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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Kyogre Lv. 47

Diamond & Pearl
Legends Awakened

Date Reviewed: 08.27.08

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 2.60
Limited: 3.33

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Jigglypuff13 8/27 Kyogre Lv.47 (LA)
It's another LA card today, and I'm not sure what to think of it. It's got 2 quite nice attacks, that have obvious uses, but I'm unsure as to how useful it will actually be in those roles. First of all, it's HP, and it has 100 for a Basic, which is very nice, allowing to hopefully survive a non-Lightning hit or 2. why non-Lightning? Because it has a massive x2 Lightning weakness, which will basically allow most Lightning types to get a OHKO on Kyogre, even with the help of a Plus Power or 2. No resistance is annoyingly standard, though I wouldn't be certain what sort of Resistance it would have. That massive 3 Retreat Cost is way too much. Even with the help of Mantine (MT), it would still need to Discard an Energy to retreat. Your best bet if you want to get it to the bench, use a Switch/Warp Point.
Now for it's attacks, which give it the 2 different roles it can use. The first is as a starter for Water deck. Drizzle is a very good attack for no Energies, giving instant Energy Acceleration, and 2 Water energies at that. However, you need to have 2 Waters in your hand, which isn't always easy to get at the start of the game. Even harder to get is 3 energies in your hand at the start, which would give the maximum speed to the deck. To allow that to happen, you would need so many energies in your deck, which may end up being to many later on. The other role is as a spreader thanks to High Tide, which can help the already numerous spreader decks a lot, though options in said deck are rather crowded already. 60 for WWC isn't that great, and having to Discard 2 Waters to do a 20 spread may be quite a high price. Mind you, a 20 spread is quite rare, so is filling quite a niche there.
Combos, and some people may end up thinking of playing it like Groundon (LA), using it on it's own with lots of energies and other techs. However, Groundon is a lot better at this than Kyogre due to numerous techs that can make it work better for Groundon. Like I said earlier, Kyogre could be very useful as a starter for Water decks, getting energies onto your Pokémon from the first turn of the game. However, you need the energies in your hand to really allow this to happen well enough to work as a starter, and they won't always be around. Also, like a I said, it can be a spreader thanks to High Tide, but the discard allows you to only use it once every 2 turns at best without a bit of help from either Energy Pick-up or putting more energies than need onto Kyogre before using the first High Tide. Kyogre's best role, as you may have already been able to figure out, is as a starter for spreading decks. Attach energies to any of your Pokémon at the beginning of the game, and use High Tide for spreading at any point you get a chance to. Using it in this sort of role leaves it slightly unfocused, but does allow it to take part in all parts of the game. Just make sure you have enough energy recyclers in this sort of situation though.
Survivability, and it's not bad for a Basic. Kingdra (LA) needs 10 waters in the Discard Pile for a OHKO, otherwise settling for a 2HKO with 2 fully powered Dragon Pumps, or 1 and 1 non powered one. Luxray (LA) will get a OHKO with Shock Bolt, but that's probably a bit too much with Plasma doing the same with help from a Plus Power/Buck's Training. AMU will obviously get a OHKO from Supreme Blast, whereas all the other attacks can get a 2HKO. Froslass (LA) will have to wait 3 turns for Icy Breath to get the KO, though Destiny Bond is always an alternative. Skittles will need 5 different types for Basic Energy onto Ho-Oh (SW) for a OHKO, though will be slightly wary of a High Tide. Eeveelutions needs 7 energies in play for a OHKO from Verdant Dance and Leafeon Lv.X (MD), or can just use Jolteon (MD) for a OHKO, without needing to discard. All other Eeveelutions will get a 2HKO. GG will need Gallade (SW) to flip 2 Prizes for a OHKO, or use any other attack for a 2HKO. Magnezone Lv.X (LA) will get a 2HKO through the Lv.X's attack, or use the DP's one and 5 Metals attached for a OHKO. However, since they play Electivire (SW) a lot, he would just need 1 Head to get a OHKO. Other decks are very likely to get a 2HKO, with the possible OHKO for those that can do 100 damage.
Modified: I'm still note sure. It can do a lot of damage or a lot of setting up, but the damage needs a large cost (esentially 5 Energies), and the set up requires a lot of energies in your hand. Solo, it isn't that great either, but might worth a try for a fun deck. It can be a very nice card, and very useful, but you need a lot or either resources or luck to do so. For next format, 3/5
For the rest of this format (5 days left!), it's the same really, only less Pokémon the speed from Drizzle to accelerate them due to DRE and Scramble. 2.5/5
Limited: Here's a deck to try out here. 1 Kyogre, 39 water Energies. You could use more Kyogre if you can get them, or maybe even some trainers. 60 is a nice amount to do, 2HKOing most you'll find here at worst, especially after the spread damage. I'm not saying it would be any good, but should be very fun. 3.5/5
Milk Man

Milk Man


Kyogre Lv. 47


Looking forward and onward I apologize for a long absence... today we're looking at the Sea Basin Pokemon Kyogre. 100 hp on a basic isn't bad at all, you're gonna need it to compensate for that 2X weakness to (L) but that really shouldn't be too much of an issue (at least until Raichu Lv. X hits our shores). Drought is pretty cool, with the exception of Kyogre pretty much being the only (w) that discards (w) energy... maybe if drought was a Poke power or Poke body it would be much better, if not on the verge of amazing. High Tide can be deadly if used in the right format, I think this card would work wonderfully in an Empoleon (md) and Omastar deck. The retreat is kind of heavy, but you can get around that with cards like Warp point or maybe a Palkia Lv. X.


Modified- if used in the right deck, amazing... simply wonderful... otherwise... not so much 3.2/5


Limited- good hp, costly attack, but worth it in this format 4.5/5


Chicago, IL

Kyogre Lv. 47


I'm going to make this short and sour


Meh, this legendary is looks bad at first glance…..uhh, nevermind.

This card is borderline bad in general but I will give it a chance.

Let's look at the stats and specs. 100HP, Double weak to Lightning, no resistance, and a retreat cost of 3. That's average for a legendary except for resistance where most of them have it but its not expected here.


Well, lets see the attacks on this beast. The first attack varies depending on how many energies you can get in a turn (Roseanne's FTW?!). You'll be using that attack mainly to have Kyogre use it's second attack every other turn (luckily). There's not that much else to say about this attack.


It's second attack is decent at best. For 3 Energies, spread 20 to everything your opponent has and 60 to their active is great but for the cost of 2 water energies? Not worth the time to power this up every other turn. Yes, it can set up multiple KO's later game but it's attack becomes useless when there's barely anything on the bench.


This will do nothing anywhere its put in the metagame IMHO. Water and Grass is the way to go in this format but Kyogre got left behind.


Modified: 2/5. Kudos to you if you can find a way to make kyogre consistent. But I see this card going nowhere except for in the jank folder.


Limited: 2/5 This card is not worth the effort unless you are just rare drafting. Even if you do use this, it will only get one attack off. Two would be pushing it.

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