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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Groudon Lv. 45

Diamond & Pearl
Legends Awakened

Date Reviewed: 08.28.08

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 3.00
Limited: 3.00

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Jigglypuff13 8/28 Groudon Lv.45 (LA)
Do remember the review about Kyogre (LA) yesterday? Well, since it was only yesterday, I'm going to assume you do. Well, this Groudon is almost exactly the same. No idea if it's a good thing or not, but it's definitely fun. Anyway, the card, and 100 HP, even on a Legendary basic, is still rather nice. Should survive a hit a or 2. The Weakness isn't so great though. x2 Grass Weakness buts it OHKO range of the rather nice Leafeon Lv.X (MD) without it needing any extra energies in play, just those for Verdant Dance. As popular as that card is going to be next format, there are very few other Grass types that are going to be problematic, at least until the next set is released (but that's probably looking too far ahead really). -20 Lightning Resistance could be quite nice, though there are very few playable Lightning types next format, but could see a lot of play as an anti-Kingdra (LA) type/deck. 3 Retreat Cost is rather large for a Basic, even if it is incredibly heavy.
Now, the attacks, and these can make it work as a starter or as a odd solo Pokémon who may turn out quite nice, but also end up being a fun deck. As a starter, Drought is the reason why, giving instant energy acceleration from the beginning. However, you need at least 2 Fighting Energies in your hand to use it, or 3 to really make it worth while. Basically, it has all of the up sides and down sides of Kyogre's Drizzle, only for Fighting Pokémon and decks instead of Water. Major Earthquake is rather different though. For FFC and discarding of 2 Fighting energies, you do 100 damage and 10 to each of your benched Pokémon. That 100 damage should KO just about anything you see early game, but that 10 bench damage to you will soon build up. This means that playing anything more than about 2 or 3 Bench Pokémon, and you will have to keep renewing your bench, either with Super Scoop Up or by waiting for you bench to get KOed, then laying new basics. Either way, it's quite harsh to your bench really.
Combos, and there are really only 2 ways of playing this. First, there's the starter idea. Now, obviously, it needs to be in a Fighting deck, though some people have thought about it in GG/Plox decks, which is an idea I don't like really. To be a starter, you need lots of energies in your opening hand, and for that to happen, you need a lot in your deck. Running too many energies though, won't give you enough room for many Pokémon or, importantly, trainers/supporters/stadiums. Still, could be worth a try. The other way is a solo type deck, being both starter and main attacker. This has already been given a name, Groudonk, but what should go in it is a bit of a disagreement. Some people say only Groudon and important trainers/supporters/stadiums like Energy Pick-Up, Roseanne's Research, Buck's Training and the like, where as others say use Claydol (GE) for consistency, and Regirock (LA) + Stark Mountain for Major Earthquakes every turn so long as you have 2 cards to ditch every turn. Personally, I'd go for the latter, since it just sounds a little bit more threatening, even if it is a little less consistent, with less Groundon starts.
Survivability, and it should be quite good. Kingdra (LA) will only get a 2HKO with at least 1 fully powered Dragon Pump, though 20 snipes or the use of an Aqua Stream could reduce that figure, especially with Major Earthquake's self bench damage. Luxray (LA) can't get a OHKO unless you are stupid enough to use a Lv.X with Groudonk, though again, the self bench damage will allow a OHKO to happen. AMU will only get a OHKO from Supreme Blast from Mesprit Lv.X (LA), though the often teched in Mewtwo Lv.x (LA) will allow for stalling by stopping Groudon from attacking. Froslass (LA) will only get a 3HKO (though spread from both Froslass and Major Earthquake will reduce this figure), and Destiny Bond is another alternative. Eeveelutions will use Verdant Dance from Leafeon Lv.X (MD), or use the normal Leafeon's second attack for a OHKO, otherwise it's a 2HKO. Skittles will need 5 different basic Energies attached to Ho-Oh (SW) for a OHKO. Magnezone Lv.X (LA) will get a 2HKO with it's attack, or use the normal Magnezone's attack with 5 Metals attached for a OHKO. All of these figures could be reduced by the number of Major Earthquakes you've used and the number of Groudons you've got on your bench.
Modified: I'm still not sure about this card either. I hate the self bench damage from Major Earthquake, but in Groudonk, you shouldn't be doing much damage to your bench then. As a starter, it has the same up and down sides as Kyogre, but solo, it's the better of the 2, and probably the more fun of the 2 as well. Still, I don't like it as much, and it's all down to Major Earthquake's self bench damage. 2.75/5
For the rest of the format (4 days left!), it's the same as it was for Kyogre, DRE and Scramble make Drought unesecary. 2.25/5
Limited: 1 Groudon, 39 Fighting Energies (people have done this) = fun, and possibly great deck. Kyogre is still better thogh, though Groudon will get more OHKOs earlier.3.5/5
Milk Man

Groudon Lv. 45


Today we put our focus onto the Continent Pokemon, Groudon. A personal favorite overall, and a card I am currently experienting with. Nice hp on a basic, but much like Kyogre it's good to make up for a 2X weakness... Drought is good to combo with itself, but also if you're looking at a no win with Groudon you could Drought energy that you used on Major Earthquake back onto your waiting bench. Speaking of Major Earthquake, it could be both good and bad, spreading damage is great, not so much to yourself, but if you plan it right it could work to your advantage. Maybe combo with Lucario (either DP or LA) or Kabutops. The weakness could be most deadly considering the popularity of Sceptile and Leafeon Lv. X and the resistance isn't too relevant at this point in time... but maybe soon enough. As for the retreat... it's ugly... plain and simple...


Modified- Could make or break you... 3/5


Limited- Good hp, bittersweet attacks... could go either way here too... nothing better than spreading damage, just watch how much you spread to yourself... 4/5



Chicago, IL

Groudon Lv. 45


With this card, I am more intrigued than I was with Kyogre from last time but for god reasons. At first glance, it seems worse than Kyogre solely to the fact that the second attack damages your pokes instead of your opponents. I'll get down to why Groudon is actually playable in its own deck.


Stats and Specs: 100HP, Double weakness to grass, -20 resistance to lightning, retreat cost of three. Average stats for a legendary pokemon. Nothing special.


It's first attack is the same as Kyogre's but it's for fighting energy instead. So like I said with Kyogre, it varies with how many energies you got in hand.


It's second attack, it's really good. Ignore its effect for a second.

3 energies for 100 damage?! You gotta admit that that is pretty broken nonetheless on a basic. Ok, you do have to get rid of 2 fighting to use it AND all your bench pokemon take 10 damage. It's still worth using and its better when you got less pokes on the bench.


When I first saw this card in the Japanese spoiler, the first thing I see this combo'ed with is with Regirock and stark mountain. Regirock grabs the energy, stark mountain switches the fighting energy to groundon so it can hit with 100 every other turn as long as you have cards and at least one energy in hand.


I believe that this card will see some playtesting before battle roads but at the moment it seems like the strongest types will be water and grass coming into it(Kingdra, Bellosom, Empoleon, Torterra, etc.) so who knows how it will fare, it still deserves a shot to try.


Modified: 3/5. It takes a bit too much to set up but it could be worth it if you can pull it off early game.


Limited 3.5/5. Can finish off anything standing in you way. Big one hitters like this is worth grabbing here.

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