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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Skuntank Lv. 40


Date Reviewed: 12.12.08

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 1.75
Limited: 3.00

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Meganium45 What is this, Velvet?

They keep TRYING to make this line good, and rumor has it they FINALLY will in, well, the Galactic’s set.

100 HP, stage 1, sounds really nice, right?

Resistant to Psychic (read Gengar, Dusknoir AMU, and all their little friends), not bad again, right?

Weak to Fighting (OK, Machamp, some Lucario, Gliscor and Gallade, OK still? Not so much)

Pokemon Power that acts as a smokescreen, for one turn. We all KNOW the 101 ways to get around this. Not real tough or impressive. If it was a, well, “Stance” on your Skuntank for the next turn, we might think this was playable!

Attacks, an auto-poison and 20 for 2, OK, average at best.

Plunder, 60 for 3, and remove all Trainer cards attached to the defending Pokemon, Wait, EXCEPT the unknown G which you cannot remove without knocking out the Pokemon or a court order at this point. Man, if the “power” had knocked G off, we might be talking some fun here!

Retreat cost of 2. Better use moonlight stadium, or leave this guy out there to rot while you power up SF Tyranitar (its ONLY partner)

Ratings, well, at least the art is nice.

Modified 2/5 You could play something worse, right?

Limited 3.5/5 much more painful to retreat, and poison is bigger here. 100 HP stage 1s are very useful.

There you go, See you ALL tomorrow at the City Championship In St. Peters, Missouri!!!

Skuntank Lv.40


Type: Darkness. Fun against all the Ghost Pokemon!


HP: 100. Not baaaad ^_^.


Poke-Power: Evolutionary Gas (XD).

Pretty much says when you evolve, stop one of your opponent's Pokemon attacking during their next turn. S'okay, but nothing special, they can always switch out!

You'd need something that stops them from retreating (Sorry, but I'll be a bit bad at combos on this one today! You'll have to guess ^_^;; ).



Poison Claws (2C).

20 Damage for 2? Horribleeeee. Instant Poison? Horay! (Maybe it could combo with Roserade from Wednesday with some Switch? - Not Warp Point, as Warp Point would also remove the Poison on your opponent). Maybe not though, it's easy enough to heal status effects on the bench without completely ruining anybodies game plan.


Plunder (1D2C).

60 damage for 3? Euck!

Discarding trainer cards attached to the Defending Pokemon? Well.. How often is that? ^_^;;. Not that often! Maybe the odd Devo/Evoluter, a random Tool... But not much.

I doubt this card will see much playyyyy.


Wealness: +20 Fighting

Nehhh.. Machamp? Rhyperior? Maybe.. Not too bad.. It could be worse, but it could be much better. Fighting Infernape (As I learnt with my Raichu at Cities), can be a problem!!


Resistance: -20 Psychic

YAY! :D Good versus the ghosts indeed.. however they use Damage Counters half the time... Oh well XD.


Retreat cost of 2. EEP! Switch and Warp Point please! Could have been worse.. But.. 2 is too manyyyyy.


Modified: Sorry! 1.5/5

Limited: 2.5/5

Winner of a Stormfront Prerelease
Skuntank (SF26)

Today's Card of the Day is Skuntank, the Skunk Pokemon.

Skuntank has 100 HP, a good amount, what you'd expect from a creature who can be downed by one truck going fifty. Skuntank has a +20 weakness to fighting, and a -20 resistance to Psychic. Standard stuff really. fighting isn't good against Machamp, who will, let's face it, murder you anyways. And Psychic resistance doesn't help against Dusknoir and all his fancy damage counters. A retreat cost of two is a bit much. This thing may be fat, but real skunks haul butt like lightning. Dark isn't a bad type to have, but it will suffer from being overshadowed by T-tar.

Skuntank's Poke-Power, and the only real reason you'd play it is Evolutionary Gas. Evolution by methane, it's not just a fuel source anymore. Anyways, the Gas lets you choose a defending Pokemon and make it unable to attack for the one turn that you evolve it. You could probably make a deck dedicated to doing this every turn with Super Scoop Ups or whatever you crazy kids do these days, but that would be way more trouble then it's worth. Retreating stops the effect, and msot good decks have low retreat costs, or are packing Switches and Warp Points.

Skuntank's first attack is called Poison Claws (Toxic Santa?). For two colorless energy, you can do 20 damage and Poison the defending Pokemon, but there are way better poisoning attacks out there, why settle for this?

Skuntank's big attack is Plunder, which does 60 damage and discards all trainer cards attached to the defending Pokemon, for one dark and two colorless energy. If only it could discard Unown, then it might have a chance in today's metagame, but so many Pokemon can do this damage for less energy, or do way more for the same. The competetion will hit him like that previously mentioned truck going fifty.

Modified 1.5/5
Skuntank is no match for the current metagame, he will get wiped out before he can even power up Plunder in most cases. The .5 is because only Base set Gastly and Porygon deserve that low a rating.

Limited 3/5
A bit better here. Skuntank can stall a turn with his power, which can make or break a game. The large amount of colorless energy requirements is also good. Add in the fact that the entire Duskull line is weak to him, and you have a so-so card. Fighting weakness really hurts though, as even Onix can 2HKO him.


Thank (religious/nonreligious leader of your choice) it's Friday! What better way to kick off the weekend than with a bad card? Today's COTD is Skuntank-- the  part skunk,  part tank pokemon. wait. . . 

anyways. . . 

HP: 100. As noted yesterday, 100 hp on a stage one is good. 

Resistance: Psychic -20 -- a good resistance to have these days. Dusknoir/gengar and AMU are both psychic. And both played often. And will both crush skuntank anyways. but at least he tries. 

Weakness: fighting +20. Machamp and Gliscor-- mostly Machamp, can take advantage of this. Machamp X can OHKO it with it's attack. . . ANY of its attacks actually. . . ouch.

Retreat cost: 2. Might as well have a big "I'm fat" sign on his rear. He will need warp points and moonlight stadiums, or he will need to go on a diet. Two of those three answers are possible, I'll leave it up to you guys to figure it out. 

Pokepower: evolutionary gas. wait what? this is seriously called. . . -__-. Well separately, skunky's evolution gives him the ability to fart on the defending pokemon and immobilize them. This ability seems really awesome at first, but like any real life fart, it can be avoided. In real life, when someone farts, you take a couple of giant steps away from the defender and the smell goes away. the same concept works for skuntank. you can evolve out of his gas. you can run away from his gas by retreating. warp pointing. switching. and moonlight stadiuming. Now, I'm not saying you can ALWAYS avoid it, but generally, you can. AND skunky has to be active, which is annoying. All in all, it's a difficult power to really take advantage of. 

Attack: poison claws. So bad. I'd rather smell a skuntank fart than use his attacks. for two energy, you get to do a BROKEN 20 damage, along with poison. even with the auto-poison, it's still a super super weak attack, especially in a format where you will be whooped immediately and have no time to waste. This attack is a waste of time. 

Attack: Plunder-- also bad. The effect is nearly useless-- the only trainers people actually attach to their pokemon are the evoluters, unknown G, and the very rare bubble coat. 3 for 60 is just plain weak. Even with a darkrai lvl X on your bench, it's still only doing 9 for three with a garbage effect. Scizor does that kind of damage on the second turn without a level X on the bench. But scizor is a good card. Skuntank is not. 

Combos: Skuntank with Darkrai X is a possible combo, but darkrai has cooler and better friends to make. Seriously, who wants to be friends with a skunk when there's a monstrous dinosaur (Tyranitar) that can actually do damage and win real games? Not darkrai. 

Final Words: Skuntank is no better than the odor that it emits. his power is avoidable, and his attacks are expensive and disappointing. Simply put, he stinks (pun intended)

Modified: 1.75/5. -- You know those awful times when you're on a long drive and you smell something awful and dad says "smells like a dead skunk"? That's the general feeling of playing this card. 

Limited: 3/5-- colorless attacks and special conditions and a pokepower that is more usable. yay. 

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