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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Roserade Lv. 40


Date Reviewed: 12.10.08

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 2.67
Limited: 3.80

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Meganium45 Hey, one more TIME!

Roserade...not a great card by any stretch of the imagination, but worth talking about (as it was assigned)

First, FINALLY a Roserade that does not require the use of Budew! FINALLY!

Second, poison, in this envio (read Gengar) can be EXTREMELY effective.

Third, a cheap sniping attack that could really hamper your opponent (especially if you remove the energy).

Fourth, there are MUCH better choices out there.

Problem, there is no attack on the card other than the power that poisons the opponent, which would have made this card MORE than good!

Fire weakness is Good, no resistance, OK, 1 retreat is average, 90 HP will keep it around.

Pokebody, effective if they have to attack it directly, but other than that...I wouldn't f33r this card.

Modified 2/5

Limited 4/5 (Bench hitting is good, removal is good, and usually they have to attack your active. Special conditions are always more effective in limited)



Roserade from Stormfront is the card of the day for Wednesday. Stats are 90HP, a poke-body, 2 attacks, a +20 weakness to fire, no resistance, and one retreat cost. Roserades poke-body Hidden Poison is a great body because whenever Roserade is damaged by an attack the defending Pokémon is poisoned. Her first attack Bowed Whip for two energies of any kind does 30 damage to one of your opponents Pokémon and you flip a coin and if you get heads discard an energy attached to that Pokémon with this attack you can hit and Pokémon and possibly discard energy a very good attack. Her second attack ties into her body to poison the Pokémon that damaged her. The attack Deep Poison for two psychic and one of and other type does 50 damage plus 30 more if the defending Pokémon is poisoned. If you're going to play this card use it with Weezing for maximum results because you can make a poisoned Pokémon take 20 damage instead of 10.

Modified: 3.50/5- great against Machamp use it in a poison/bench damage deck for the best results

Limited: 3.25/5

Art: 4/5-i love the reverse holo version of this card
Narctiss Roserade Lv. 40

Psychic: Good for damaging half of the other Psychics, although their play seems to have decreased!

HP: 90 - A little low for a non-evolving Stage 1, but it will survive a hit or so.

Poke-Body: Hidden Poison.
Pretty awesome if you ask me :P.. Not the best of these 'hit me and I hurt you' attacks, but all the same, damage is damage! No matter what it will put at least one extra counter on your opponents Pokemon between turns. (If they attack you during their turn and cause damage (note: damage!) while Roserade is active, then they become poisoned!).

Bowed Whip (2C)
30 Damage to any of your opponent's Pokemon and a coin flip for discarding energy if heads.
Not too bad of an attack I have to say. Costly for what it's worth, especially considering the main idea is based on a flip and the damage is low. If your luck is up, then try it! Otherwise it shouldn't be used unless during putting energy on Roserade.

Deep Poison (2P1C)

50 damage + 30 if they're poisoned. If your opponent wasn't able to/not capable of avoiding the Poke power on their last turn, then they're going to get really hurt from this attack. (Crunching some mini-numbers, that would make 100 damage.. once from poison between turns, then 80 from this attack, then once between turns again! )
Very good for just 3 energy wouldn't you think? With no drawback on your behalf. It's not too often an opponent can avoid being poisoned either.
If there was a downside, then it's not something located within the attack. It's to do with Roserade's HP. If it happens to get knocked out in that last attack, then your opponent will still be poisoned, but you won't have your Roserade! So you can just hope you have one benched with the right energy on it.. Otherwise it's only going to take a turn for your opponent to removed the poison status.

Weakness: +20 Fire. Infernape is still about, I suppose Ho-Oh in Skittles? You probably won't come across this TOO often, so you should be alright. That's not to say it won't happen one day!

No Resistance is no fun.

Retreat cost of 1. Average, nothing scary.

Modified: 2.5/5
Limited: 3/5

Sorry about the mega lack of reviews! I've been ill lately, busy with work and working on my deck for Cities last week and also this upcoming weekend another one I hope!
Winner of a Stormfront Prerelease
Roserade (SF23)
Today's Card of the Day is Roserade, the Bouquet Pokemon

This is the first Roserade that is a Psychic type, and is actually good, in my opinion Let's take a look. 90 HP is average for a stage one, and it's the same for all of the Roserade's out there today. The fire weakness of +20 is also the same, you'd think it's have a Psychic weakness, but I guess not. No resistance is also true of all of these Roserades, not even a little Water resistance for a supposed plant. Finally, all of these Roserades have a retreat cost of one. A bit odd, seeing as how plants don't get up and walk around, but the low cost is gladly appreciated here.

What really sets this Roserade apart from the others, beside the type, is the fact that it has a Poke-Body, Hidden Poison. Hidden Poison is just like the Rapidash from yesterday's Body, except instead of burning the attacking Pokemon, it poisons them. I think this would combo greatly with a MT Toxicroak, some GE Weezings, and maybe a MT Ariados or two on the bench. toxicroak would make it so Poison doesn't get cured when the Poisoned Pokemon levels up or evolves, Weezing increases Poison damage, and Ariados makes all Pokemon's retreat cost go up by one. Together, they may cause your opponent to hesitate to attack. Anyways, on to the attacks!

Roserade's first attack, Bowed Whip, costs two colorless and allows you to choose anyone of your opponent's Pokemon and do thirty damage to them, and then you flip a coin, and, if heads, discard an energy attached to the Pokemon you're attacking. I like this attack because 1.) It allows you to snipe, 2.) It allows you to discard an energy on a Pokemon your opponent may be building up, and 3.) It has an all colorless energy requirement. DP Roserade could snipe for thirty to, but it took three energies, two of which had to be colored, and it didn't discard energies, although it did do fifty damage to the the defending Pokemon. the main thing I see this attack doing is KOing Pokemon who retreated rather then stay Poisoned.

This Roserade's big attack is Deep Poison, which, for two Psychic energies and a colorless one, does fifty damage, unless the defending Pokemon is poisoned, in which case, the attack does 80 damage. This attack combos well with the body, and the previously mentioned few Weezings, becuase by the tiem it's your turn they may have taken up to fifty damage, you can hit them for 80, and then they take another round of up to fifty damage.

Modified: 2/5
this is a way better card then the other Roserades, and I personally think that Psychic is a more playable color then Grass, but I also don't beleiv that any Poisoning decks are going to do compared to the Speed Demons out there.
Limited: 4/5
You should take all the status you can get in this format, and Roserade is a status machine. The only fire Pokemon in the set is the Rapidash line, and the Budew in this set is a great card. If you get the line, use it.

Welcome to the middle of the week!  Wonderful Wednesday's Card of the Day is. . . Roserade! The "I'm made of roses and can shoot darts out of my limbs  like a ninja" pokemon. 

HP: 90-- never all that wonderful, but not the worst ever either. Just try to avoid the OHKO's!

Weakness: fire +20-- a currently good weakness to have. Magmortar and Infernape are scarce nowadays, so not much to worry about

Resistance: none. awesome. wait. no, not awesome. oh well. 

Retreat Cost: 1. Pretty average for a guy with 90 hp. Not much I can say about it!

Pokebody: hidden poison-- A very nice pokebody-- it's essencially "do 20 damage to the defending pokemon" because they're going to take 10 after their turn ends, and 10 after yours ends. It's annoying to your opponent, and being annoying is always good. It might also prevent attacks from your opponent or force them to retreat out. It's quite nifty. 

attack- bowed whip-- a nice attack in combination with his pokebody. This allows you to snipe out your opponents damaged bench that retreated because they couldn't take the poison damage. You also can choose the active pokemon, if you so desire. This alone would be good, but the attack also gives you a nice little bonus!: flip a coin, if heads discard an energy from the pokemon you just hit. This can deplete your opponent's resources and make them helpless to avoid your poison or your next attack. Very ninja-like indeed. 

attack--Deep poison-- is alright. Three energies is never something worth going out of your way to attach, but if all goes well you're doing 80, plus 10 from poison for a total of 90. I can see this attack working in situations where your opponent has no time to set up and keeps losing his or her energies, but you're mostly going to want to stick to the first attack. 

Combos: Nearly every tournament deck plays Roserade with Palkia. It allows you to force up damaged bench for a knockout. It's not the best synergy I've ever heard of, considering roserade's main attack can hit actives and benches alike, but it can end up leaving your opponent stuck with an active they don't want who is going to be troubled with poison if they attack anyways. 

Final Words: at first glance, Roserade looks like a bad card. At second glance, it still looks pretty bad. Even after a third, fourth, and possibly ninth glance, I still thought this card was bad and was upset to own five of them. However, a correctly structured roserade deck has lots of advantages. It gives dusknoir trouble by depleting its energy and preventing his 2-3 energy attacks, and can knock out Dusknoir X/gengar on the bench to prevent their pokepowers. It also has a weakness advantage over machamp, which is at least nice. Kingdra, Regigigas, and Tyranitar will give him trouble though with their massive hp's (all three), low-energy attacks (kingdra) and resistances (T-Tar). However, a well played roserade is annoying and easy to set up, and it can also, in theory, be fun! Ninjas=Fun.

Modified: 3.75/5 -- It looks like a bad card, but it really can win at least some of today's metagame matchups.

Limited: 4.5/5 -- special conditions? Colorless energy attacks? Bench hitting? sounds good.

Have a nice day, and look out for ninjas on your way to school/work. They'll getcha. 

Octillery49 Roserad isn't too great of a card. It's HP is a little low for a stage 1 but isn't too bad. It's attacks aren't very good for the energy cost and it's body isn't too great either. Overall there's not a whole lot to say about this card, I'll give it a


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