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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Leafeon Lv. X

Diamond & Pearl
Majestic Dawn

Date Reviewed: 08.07.08

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 4.25
Limited: 3.25

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Jigglypuff13 8/7 Leafeon Lv.X (MD)
Hello, and today is the review of the final Lv.X from MD, Leafeon Lv.X! This has seen a lot of hype, and rightly so. However, before going on to why it received such hype, the basics of the card. First, 110HP on a stage 1 Lv.X is a little on the low side. We've had 120 and 130HP Stage 1 Lv.X's, so it's a shame Leafeon Lv.X has got a small HP value. Mind you, thanks to Espeon (MD), that value can increase to 130HP, which gives it some nice tanking abilities when combined the right normal Leafeon. The weakness is better than it is on most Lv.X's, with only a +30 Weakness to Fire. This used to be a bad thing, but with the popularity of Water increasing recently thanks to MD, fire, and mainly Magmortar (SW)'s popularity has gone down, meaning the weakness shouldn't be a problem. However, here are still some Magmortar's, Skittles and also Infernape (MD)'s floating around, which could give Leafeon Lv.X some problems (though Umbreon (MD) could takew care of that). Speaking of water's popularity increase, it has a -20 Resistance to Water, which is very useful with Glaceon Lv.X (MD) and Empoleon (MD) being played a lot. 2 Retreat Cost is a lot for what is esentially quite a small beast, but Umbreon (MD) can sort that out as well.
Now for the main reason why it's been hyped so much, it's Poké-Power and attack combined. Energy Forcing allows you to attached an extra Energy Card every turn. And it stacks, so having 2 Leafeon Lv.X's out basically allows you to attach up to 3 Energy Cards per turn. Also, the fact that it says Energy Cards is very important, since it means it attach Special Energies with it's Poké-Power, such as the ubiquitous DRE, Scramble and Call Energy, but also lesser played energy such as Boost and Multi. Obviously, it can't be used if Leafeon Lv.X is affected by a Special Condition, but that's the same with most Poké-Powers, and with the lack of Special Conditions in the format, it shouldn't matter too much. Energy Forcing is nice, and you've probably thought of some great combos for it already, but it's a great combo with Leafeon Lv.X's attack, Verdant Dance. 30 + 10 more for each energy attached to ALL of your Pokémon. This basically means 50 Base damage from the energies need to be attached to Leafeon Lv.X, and then you can power up your other Pokémon safe in the knowledge that you will be doing loads of damage from Verdant Dance.
Combos, and first of all, there are other Eeveelutions, such as Espeon and Umbreon that have already been mentioned, but also just about any of the others from MD. Vaporeon (MD) or Glaceon (MD) and it's Lv.X could be good for covering Leafeon's Fire Weakness. Umbreon can do the same, but they can be more of a revenge killer sort of thing. Another combo for Leafeon Lv.X is Sceptile (GE), which allows every Grass Energy attached to your Pokémon to count as 2 Grass Energies. Essentially, this allows each Grass Energy to add 20 damage to Verdant Dance, thus gets the attack becoming very powerful for only a few energies. You can also use other Eeveelutions as support, or you could use this effect to power up Grass Pokémon that like a lot of Grass energies attached to them, for Sceptile's Poké-Body to take effect, and give even more energies attached to that Pokémon. With Energy Forcing, that could quickly become dangerous for your opponent. Good Grass types that could be used for this combo include Tangrowth (GE) and Exeggutor (MT), both of which could end up doing very high damage for realitively low energy costs thanks to Sceptile and Leafeon Lv.X. The only thing with any of these combos is they may be a bit slow. Needing a Stage 1 Lv.X and a Stage 2 to give a normal Stage 1 loads of energies to do loads of damage is just a little slow, especially have to use a load of turns giving the Stage 1 enough energy to be satisfied with.
Now, for Leafeon Lv.X's weaknesses, and the first is anything that turn that Poké-Power off. Gardevoir (SW) and Cessation Crystal (CG) and the prime examples of this, turning that Poké-Power off and slowing down what ever deck Leafeon Lv.X happens to be in. Also, since it likes the support from the main supporting Eeveelutions, Lati-Lock could prove troublesome to Leafeon Lv.X, especially when combined with a Fire Pokémon like Ho-Oh (SW) or Infernape (MD), to allow them greater ease of KOing Leafeon Lv.X even when Umbreon (MD) is lucking around. However, Lati-Lock could be used just to stop Leafeon Lv.X from getting the HP increase from Espeon as well if need be. As for Leafeon being able to take a hit or 2 from the biggest decks around, I'd say it's quite easy for Leafeon Lv.x to do so. Gallade (SW) in GG can do so, flipping 2 or 3 prizes depending on if it uses Plus Power/Strength Charm or DRE. Gardevoir (SW) has already been covered as being annoying, and 2HKOs Leafeon Lv.x with Espeon in play and without DRE, otherwise it's a 3HKO. Skittles needs a maximum of 7 different types of Basic Energy attached to Ho-Oh for a OHKO, but that's with both Espeon and Umbreon in play. Empoleon (MD) and only get a 2HKO with Surf Together thanks to the Resistance, but if the Empoleon player decided to use Mothim (MD) to counter Resistance, then it could get a OHKO with a Plus Power/Strength Charm against a Leafeon Lv.X with Espeon in play. However, Empoleon can also weaken a Benched Leafeon with Dual Splash. Garchomp (MT) can get a OHKO with it's attach and with a Fire attached, but only is Espeon and Umbreon not in play, otherwise it becomes a 2HKO without help from it's Lv.X.
However, the biggest problem with some Lv.X's is that they don't have a good normal form. However, Leafeon Lv.X does and doesn't suffer from this problem since there are 2 Leafeon's avaialable at the moment. The non-holo/theme deck one is rubbish and shouldn't be used under any circumstances. The Holo one, however, is great, giving Leafeon Lv.X some brilliant tanking ability from the second attack, with or without Espeon in play, though Espeon does help.
Modified: It's a truely awsome card, with a Poké-Power and an attack that combo extremly well together, and some great choices for support and secondary attacking Pokémon. It's a very playable Pokémon thanks to having a great normal form and even a good basic. Trying to find a fault in this card is like try to find a problem with Bill from the original Base Set era. Don't worry, I have, and that's the fact  that getting the Pokémon powered up for a nice some of damage, or for setting another Pokémon up for a good amount of damage. However, that's a very small flaw on an otherwise brilliant card. 4.25/5
Limited: With the right Leafeon, it's a massive tank here, especially if you can get Espeon and a number Eevee's. It's nice as it can give Energy Acceleration, which is rare in Limited, and can end up OHKOing everything. However, being a Lv.X, it's going to be incredibely hard to either actually use or get into play if you can use it. Still, if you pull this, you'll be increadibely pleased both during the tournament and afterwards. 3.25/5

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