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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Raichu Lv. 45


Date Reviewed: 12.02.08

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 3.75
Limited: 3.00

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Narctiss Raichu! (Yay :D)

Electric type isn't so bad right now with Kingdra still being about.
HP: 90. A little low! You'll need to be fast at attacking and keep watch on this!

Weakness: +20 Fighting. Not so great! It falls vunerable to Machamp, Torterra S, Gliscor and Kabutops (as the main fighting's still played). But it could have been worse.
Resistance: -20 Metal. Always good! But not so special for metal.
Retreat Cost: Freeeee! What more do you want? :D

Onto the attacks!

Slice (0): 30dmg
30dmg for nothing isn't bad if you just need that extra kick without throwing your energy everywhere with Raichu. It's a shame you have to wait a turn to use it again though. It's just a nice additive to have on this card.
Split Ball (3C): 50dmg
50 for 3 is kind of low. Thankfully this isn't it's main attack. It's similar to the first attack, in that it's a means to an end. Just a bit more damage to deal out, and also can be used in place of it's last attack if you need to stall to add some energy somewhere. The effect of the attack moving energy to a benched Pokemon can be great or bad! Great if Raichu is near to being knocked out or you want to power up a secondary attacker in a rush. Bad if you have no extra energy or draw in your hand, or whatever you can think of, to replace that energy next turn. But that wouldn't happen to you, right?!
Burst Ball (2L1C): 100dmg
That's more like it! A usual Raichu style attack. High damage, but for a discard of 3. However, these 3 can be any type of energy you choose and from any Pokemon you choose. Which makes it not so bad actually! You can keep Raichu's own energy supply intact. Or if he's about to be KO'd after a line of using this attack, now you discard from himself and have something else building on the bench (I'll get to that! There's a perfect combo or two to go with this card).

Overall the attacks aren't bad! However it's a little annoying that it can't keep energy for too much time! It's consistancy on it's own is a little weak. It is made better by tech Pokemon though....


So, the two most played and discussed combos (as far as I'm currently aware after just waking up!) would be Electivire SW and Rayquaza LA.
Electivire: Each turn, to as many Electivire as you have on your bench, you can attach a lightning energy from your discard pile to itself. Awesome! No flips, no damage putting, just straight attaching. This works very well with Burst Ball if you have 2-3 on your bench. It's only worries are that it's actual attack is a little hefty (use the Lv.X too for some support!) and it's Motor Drive (discard energy attachment) is a Poke-power and so vunerable against things (but you shouldn't worry too much unless everybody in your area plays Gengar or something!).
The other combo:
Rayquaza: Pretty much had the same effect, on a Poke-power too, as Electivire, but instead you flip a coin until you get tails. For every heads you get, you can get a fire or lightning energy back onto Rayquaza. This also works well with Burst Ball, but since it's based on luck you can either get a whole load of energy back and be happy! Or a whole load of nothing and have to panic. Another downfall of using this card is that you'd have to tech a couple of fire energy into your deck to make it available to attack if ever needed (Which with Raichu's low HP is a very high possibility). Personnaly I wouldn't use it!

I suppose there is one more tech; Magnezone S (Electric).
Using that's Poke-power also allows you to attach energy from the discard, to Anyone! (Straight back to Raichu if you'd want), howeverrrr. It involves placing a damage counter on whichever Pokemon you attached it to. When used in Raichu decks, it's also very clunky and slow because of it being a stage 2. It does have the possiblity to attack, but by the time it's out and ready, if you've not been quick enough, you'll have wasted a Raichu and 2-3 energy on it already.
My advice would be to go with Electivire! (I do! I'm still running my Raichu deck and will see how Cities go for me this weekend! Wish me luck :D ).

Innnnnnnn conclusion:

Not a bad card! Some nice combos to top it off well. Attacks can do some nice damage with a bit of variation and it has a free retreat along with resistance!
Although it throws energy around or away rather a lot, but with the combos this doesn't hurt as much as expected. The weakness shouldn't be worried about too much.

Modified: 7.5/10 (energy play lets it down, but I'm still a little biased! It IS a good card).
Limited: 6/10 Using the first two attacks would be great, but with a 40 card deck in a pre-release, you're not going to want to discard that much energy so often. The weakness is also bad against it in the Stormfront PR with the pre-evos of/and Machamp and Mamoswine.

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