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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Scizor Lv. 47


Date Reviewed: 12.11.08

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 4.25
Limited: 4.50

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Meganium45 Whoa, finally a power card to discuss.

The 100 HP fire week Turn 2 monster we call Scizor.

Did I mention that I like the potential of this card???

First, the new Scyther has a FREE RETREAT cost. Yeah, we love that in a starter Pokemon. Poisoned, burned, confused, Smokescreened, CYA.

But now on to the big guy!

100 HP is GREAT for a Stage 2. Fire Weakness, that is fine currently, as there is little fire played with the threat of Kingdra and his posse (Empoleon and others)

The attacks, both 2 energy let you REALLY have some deck space for the fun cards like Pokeblower to truly disrupt your opponent.

If you attack for the KO with the first attack SURPRISE, you can’t hurt Scizor the next turn! Just like evolving into Lucario LVL X, but, woot, not a power or body!

If you attack with the second attack, with no powers in play, 70 for 2 is very, very good.

This is a swarmable beast, usually not taken down in a hit.

Combines well with Cherrim, or just by itself for an ULTRA fast deck.

I still remember the song “Scizor Furret Muk” from the FAT quite a few years ago, when Scizor was big back then…memories.

OK, on to the rating.

You MUST test against this card, so your are not surprised at your City Championship against it! Know its tricks, or be tricked!

Modified, 4.5/5 Very good in a pretty slow envio.

Limited, 5/5…Take it or the next player will! Can’t leave THIS on the board!

Thursday's card of the day is Scizor. His stats are 100HP, has a poke-body, 2 attacks, a +20 weakness to fire, no resistance, and 1 retreat cost. His body Honeycomb Defender is awesome if Scizor has 60 or more damage on it his attacks do 40 more damage. The first attack Accelerate for two energies of any type does 30 damage and if the defending Pokémon is knocked out by this attack prevent all effects of an attack including damage done to Scizor during your opponents next turn. So if you play this card in a deck that used cards like plus power and bucks training to raise the amount of damage you do to your opponents Pokémon. Scizors second attack Pound Down for 2 grass energy does 40 damage and if you don't have any Pokémon with poke-powers in play it does 30 more damage. It's obvious that this card will see play because it's only a stage one and it can do more than 100 damage for two energy.

Modified: 4/5
Limited: 4/5
Art 5/5

Scizor Lv.47


Grass: Nothing special to be honest!


HP: 100. Awesome :P Much better than these low 80 and 90's! But still not the highest we've seen! (That's not including Wailord, he's just ridiculous XD).


Poke-Body: Honeycomb Defender! (DUN DUN DUNNN).

This can be pretty broken when you need it! Having 6 damage counters or more on any Pokemon is no good.. But a defence of 40 less damage taken from attacks? NICE! Total saviour in a difficult situation. A lot of attacks currently do about 60-70 damage, and so this means you can last an extra 2 turns if you're lucky!



Accelerate (2C):

30 dmg for 2 = Low!!

However, as a finishing move to KO an opponent. Horay! You prevent all effects of attacks done to Scizor during your opponent's next turn. :D


Pound Down (2G):

40 dmg for 2 = Still low!!

No Poke-Powers in play?

70 dmg for 2 = Great! :D

And in most Scizor decks, this is easy to pull off.



+20 Fire. The same as yesterday, not too much of a problem!


No resistance is once again no fun


Retreat Cost of 1 isn't so bad


Now then, Scizor is an Amazing T2 deck and gets your opponent on the edge for the first couple of moves, half of the time ruining their setup. There is, supposedly, which you will soon see, a perfect combo with Scizor. This little thing would be Cherrim!


Cherrim sits on the Scizor player's bench, about 3, if not all 4 of them, with another Scizor waiting to attack, and each one of them uses it's Poke-Body for an extra 10 damage.. so if you have 3 of them, thats an extra 30 damage. Combine this with Scizor and it's attacks start doing 60 with Accelerate (massively improved and easier to get that nice KO you need for preventing attacks next turn) and, with no P-Powers, 100 damage with Pound Down.

For 2 energy, those aren't bad attacks at all! It tends to be a consistant deck too once the setup is complete since no energy needs to be discarded and their are no real down sides to this card at all! I've seen Unown Q included in this deck to make Scizor's retreat free, making it easier to escape when HP is low, bring out a Cherrim and start attacking for free, doing 20 (+10 for however many Cherrims in play, including itself) and healing any Pokemon for 20.


Tada! Scizor! XD

Good!! :D


Modified: 4/5

Winner of a Stormfront Prerelease
Scizor (SF25)

Today's Card of the Day is Scizor, the Pincer Pokemon.

Scizor has 100 HP, which is a fair amount for a stage one, especially when combined with its Poke-Body. this card is the first Scizor to be a grass type by the way. Anyways, Scizor has a +20 weakness to fire, which is bad news if any kids are still running Magmortar and Infernape decks, as they will KO Scizor faster then you can say, "Oddly red colored metal ninja bug." No resistnace is what you get from not being a metal type anymore, as he would then get psychic reistance of -20. One retreat cost is okay, but what you expect what happens when you cover a bug in metal.

The Poke-body is honey Comb Defender, and it says that if Scizor has 6 or more damage counters on it, any damage done to Scizor by attacks is reduced by 40 (after applying Weakness and Resistance). this is great, as it ensures that people have to do 50-80 damage to it to finally KO him.

Scizor's first attack is Accelerate, which, for two colorless energies, does 30 damage, and, if the defending Pokemon was KOed, it prevents all effects of an attack done to Scizor the next turn. You can weaken people with his nxt attack, and then use Accelerate to gain protection for the next turn.

Scizor's final attack is Pound Down, which does 40 damage for two grass energies, but if you don't have any Pokémon with any Poké-Powers in play, Pound Down does 70 damage. This is an extreme amount of damage for two energies, and will cause so many 2TKOs it won't be funny.

Modifed 4.5/5
I hate to give this score, but I personally believe Scizor will become a big new archetype with just how fast it is. Combine this thing with three or four Cherrims on the bench and he will be unstopable..Now I regret trading my Scizors for Tangrowths at the prerelease...

Limited 4/5
As said previously, there are next to no playable fire types in Stormfront, and Scizor can hit fast, and hit very big. It gets a smaller scoire sicne you're not as likely to get multiple Cherrims out.

Happy Thursday friends and enemies! Today's Card of the Day is Scizor,  everyone's favorite  red  winged pokemon with blades for arms.  When I was little, I hated him because scyther was cool and didn't need an evolution. The creators of pokemon did not listen to me. They still dont. Anyways. . . 

HP-- 100. that's what I'm talkin' about! 100 hp is very nice on a stage one. combined with his pokebody, this can be very, very, very annoying. 

Weakness-- fire+20-- as I've said, and will say untill the metagame changes, fire is a type that you won't have to worry much about these days. Good weakness. 

Resistance-- nothing. Scyther had resistance to fighting, but then scizor went all "no way, man. I'm too cool and tough for resistance, dude". I miss the days when scyther was tough and scizor wasn't real =(

Retreat Cost-- one. Scyther had no retreat cost, but then scizor went all "no way, man. I'm too cool and fat for no retreat cost, dude". seriously though, one retreat cost is pretty nice. I just miss syther being cool. 

Pokebody-- honeycomb defender-- this name makes no sense to me. What does scizor have to do with honeycombs? He just must really love the breakfast cereal! Nonsenical commentary aside, this can be a very powerful body. Example! Kindra hits for 60. Next turn, he's only hitting for 20. It will have to be a 3HKO, which is a very good thing. This ability also kicks in from the bench-- so all of your retreated scizors on the bench with 60 or more damage prevent damage from attacks like Kingdra's, Tyranitar's, and the non holo Regigigas. Defense is cool. 

Attack--accelerate-- This isn't the main reason you'll be playing him, but this attack can be extremely helpful combined with pluspowers and cherrim. With these added power boosts, you can knock out the defending pokemon, and then remain relatively safe from attack next turn! you can still be warp pointed/cyclone energy'd away from safety, but it's still a solid defensive attack. 

Attack--Pound Down-- if you're playing scizor the way you should be, this attack simply is two for 70. Which is rediculous. Back in my day 2 for 30 with a coin flip to get 40 was the toughest thing anybody had ever heard of. Scizor can also run with the aid of cherrim and pluspowers/bucks, leading to totals peaking around 100 damage! for two energy! And even if this attack doesn't knock out the defending pokemon, chances are they'll be open for an Accelerate KO. Pound down pounds your opponents down. 

Combos-- are a delicious snack, especially the pretzel ones. 


Combos-- I know people will argue with me on this one, but Scizor almost NEEDS to be run with cherrim. It just provides a rediculously strong turn two attack. 2 for 70 + is incredibly easy to get out, and incredibly awesome. Both are stage ones, so your deck also has room in it for techs and trainers without the burden of several rare candy's. Do it. Everyone knows Mantises love cherries, anyways. 

Final Words-- Scizor has extreme potential, and has won a handful of city championships already. He has decent HP, two attacks that help him survive longer, and a completely beastly attack for a devastating amount of damage. It should be noted, though, that it is hard to run a scizor deck with everyone's favorite staple card-- Claydol. It has a pokepower, thus its existance completely docks pound down of its massive power. Scizor is too cool for pokepowers, too. 

Modified-- 4.25/5. A great card that has completely useful attacks and abilities. Excpect to see him at local tournaments. 

Limited-- 4.75/5. Accelerate is colorless-- very good. Honeycomb defender makes him a complete wall against helpless Stormfront contenders.

Everybody scram. The review's over. Go home.

Octillery49 Scizor is an AMAZING attacker, IF you aren't running any pokemon with Pokepowers. The problem with that is without Claydol or Uxie, your deck would be very slow. You could run Scizor straight, but that is somewhat fragile. Probably the best way to play it is with Cherrim. Who makes you do even MORE damage.

I'll give it a 4/5.

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