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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Mantine - Level 25

Diamond & Pearl Mysterious Treasures


Date Reviewed: 09.25.07

Ratings & Reviews Summary
Unlimited: 1.60
Modified: 2.80
Limited: 3.00

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.


Name/Level: Mantine LV.25

Set: Mysterious Treasures

Rarity: Rare

Card#: 29/123

Type: Water

Stage: Basic

Hit Points: 70

Weakness: Lightning +20

Resistance: Fighting +20

Retreat: C

Poké-Body: Jumbo Fin

If Mantyke is anywhere under Mantine, the Retreat Cost for each of you (W) Pokémon is (CC) less.

Attack: (WW) Giant Wave [50]

Mantine can’t use Giant Wave during your next turn.

Name/Level: Mantyke LV.6

Set: Diamond and Pearl

Rarity: Uncommon

Card#: 55/130

Type: Water

Stage: Basic

Hit Points: 40

Weakness: Lightning +10

Resistance: Fighting -20

Retreat: (C)

Poké-Power: Baby Evolution

Once during your turn (before your attack), you may put Mantine from your hand onto Mantyke (this counts as Evolving Mantyke) and remove all damage counters from Mantyke.

Attack: (0) Call for Friends

Search your deck for a (W) Basic Pokémon, show it to your opponent, and put it into your hand.  Shuffle your deck afterwards.


Attributes: Mantine LV.25 is a Basic Water Pokémon.  In the video games, they decided to change it from a Basic into an Evolution and now the beginning of its Evolutionary line is Mantyke, so the standard TCG solution is to release a Mantyke with the Baby Power, allowing Mantine to be played upon it as an Evolution (bypassing “immune to Basic Pokémon” effects, gaining access to cards that it couldn’t use as a Basic like Double Rainbow Energy, etc.).


I believe that being a Water Pokémon will be a definite boon right now: there’s both a pricey Fire deck (Magmortar) and an inexpensive Fire deck (Infernape) that people are playing, and a little bit of type matching is often great.  Being a Basic is of course an advantage, as there are many easy ways to get Basic Pokémon from your deck.  Great Ball will grab one and Bench it no problem: it isn’t even a Supporter but a normal Trainer!  Otherwise, there are cards like Holon’s Mentor, and while that is a Supporter with a discard cost, it also grabs three Basic Pokémon from your deck.  For an “Evolved Basic” like Mantine, this is great: you can grab a copy of it, a copy of its pre-Evolved form, and then another Basic all in one shot.


Lightning Weakness is a concern since Electivire decks are apt to remain popular, plus I have heard talk of Manectric LV.38 decks as well.  At least it is only +20.  Fighting Resistance at the +20 level is nice to see: for once it’s the same as the level of Weakness, instead of always seeming to be smaller.  It should also come in handy since Fighting Pokémon have actually been seeing some play (though mostly Lucario and its Level X form).  Last of the bottom stats is a single Energy Retreat Cost, which is pretty affordable.  Pretty good deal, here.


There is only one Mantyke available for it to “Evolve” from, and its likely you’d want to given the Poké-Body on Mantine (more on that later).  Mantyke is a Basic Water Pokémon that only has 40 HP, but it only has a +10 Lightning Weakness and still has a -20 Fighting Resistance.  It too has a single Energy Retreat Cost, which is nice.  It has the now seemingly standard Baby Power, allowing it both to fake Evolve and shedding Special Conditions, attack effects, and damage counters.  In many ways, this will allow you to ignore the opponents first few attacks if they are of an aggressive (re: damaging) nature and not focusing on their own set up.  Mantyke itself is great for setting up Water decks, being able to snag a Basic Water Pokémon from your deck for no Energy.  This means it can also grab Mantine to Evolve into on the next turn, if it would be desirable.


Abilities: This cards Poké-Body and attack are closely related, though it may not be obvious.  The attack, at a glance, seems rather mediocre.  Sure, 50 damage for just (WW) is nice, but you can’t use it again the next turn (unless you Bench and then bring it back out).  That’s where the Poké-Body comes in handy.  If Mantine is Evolved from Mantyke, it drops the Retreat Cost of all your Water Pokémon by two.  That means anything this a Retreat Cost of (C) or (CC) now has a free retreat, and that includes Mantine.  So it can attack and then get out of the way for something else.  The Body, combined with Mantyke’s usefulness in setting up, should get it played in most Water decks.  To make it just a bit better, Jumbo Fin stacks.  Two of them will allow every Modified-legal Water Pokémon to retreat for free.  Three would allow any Water Pokémon ever printed (that’s right, big ol’ Wailord ex).


Uses and

Combinations: Two Mantine, each evolved from Mantyke, and each with a Double Rainbow Energy, can hit for 40 as soon as turn 1 and just keep retreating to change out and keep it going.  This alone could bring down Water Weak decks, and is a solid aggressive tactic for most Water decks in general.  Combined with its use harassing Fighting decks and of course as a Bench sitter to give you all free retreating Pokémon, it’s has secured its place alongside Mantyke in the majority of Water decks.




Unlimited: 1/5 – I just can’t see the Retreat Cost mattering much for Unlimited, and if you want an attack to help you set up, you use Cleffa from Neo Genesis.


Modified: 3.5/5 – Most of this score comes from its important to Water decks, though one could conceivable add a 1-1 upwards of a 2-2 line for many decks to quickly deal with Water Weak opponents.  After all, even after losing 10 damage to Double Rainbow Energy, you can hit Infernape to 70 and Magmortar for 80, and more than likely OHKO their opening Basics early game.


Limited: 3/5 – Even lacking a Mantyke, it will just be a solid alternating beatstick: 50 every other turn isn’t as bad, since you just need something already powered up and you can just pay the Energy cost to retreat each turn.



Mantine Lv.25 MT
Good morning (Or afternoon, or night.) everyone. Today’s COTD is one that will see more play if water pokemon start to see more play. The ability to make all of your water pokemon have -2 retreat cost is great, and 50 damage for 2 (W) on a bench sitter is nothing to scoff at. It’s pretty simple, add one of these and one Mantyke to your water deck, and with only one Holon Mentor, all of your water pokemon will retreat for free (Unless they have more than 2 retreat.) This card combos well with umm… Every COTD (Other than yesterday’s) this week, and any other water pokemon you can think of.
Pros –
-2 retreat for your water pokemon
50 damage for 2 (w)
Cons –
Needs Mantyke
Unlimited – Could see very, very limited play in a Rain-dance deck 2/5
Modified – will see play in all water decks that don’t have free retreat cost 3.5/5
Limited – with multiple colors of pokemon in one deck, and no way to get Mantyke and Mantine at the same time, this card isn’t that great here 2.5/5
Mantine works in water decks, doesn’t in others,
“It doesn't matter what temperature the room is. It's always room-temperature.”
Michael from Denmark

2 worlds and 4 national finals.

Mantine lv 25


The new dodrio and nobody ever played dodrio. This only works on water types however. Giant wawe is a pretty solid attack DRE an go much better than fury attack at least. If this ever going to see play depends totally on the metagame and if anyone finds a good use for it. The card is not a bad card I may maynot be played


Classic 1.5

Modified 3

Limited 4

Jesse Farler
Mantine Lv. 25
In all honesty, Mantine is only good in those pure water decks. Even in an Empoleon variant, you wouldn't use this card unless you plan on using it with Mantine ä and use the Lv. 25 simply as a free retreat tech. Having Empoleons with free retreat would be great, but then again, Mantine would be an easy target for a Warp Point to get an easy prize.
Modified - 1/5...only good with Empoleon in my opinion.
Limited - 3/5...you do retreat a lot and the Mantyke can help you set up.
Olly mantine

unlimited: 3/5 not quite sure maybe good in a water deck perhaps?

modified: 3/5 partnered with empoleon and mantyke this card coul be a pretty useful setup card

limited: 2/5 saves you from adding a lot of energy to a pre release deck but thats about it

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