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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Aggron LV.49

Diamond & Pearl Mysterious Treasures


Date Reviewed: 09.19.07

Ratings & Reviews Summary
Unlimited: 1.25
Modified: 2.60
Limited: 3.25

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

Jesse Farler Aggron isn't really what we'd call a gem. It's Heap Up is definately the better of two very poor attacks. If there was an easier way of getting the Special Metals into the discard pile, it would be better.

Limited - 2/5...again, if you manage to get the full line, even then, it's not that good.

Modified - 2/5...still not that good. Way better Pokemon to play with.

Unlimited - 1/5...still no good...

Aggron Lv.49 MT

Hi there pokemon fans. Aggron (Today’s COTD) is known as a defensive beast, a tank of a pokemon. Not much can stand up to this guy in the videogames. This card looks great, but there are a few flaws that leave this pokemon vulnerable. First is the fact that you need four energies to do his second attack, it’s a bit overkill just to do 60 or 100 and 40 top itself. Second is the massive four retreat cost, he is literally stuck in the active slot unless you have a switch or something of the like. And last is the +40 weakness to fire, +30 and he could survive an attack from that Mad monkey, pyromaniac, Infernape.

Pros –
100 damage attack
130 HP
Resistance to psychic

Cons –
+40 weakness to fire
Four (M) to use Hard Metal
Four retreat

Unlimited – still to slow for Sneasle 1/5

Modified – 100 damage and 130 HP is nice, but the flaws kill it 3/5

Limited – 100 damage will kill everything, once you get four (M) on it 3.5/5

Hard Metal… Rock on,

“Judgment comes from experience, and great judgment comes from bad experience.”
Zink Aggron LV.49

This card is pretty good. 130 HP is pretty high but it has a +40 weakness to fire. Fire was extremely popular last season and it probably will be this season too. Due to Inferncatty and Blazeape(What atrocious names for decks) and the new magmortar it will have some problems. This card combos well with Delcatty from Power Keepers(Like everything else) since it can do 70 each turn just by dropping a special metal energy. Its second attack is expensive and horrible. First of all it costs 4 metal and does 60 or it can do 100 but Aggron does 40 to itself.Terrible. It has a resistence to psychic which doesn't matter since psychic isn't that playable. 4 Retreat cost is insanly high.

Good Points-130 Hp. Good first Attack

Bad Points- Weakness to fire, Resistance to psychic, 4 retreat cost, Terrible last attack.

Just stick with better, more playable cards.

Michael from Denmark

2 worlds and 4 national finals.

Aggron lv 49

Good hp very bad retreat you wont see this retreating so pack your switchs if playing it.

The attacks are both sub-par and its weakness is just downright awful. Flaming monkey beats this every day.


Modified 2

Classic 1

Limited 2


Hello folks.  Loathe though I am to do so, I have a choice: do the CotDs I suggested for this week (today’s and tomorrow’s) without my normal text spoiler and formatting… or don’t do them at all.  I have chosen the former.


Aggron LV.49 is a Stage 2 Metal Pokémon.  It Evolves from Lairon, which in turn Evolves from Aron, so let’s start with these lower Stages.  The most recent versions are from the same set as Aggron LV.49, Mysterious Treasures.  Aron LV.15 has fairly average HP for a Basic that can Evolve twice: 50.  This means that most Pokémon can OHKO it unless it is very early in the game or they too are under Evolved.  It has mediocre attack that for (MC) does 30 damage, but also 10 damage to itself.  This damage should be blocked if you have at least one copy of the Special Energy Metal Energy (as opposed to the new Basic Energy version), but it then it only becomes an adequate attack and is still nothing special.  The other two Modified Legal 50 HP Aron have better attacks than this… but have the classic Fire Weakness instead of a mere +10 damage.  Given all the flaming monkeys and roosters that really is significant.  There are also a lot of Fighting Pokémon kicking around.  After all, Battle Roads will look to counter what was seen at Worlds, right?  Well, smart players will do that but also realize that there are going to be scads of competent “bush league” players who don’t have the money to run the top decks or travel to any tournaments that aren’t at least close to “local”.  Never underestimate these kinds of players.  I am one of them. XD  So far, I’ve never been to a tournament that wasn’t in my home state, and my home state is Iowa: not too big.  The best bet for players such as my self is to a) run an easy to assemble established deck while attempting some killer TecH… or counter such decks and hope to avoid any nasty surprises.  So I expect a lot of Fire, a lot of Fighting, but also a good deal of Water and Psychic.  So that mere +10 against Fire is far better than x2, and Resistance to Psychic, especially at -20, seems like a pretty good reason to choose Aron LV.15 over its better attacking elders.  The others have the classic -30 for Resistance, but it is to Grass which I expect to see less of.  To wrap up Aron Lv.15, note it does have a Retreat Cost of two, which is high but given its expensive retreating Evolutions, you probably have a decent amount of switching cards in deck.


Lairon LV.32 is the next Stage of the Evolution line, and while it’s tempting to ignore it (we can Rare Candy to skip it) that is a fatal error.  Any game that isn’t a blow out one way or another will probably have a deciding moment.  That moment will often be early in set up or late in the game when you’re throwing whatever you deck has left, and that is when your choice of Stage 1 is vital.  Unlike the Aron, there is no real doubt that Lairon LV.32 is the winner.  It has great attacks: the first gets precious Metal Energy from the discard while removing 2 damage counters for just (M) and the second is a nice, solid 50 without any draw backs save costing (MMC). It has a solid 80 HP (for a Stage 1 with an Evolution still available) and none of the other versions surpass it.  It has +20 Weakness to Fire, but that is far better than double Weakness against all but the weakest Fire attacks.  It has a solid Psychic -20 for Resistance, though it also has a hefty Retreat Cost of three.  Again, you should already have worried about Retreat Costs due to Aggron, so it isn’t a critical draw back.


Now for the main attraction, Aggron: this version has 130 HP which should stretch pretty far with some Metal Energy (special Energy version).  Looking at the bottom stats, we see it does have a very nasty Weakness: +40 for Fire.  This is still better than a double Weakness unless its early game (anything hitting for 30 or less does more than if the damage was doubled, but everything else does the same or less).  We still have -20 for the Psychic Resistance.  I had hoped they’d bump it up a bit, but I am just happy to see Resistance at all, let alone on all three Stages.  The Retreat Cost of 4 is huge and should greatly influence how you run this deck, either with many cards to switch out Actives as needed, or to lower the Retreat Cost, or to make it easier to soak of the damage and shed Special Conditions.


The real meat of the card, as usual, is the attacks.  There are two, and they aren’t too bad.  The first, Heap Up, does 40 for two of any Energy, but if there is at least one Special Energy version of Metal Energy in your discard pile, then it does 70.  Then it throws all the Energy back into your deck.  This seems pretty handy and a good way to start the game.  Once you get set up, the second attack, Hard Metal, should be hard to keep up against.  It does 60 damage, which is only “fair” for (MMMM), and actually substandard considering this is a Stage 2.  However, you have the option of pumping this up to 100 damage if you do 40 damage to yourself.  If your opponent sends up small Pokémon to stall, you can waste them no problem.  Once you get four copies of Metal Energy (Special Energy version, of course), you can then just choose to do a flat 100 a turn.


As a whole, this card is solid, but not really a tournament winner.  Bronzong LV.40, which we will look at tomorrow, should have some solid synergy with Aggron, as might the older version of Aggron from EX Power Keepers.  All that really is needed is a good source of healing or Energy acceleration.  Sadly, I can’t seem to find anything stand out except Vaporeon*, and that is hard to re-use.




Unlimited: 1/5 – Hardly a card for this format.


Modified: 3.5/5 – It is more than a straight forward beatstick and seems close to having a “deck” for it.  So close it makes me wonder if we’ll see the “missing piece” of a combo come in another set or two.  Keep an eye on it.


Limited: 3.8/5 – I am a little leery of the Fire Weakness for this format, though if you can pull the full line, it is a solid Stage 2 Pokémon and given the strength of the Lairon in this format, it would be a worthy deck focus.  If you actually pull a Metal Energy to trigger the first attacks bonus or just reinforce Aggron, it does indeed become much better.

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