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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Giratina Lv. 52

Legends Awakened

Date Reviewed: 08.06.08

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 1.00
Limited: 2.50

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Jigglypuff13 8/8 Giratina Lv.52 (LA)
Hello, we have have now reviewed all of the MD Lv.X's, and because of that, we (or, considering the amount of reviewers this week, me) have now got another preview card to review, the one that wasn't reviewed last week. However, since we had the reviews for this week all planned out, 2 more preview cards were revealed. Still, we have another new legendary to review, Giratina. I'll start with the basic's of the card. 100HP on a basic, even a Legendary, is pretty impressive, and thus it could end up surviving a hit or 2. x2 Dark Weakness is quite bad really, but thankfully, there are very few Dark Pokémon being played or will be played. However, Weavile (SW) could end up making everything and anything Dark types, which would end up being a massive pain for Giratina. -20 Colorless Resistance is meh, really, since Colorless isn't really ever a played type, not at the moment, and chances are, not next format as well. 3 Retreat Cost is very bad really, on everything, so on a Basic, it's not something you want.
Now, Shadow Force. PC for 20 snipe is really average, and not something you will try to put in every or any, really, sniping deck. The secondary effect of Agility could end up being quite nice, allow Giratina to stall for a bit, but will need a lot of luck to do so.  Brutal Edge is very costly, PPCC, and next format, with no Energies providing 2 or more Energies, that's going to be a tough cost to fulfill. Actually, even this format, it's though since Giratina is a basic, which means Special Energies like aren't allowed to be attached to it any way. The damage could quickly mount up, however, providing the Defending Pokémon has a fair bit of damage on it before using Brutal Edge. Basically, with the right amount of damage counters on the Defending Pokémon, it could end up KOing anything in one. Between these 2 attacks, it's actually quite tough to figure out which one is the main attack. Brutal Edge seems like the main one, but since it needs a lot of setting up to actually become useful. That must mean Shadow Force is the main attack, but since it only does 20 damage, even being a snipe, I'm not sure if it can be fully justified, though the Agility type effect does help.
Combos, well, it might be quite nice to have some Energy acceleration for Brutal Edge. Leafeon Lv.x (MD), reviewed yesterday, has the nice Energy Forcing Poké-Power, and is essentially the only good energy acceleration that next format will have. Some sniping would be nice to to power up Brutal Edge some more, but that could just end up slowing the deck down. Mind you, no matter what you try to do, Giratina could end up being way to slow to work in any deck. For the rest of this format, it's more of the same really, only you could use Gardevoir (PK) to power it up. No matter what you try, the odds are against you finding a good combo for it.
Survivability, well, for next format, it should be able to live enough turns to get Shadow Force powered up. Kingdra (LA) can 2HKO Giratina, but it's 20 sniping could weaken Giratina enough to get a OHKO when it's active. Empoleon (MD) gets a OHKO with Surf Together and a full bench, but it may just end up Dual Splashing it to get the prize. Glaceon Lv.x (MD) shuts of Poké-Powers, making Giratina slower if you try to use Energy acceleration to make it quicker, and will 2HKO Giratina with it's attack, though it's possible spreading could weaken it enough to a KO when Giratina gets put active. AMU can either use Mespirit Lv.X (LA) for 200, or 2HKO Giratina with any of the other attacks in it's arsenal. Skittles gets OHKO with 5 different types of energies on Ho-Oh (SW), which is fairly easy to do. GG/Plox decks that may still be around will get a OHKO with Psychic Cut, or 2HKO with Psychic Lock. Luxray (LA) can use it's second attack for a OHKO on Giratina. However, all of these can be reduced to OHKOs from 2HKOs with the addition of Weavile (SW), or can be increased from 1 or 2HKOs to 2 or 3HKOs with the flip of a heads from Shadow Force.
Modified: For the next format, it's way to slow to actually be any good, doesn't have any good combos to speed it up enough to make it any useful, and is likely to get KOed quite quickly. Shadow Force can help if you get enough turns to power the attack up thanks to it's Agility type effect, but even then, you need a lot of luck on your side to make it work. Don't use this card. 1/5
For the rest of this format (it'll be legal for 11 days in HP-on!), it's more of the same, only more so really. It's too slow, doesn't have enough HP, and won't work with anything. 1/5
Limited: Here, that 100HP is a massive tank, especially with Shadow Force backing it up. Get enough Shadow Forces in, it will either allow you get another Pokémon in to start KOing everything, or will allow you use Brutal Edge to KO everything. Still, it's a little slow, but really, it will be survivable in ways it can't be in Modified. Best of all, it's a basic. You'll regret keeping this after the Limited Tournament though. 2.5/5

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