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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Luxray Lv. 51

Diamond & Pearl
Legends Awakened

Date Reviewed: 08.25.08

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 4.00
Limited: 3.00

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Jigglypuff13 8/25 Luxray Lv.51 (LA)
Hello, and welcome to a week of LA cards that aren't previews, and we start of with a good one. Luxray has received some hype as being a great little counter to most of the decks that have been hyped as being the biggest decks of the next format due to the combination of it's attacks and Poké-Body. Before talking about them, I'll talk about the basics of the card. The 120 HP is rather average for a Stage 2. It be able to take at least 1 non-Supreme Blast hit that isn't from a Fighting type due to it's +30 Fighting Weakness, and even then, the Fighting Pokémon would have to hit the 90 damage marker without needing a Plus Power or Buck's Training to get a OHKO, and not many Pokémon do (though many can get 100 instead). The -20 Metal Resistance is very nice with Magnezone Lv.x (LA) getting a lot of hype, thus will be useful in that match. However, the biggest thing about the basics of this card is it's brilliant no Retreat Cost. Very few Pokémon have a no Retreat Cost, and very few of them are Stage 2's, so it is a very nice ability to have due to getting a damaged Luxray to the relative safety of the bench, or get out of a Jirachi (LA) Doom Desire, which people are hyping.
Now for the Poké-Body, Rivalry. This makes Luxray the second true anti-Lv.X card (the first being Milotic (GE)), and the better of the 2 for actually KO-ing Lv.X's. That extra 50 damage given to Luxray's attacks from Rivalry against any deck that even puts a Lv.X in play chances numerous 2HKO's on those important 130 HP Pokémon into OHKO's, and that slightly negates the main disadvantage of the card. Before that, Plasma gives some nice reliable damage (40 without Rivalry to CC) and the ability to charge up Shock Bolt in it's effect. 40, even with the effect and the energy cost, is still a rather small damage output. Rivalry makes it a brilliant 90 for CC, but you can't always rely on your opponent having a Lv.x out. Because of this, Shock Bolt is easily the main attack of the card. LLC for 100 is great. Discarding all Lightning Energies attached to Luxray in order to do so isn't so great, thus Colorless energy will be needed to make sure you aren't discarding 3 energies every time you want to use Shock Bolt. That 100 damage is nicely boosted by Rivalry, and thus the idea of doing 150 damage instead of 100 for the same effect isn't quite so bad, especially if you can keep a Lv.X in play on your opponent's side of the field.
Combos, and Shinx (LA) with Rare Candy and Claydol (GE) is probably the best way of playing Luxray. The choice of Shinx, you may be thinking, shouldn't be so fussy, but it has to be. Whilst the DP one maybe be able to deal damage on the first turn and has 10 HP more, the LA Shink, thanks to Recharge, allows you to get a T2 Shock Bolt (with a bit of luck), and Claydol is obviously the best way of making this more likely, and thus be able to grab a quick prize providing you aren't donked in the process. There are several techs that you may want to consider, along with other lines that you are probably thinking about adding to the deck, and your probably just better off adding a tech or 2 rather than a whole supporting line.
As for Luxray's survivability, it can be a bit iffy. Kingdra (LA) will only every get a maximum of a 2HKO with Dragon Pump, though snipes could reduce this amount, but Aqua Stream can get a OHKO with 12 Waters in the discard pile. AMU can only get a OHKO with Supreme Blast from Mespirit Lv.X (LA), or sometimes from Azelf Lv.X (LA)'s attack. Either of them make the deck vulnerable to Rivalry, and any other attack can only get a 2HKO maximum, unless a tech from their side of the field can do more. Froslass (LA) can either Destiny Bond to stop a KO-ing attack, or use it's second attack and hope Luxray stays Asleep, getting a 3HKO in the process and spreading a lot of damage as well. Skittles needs 6 different basic energies attached for a OHKO. Empoleon (MD) can't get a OHKO without help from Dual Splash, getting a minimum of a 2HKO on Luxray, needing a bench of 4 Pokémon or more to be able to do so, otherwise Dual Splash makes it a 4HKO. Eeveelutions need 9 energies in play for Leafeon Lv.x (MD) to get a OHKO, otherwise Glaceon Lv.X (MD) can get a 2HKO and stopping Claydol's Poké-Power at the same time, and spreads damage (possibly) to weaken other Luxrays. GG/Plox decks can either get a OHKO from Gallade (SW) by flipping 2 prizes or using Lake Boundary, otherwise Gardevoir (SW) gets a 2HKO whilst also locking Claydol. Magnezone Lv.X (LA) decks will get a 2HKO with it's attack, but automatic Paralysis will stop Luxray from attacking without help from Warp Point/Switch/Xatu (SW)/anything else like that. All other decks should be able to get a 2HKO, whilst Fighting types should be able to get a OHKO thanks to Weakness (either normal or from the help of Lake Boundary).
Modified: Thanks to a combination of Rivalry and Shock Bolt, Luxray is able to OHKO most of the format, though will only be able to do so every other turn without help from Energy Pick-up. Free retreat cost allows it to escape very quickly at a moments notice, but with 120 HP, chances are, it's more likely to be 1 or 2HKOed, especially whilst charging up another Shock Bolt. Thanks to Shinx (LA), it should be quite fast, which kind of takes the edge away from it's frailty.
For next format, 3.75/5
For this format (7 days left!), thanks to DRE and Scramble, 4/5
Limited: Shock Bolt with OHKO almost everything you find here, and definately the most Pokémonn you will face. Rivalry will help against the occasional Lv.X. Plasma will help with the recovery of Luxray's energies, and Energy Pick-up could allow for 2 Shock Bolts in a row with a bit of luck. 120 HP is a lot here, though the lack of Rare Candy does take away a bit from Luxray's speed. Get it out and set up, and Luxray will be a real force to reckon with. 3/5

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