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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Mamoswine Lv. 54

Legends Awakened


Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 3.00

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Name:   Mamoswine Lv. 54


Set:   Legends Awakened

Rarity:   Rare Holo


Type: (Water) - Water seems to be the dominant type these days. Mamoswine definitely helps that statement.


HP: (140) - Massive HP. This guy will be around for a while.


Weakness/Resistance: (Steel+40/Lightning-20) - Steel is nothing to worry much about. Lightning resistance is not the great, but resistance can never be bad. 


Retreat Cost: (4) - Massive retreat cost. Pack some Switches and Warp Points. 


Attack #1: (WCC - Ice Fang) - This attack is flippy but effective when you are lucky. 40 damage is not great, but paralysis and energy removal are good. Bring the two-headed coin!


Attack #2: (FCCC - Charge Through) - I can't really see anyone using this attack only for the 60 damage. 100 damage plus 40 to a benched Pokemon is just plain great. The downside is 40 damage to itself, but Mamoswine also has 140 HP. It can take a hit.


Final Card Analysis: I honestly like Mamoswine a lot! It has great HP and a very strong attack. I would put in potions and buffer pieces to help keep it around longer. If you can find a good partner (like Lucario or another bench-hitter), Mamoswine can certainly dominate. I think this can be much better than Empoleon is now. Oh, and make sure you use Warp Point and Switch like crazy.


Modified: Could definitely be an archetype. Legends Awakened will definitely change all we know as a metagame right now. (4.5/5)


Limited: While it is difficult to get Stage 2's out, Mamoswine is a tank if you get it! (3.5/5)

Jigglypuff13 8/13 Mamoswine Lv.54 (LA)
Hello, and I'm afraid to say that this is the final card for this week. However, it's another LA preview card, and the new evolution of Piloswine, Mamoswine! There hasn't really been much talk about Mamoswine, and I think it's understandable, being quite an unspectacular card, where nothing really stands out. The HP, for instance, is a nice high 140, which should make it a massive tank. However, there is no certain way on the rest of the card to keep that tankiness up. The +40 Weakness to Metal hardly seems like a problem, but with people talking about Magnezone Lv.X (LA), thus with Magnezone (DP), plus people thinking about teching in Bastiodon (MT) to stop bench damage, and the ever popular Metagross (LA), Metal is going to be quite a popular type, and thus that massive Weakness could end up being used a lot. -20 Resistance to Lightning is quite handy though, with Luxray (LA) going to be a popular counter to most of the metagame, and Electivire (DP and SW) being used in various deck, either as support or a main attacker, making Lightning a fairly popular type as well. However, that massive 4 Retreat Cost is going to be extremely annoying though. Switch and Warp Point can cure this massive hindrance, but only once each, so you are probably going to have to use it at some point.
Now for it's attacks, which want to chance it from a certain tank to a suicide attacker. Ice Fang does this for WCC and doing 40 damage. The reason why this is a suicide attack is because of the coin flip, which, when heads Paralyzes and discards and Energy card off the defending Pokémon. Doesn't sound very suicidal, but when this is Mamoswine's only tanking attack, and the tanking part requires a coin flip, it can end up being very risky, and maybe a bad decision. Charge Through, however, is an even more suicidal attack, and requires FCCC, so an obvious problem with the card straight away is the different energies needed in the energy costs. Anyway, for those 4 energies, Charge Through does a frankly rubbish 60 damage. However, if you are willing to risk 40 of Mamoswine's tanking health, then it does 100 to the active and 40 to one of your opponents benched Pokémon. As you can see, it takes the card away from being a tank, since tanks do not take away their own HP to do more damage.
Combos, well, there aren't any really. The only one I can think of are healers to increase the amount of fully powered Charge Throughs you can do. Leftovers, Potion and Dawn Stadium are all good healers, though if you are already using Charge Through, Dawn Stadium will be next to useless. If you want a totally illegal combo, try a double headed coin for Ice Fang. Of course, you aren't actually allowed to use a double headed coin, so the combo is useless, and don't do it, unless you want to get in trouble for cheating.
Survivability, and it really depends upon how many fully powered Charge Throughs you do. This survivability paragraph will be based on none. Kingdra (LA) will need 14 Water Energy cards in the Discard Pile for a OHKO, though using it's second attack will get a 3HKO at best, unless Mamoswine has been weakened by any of Kingdra's 20 snipes. Empoleon (MD) gets a 2HKO at best with a maximum powered Surf Together, though Dual Surf could be used to weaken Mamoswine enough for a OHKO. Surf Together will always be a 2HKO at a bench size of 2 or more. Glaceon Lv.X (MD) always gets a 2HKO using Avalanche as well, and the 20 spreading from Avalanche could cause an incredibly weakened Mamoswine to be OHKOed by Avalanche. Leafeon Lv.X (MD) need 11 Energies in play to get a OHKO, though chances are the Leafeon Lv.X player will use Leaf Guard from the normal holo Leafeon (MD) to stall until Verdant Dance will get a KO. Luxray (LA) will need to use 2 Shock Bolts to KO Mamoswine, though the chance of Luxray doing that 2 turns in a row are slim. Skittles would need 7 different Basic Energy cards attached to Ho-Oh (SW) to get a OHKO, though that's a little unlikely. AMU can obviously get a OHKO using Mespirit Lv.X's (LA) Supreme Blast, but is more likely to got for a 2 or 3HKO using Uxie Lv.X (LA) and Azelf Lv.X (LA). Magnezone Lv.X (LA) will do 120 and Paralyze for just 2 energies against Mamoswine, and is thus likely to be the deciding factor about if you should use Mamoswine or not.
Modified: In either format, it's a tank that doesn't want to be one really, with it's suicidal attacks. For next format, Mamoswine could be frustrated by Bastiodon (MT) and it's bench damage stopping antics, and Magnezone Lv.X (LA) and it's 120 and auto-Paralyze-for-2 antics. Mamoswine is incredibly hard to OHKO, but only when it hasn't used a fully powered Charge Through, and which point it become easier to KO. If Mamoswine had an attack that could make use of it's enormous HP and tanking ability, then it might have been a good card. It doesn't, so it isn't. 1.5/5

For the rest of this format, it's a little faster due to DRE and Scramble, which also solve the energy issues between Ice Fang and Charge Through. However, with DRE, whilst you may be doing 40 damage to yourself with Charge Through, you will only end up doing 90 to their active and 30 to one of their bench, thus while it may be useful, it's a double edged sword. Also, Mamoswine will have to deal with other fast cards thanks to DRE and Scramble as well, so they don't really help that much. 1.5/5
Limited: Even after a Charge Through or 2, it's still going to have enough HP to survive all bar the strongest of hits here. However, it is a stage 2, which is hard to get out here, even with some of the nice drawing and searching cards here. Also, it requires 4 Energies for it's most powerful attack, which is going to be hard to do. Ice Fang is a nice little attack before then though, since it can Paralyze and discard an Energy card, which is incredibly useful and annoying here. Get it out and set up, you will find it incredibly useful. 3/5

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