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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Dragonite Lv. 61

Diamond & Pearl
Legends Awakened

Date Reviewed: 08.29.08

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 2.80
Limited: 2.40

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Hey everyone, sorry about the lack of card reviews, but I just moved in for school again. Well, today we have Dragonite from Legends Awakened. 


Name:   Dragonite Lv. 61 

Set:   Legends Awakened 

Rarity:   Rare Holo 


Type: (Colorless) - No real issues with colorless types. It's just weak to...itself. 


HP: (140) - Great HP for a non-Lv. X. 


Weakness/Resistance: (Colorless+30/Fighting-20) - Weakness is not a big problem, resistance to fighting is very nice. 


Retreat Cost: (3) - Not good. Please play switches and warp points or something with this. 


Attack #1: (CCC - Hyper Beam) - Not a good attack. Maybe if the discarding energy was automatic. Coin flips are hardly ever something you want to rely on. 


Attack #2: (CCCC - Draco Meteor) - Again, this is a another very flippy attack. Sure, you can hit for 50 damage at a time, but on average, that is 25 damage a turn. There are much better choices for bench hitters out there. 4C is expensive too, especially without double or triple energies. 


Final Analysis: I can't see this being very good. It can definitely take a big hit, but the attacks are nothing too great. If you do play Dragonite, bring the double-headed coin. 


Modified: As I said, intriguing, but not reliable enough. Coin flips are inconsistent (obviously). (2/5)


Limited: Stage 2... But it can take a hit and has bench hitting attacks. (3/5)


Chicago, IL

Dragonite Lv. 61


"Dragonite is just Marowak w/o his helmet on." – my friend Ian. Lol!


Anyways lets check out Dragonite. I love its HP (140). This card will be able to take on a lot of punishment to allow it to set up. The problem is that the earlier evolution stages of Dragonite can barely take one hit (40 hp on the base and 70 on stage one). Its weakness isn't all that bad since Blissey is the only thing that will pose a huge threat to this beast. It's always nice to have resistance and having it to fighting is decent since Gliscor looks like the best fighting type to use at the moment. The retreat cost is expected for having a huge HP and being a stage 2. Can't have it all.


Ok, the first attack. 3 energies for 40 is ok but its energy to damage ratio is bad for a stage 2. It should be doing 60 at least. It's best to use when your opponent has one to none. It's way better to focus on this card's second attack.


The second attack makes me happy in the pants. Hah. For those who are confused on how the attack works, you flip a coin (or die) once for each pokemon on your opponent's side of the field. You need to declare who is the target first, flip a coin and deal damage if heads on that pokemon then repeat until all the targets have been targeted once.

This attack is brutal if you can nail enough heads.


There's a lot of cards this can comboed with thanks to its colorless attacks. There's a lot of variety at least like togekiss, sceptile, weavile, rotom, etc. In the metagame, I dunno if this would be able to make an impact or not. But I personally am going to playtest it for a little while to see if it can be a viable decktype.


Modfied: 3/5. I would score it higher but it's earlier evolutions just drag this card down but at least there some cards that can create some synergy with Dragonite.


Limited: 2/5. If you can evolve fast enough (evoluter). This card is just like Mamoswine in this format, if you are able to bring it out.

You win.

Jigglypuff13 8/29 Dragonite Lv.61 (LA)
Right, I'm going to keep it realitively brief today. When you've all finished cheering, I'll continue. Dragonite fulfills the role of big, bulky, but heavily priced attacker of the set. 140 HP, combined with a nice combination of Weakness (+30 Colorless isn't a big deal with so few good Colorless Pokémon in the metagame) and Resistance (-20 Fighting Resistance is a big deal either, but could help against Rhyperior Lv.x (LA) and Gallade (SW)) should allow it to survive all bar the fiercest of attacks at least once (though Mesprit Lv.X (LA) may disagree with that remark). Being a big, bulky attacker, it has a large Retreat Cost (3 in this case), though it's not as bad as it could've been (4 being quiet common for this sort of attacker), but still, I wouldn't want to retreat it without help from at least an Unown Q (MD), though Switch and Warp Point are better alternatives.
Also, being a big, bulky attacker, it has large attack costs. Hyper Beam does a low 40 damage, though the possibility of discarding an energy does make up for the CCC cost. However, it would be better if there where any good special energies in the next format, and apart from the odd Multi, Special Metal or Special Dark energy, it won't really be too useful. Draco Meteor, however, is the big attack. 4 energies, and you can end up doing 50 to all of your opponents Pokémon. However, to do that, you have to flip for every Pokémon your opponent has in play, meaning you are going to average 25 damage to each of them, which isn't too bad really. However, it does depend on how many Pokémon they have in play. With 1, Draco Meteor becomes pointless, basically meaning you may as well use Hyper Beam. With 6 in play, Draco Meteor becomes the attack of choice.
Combos, and first off, don't use this card with the ubiquitous Dusknoir (DP), because you will end up severely hampering Draco Meteor's maximum damage output. Mind you, that should be really obvious. The best combo is probably some sort of quick spreader, preferably using no energies. In LA, we got the card, Yanmega! The reason for needing to be a spreader is so Draco Meteor becomes really effective when it gets charged up, also allowing for the likes of Omastar (MD) or TM TS-2 (LA) to devolve your opponent's Pokémon, and thus abuse Draco Meteor and Yanmega's spreading damage. If you don't want to use Yanmega, there is always Zapdos (MD) and Bronzong (MD), though you would need both to make Bronzong actually do anything.
Survivability, well, like I said earlier, it will survive most attacks at least once. So, rather than say what attacks can't OHKO, I'll talk about the ones that can. First of all, Kingdra (LA) can get a OHKO, but would need 14 Waters in the Discard Pile for Aqua Stream to deal the required 140 damage, so is likely to get a 2HKO instead. AMU gets a OHKO from Mesprit Lv.X's Supreme Blast, as I mentioned earlier. Skittles can get a OHKO, but would need 7 different Basic Energies attached to Ho-Oh (SW) to be able to do so, so it's more likely to get a 2HKO instead. Leafeon Lv.X (MD) would need 11 energies in play for Verdant Dance to do enough damage for a OHKO, though again, it might be best to settle for a 2HKO instead. Other decks, or even other cards in the decks mentioned, are more likely to get 2 or even 3HKOs at best.
Modified: It's a massive attacker, but needs so many energies to do the damage that it would be too slow for a deck with just Dragonite, thus you need a quick spreader to do the early game damage. It can be quite a nice tank, but one thing it's missing for this idea is a healing ability. Still, it's a card that could be used to great effect. 3.5/5
For the rest of this format (3 days left!), Hyper Beam becomes a very effective attack, getting rid of the ubiquitous DRE and Scrambles that will be attached to opposing Pokémon. However, Dragonite itself can't abuse DRE due to decreasing Draco Meteor's damage output by a massive amount. 3.75/5
Limited: At best, expect a 2HKO, if you can even get this thing out. Stage 2's are always hard, and a 4 Energy one is even harder. Still, while setting it up, it isn't going to be KOed very quickly. Hyper Beam is probably it's best attack here due to everyone needing so many different energy types in their decks. Draco Meteor is worth a go, but don't expect it to be quite as effective as Hyper Beam. 2.75/5
The Masked Scizor

I would like my name to be The Masked Scizor please


Heya all you pokeplayers out there! I am The Masked Scizor and I am here to help you rate your pokemon cards! I've played this game on and off since Base Set, and when Diamond and Pearl came out, I was sucked right back into it! I hope my observations can help you a little. Onward to the card!


Alright, Dragonite is a Stage two, that, historically, has been very powerful. Most of us can still remember when Delta Dragonite and Delta Metagross combined to make Metanite and how powerful THAT was. But this one's a little different. Let's dissect this big bruiser now (don't worry, no Dragonite's were actually dissected in the making of this article):


140 HP: This is really good for a Stage 2. Much higher than it's peers, it should be tough to OHKO.


Hyper Beam: A meh attack. Low Damage, an unreliable and I'd say ultimately unpowerful flip, and at a cost of three energy, I'd really just want more.


Draco Meteor: The main attack. A possible 50 to each one of your opponent's pokemon IS mighty, but a FLIP attack for 4 energies is downright risky. Ultimately, I'd say not worth it, but with the lightest not worth it there is.


Weakness: This is...ok. It'll take big hits from Blissey, Garchomp, and possibly Delcatty if it sees play. I don't think it's TOO much of a fault though.


Resistance: THIS should help. It permanent Defenders against Lucario, Probopass, and other rogue fighting pokes. 20 also seems to be the maximum number these days.


Retreat: Horrendous. You'll never retreat it. Warp

Combos: I think the best combos for this card would have to be either Leafeon/Eeveelutions or Garchomp. Both would help in the energy requirements for the big guy, but Garchomp would also offer his LV. X Poke-Power. Other than that, I cant really see any others. Even though he is a damage spreader, the energy he requires I think is too much to be able to combo that nicely with Empoleon or Bronzong, but to each there own.


In the end...


Modified: 2/5 I just don't think he has enough oomph. Maybe with a LV. X card?

Limited: 3/5 I guess if you can get it out he can clean house with the high HP and either attack


If you would like to talk to me, or tell me how terrible my first COTD review was, my E-mail address is Summonerofillusions@yahoo.com

Milk Man

Dragonite Lv. 61


We'll be closing out the week with The Dragon Pokemon, Dragonite. An interesting card to say the least. Great hp, 140 on a stage 2 really isn't bad, topping off most, if not at least drawing with, stage 2 in play today, and even holding its own against the majority of Lv. X cards too! The significant drawback to this card is its energy costs, 3x(c) for 40 and the chance to discard an energy off the defending Pokemon isn't too aweful, but compared to Vaporeon it's just uncalled for... then we have Draco Meteor... 4x(c) to do a possible 50 to all opposing pokemon, I personally am not so much of a fan of coin flips, especially when it's all or nothing on an attack. Could be devestating, could be a total waste... the bottom stats leave a good bit to be desired as well... +30 weakness to (c), -20 resistance for (f) and a retreat cost of 3... bleh... acceptable for a stage 2, but certainly not that good...


Modified- 3/5


Limited- it'll almost never see the light of day... if it does, it's too expensive... 2/5

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