. The only real application I can see this having is preventing Kingdra and Machamp. Especially machamp. Vs staraptor, machamp gets a -40 on all of his attacks. If your opponent was always machamp, I would always run staraptor. But he isn't, so I don't. 

Attack-- strong breeze. Sound really good, but then gets worse and worse as you think about it. You have to flip a coin, and the pokemon has to be benched. Yes, this could offer potential disruption, but while you're dilly dallying flipping a coin every turn to get a possible shuffle-in bench, your opponent is beating staraptor and building the pokemon you just shuffled back in back onto their bench. DP Dusknoir's pokebody is so good because you can use it every turn from the bench. Why do the same thing for one energy in the active position for a flip? 

Attack--clutch-- boooooring. "no retreat" is a great "status effect", but for three energy, it's going to take too long to set up for no real impact. 60 damage is becoming to be really weak for three energy. If you aren't getting a crazy effect or insane amounts of damage for three energy, you better not be playing that attack. Therefore, you better not be playing this attack. 

Combos-- You could warp point and attempt to shuffle your oponent's old active pokemon away. but it wouldn't be very good, and you'd probably get tails on the attack, anyways. 

Final words-- Staraptor's card may say he's level 64, but this is a horrible horrible lie. This bird belongs in a cage or a zoo. Not in a pokemon battlefield. 

Modified-- 2/5

Limited-- 2/5

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