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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day



Power Keepers


Date Reviewed: 10.29.07

Ratings & Reviews Summary
Unlimited: 1.33
Modified: 3.33
Limited: 4.25

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

2005 World

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Unlimited - I don't think I need to explain why it's bad here lol. 1/5
Modified - An obvious combo is Magneton PK with Delcatty PK. Energy draw, get your energy back, energy draw next turn, rinse and repeat. It's not useful in a lot of decks though, since night maintenance can get back energy too. If you have plenty of energy in play then Magnetic Force can do a ton of damage. 70 HP sucks though. 3/5
Limited - I get angry in limited when I can't draw the right type of energy when I want it. Magneton solves that problem. 4/5


Another Monday, another rushed review.


I apologize to those who appreciate my normal in depth nature, but as usually I find I have much to talk about and little time to talk about it in.


The Magneton reprinted in EX Power Keepers came to my attention in its first iteration.  Locally it was a very familiar site as a semi-regular player in Iowa built a deck around Groudon ex from EX Hidden Legends.  Overshadowed by decks like BAR, this was a refreshing deck: strong but without feeling unfair.  Groudon ex would attack with Crushing Mantle, discarding oodles of Energy for a OHKO.  Each turn, Magneton would fetch the Energy back so it could do it again.  As it was a local deck that we saw every tournament for the length of the combo’s legality.  So strong is the memory I am drawing a blank as to the actual combo the “official” Magneton decks were built around.


Magneton’s attributes are forgettable, especially by modern standards, except for its -30 Resistance to Metal Pokémon (which is quite nice).


So Magneton’s Poké-Power is pretty handy if you have an effect that requires discard fodder.  Quite a few decks run EX Power Keepers Delcatty with Energy Draw, and the two are a natural combo: discard fodder (or often another Basic Energy card) to constantly get Energy from the discard to then fuel Delcatty’s drawing.


Magneton’s Poké-Power isn’t its only strong feature: its Magnetic Force attack can be very damaging with a good set up, often involving other Pokémon using Double Rainbow Energy (for +20 to its damage without the -10 drawback affecting Magneton), Scramble Energy and sometimes even Boost Energy.


Right now, its best Modified use is probably in decks like my Delgatron, more commonly called Hurricane.  My name is a lame amalgam of the names of the key Pokémon used (Delcatty, Feraligatr, and Magneton), and I only use it because it sounds vaguely Cybertronian.  Yes I am weird.  Hurricane decks (as they are more commonly called) use the trio to regularly cycle Energy for big damage: Delcatty discards an Energy and hopefully draws it to the hand, while the Mysterious Treasures version of Feraligatr uses its Cyclone attack to throw Energy from the hand back into the deck for 20 damage per Energy card.   Magneton is important because without it, you’d have to constantly use Trainers to get back the discarded Energy from Delcatty.  At least a 1-1 and preferably a 2-2 line is a must for Hurricane decks, as like their namesake storm, without fuel they dry up and die.  While one could try and just use Delcatty ex to throw all the Energy back into the deck with its Upstream attack, that’s just not thinking: you’ll have a small Pokémon ex probably getting KO’d and ending the game before you can take advantage of the rejuvenation, plus Magneton instantly feeds the Energy to Delcatty.


Well, this review is longer than I expected, but fairly rambling.  I’ve been running the Hurricane type of deck for just a few weeks, and most of my matches with it were at Battle Roads or the side event of our Secret Wonders Pre-Release.  Still, I am convinced it is a great deck and that really boosts Magneton’s score.  So impressed am I that I am honestly wondering if a 1-1 or 2-2 line of Magneton belongs beside most Delcatty




Unlimited: 1/5

Modified: 3.65/5

Limited: 4/5

Magneton PK

Good day, today’s COTD is one of the first in a long while that doesn’t have a level, and isn’t from D&P or later. Now that people have pokemon without the dangerous x2 weakness (One of the best changes pokemon has had in a while) there are only a few reasons a person would still use a pokemon with weakness x2. One, the pokemon sits on the bench and weakness doesn’t matter (Like today’s COTD or Delcatty.) Two, the pokemon was broken/near broken before and is still good (Like Flygon ex d or in unmodified.) Or, the player isn’t using a deck that is going to do as good as new D&P formatted decks (Like noobish people =P.) Today’s card falls under the first of these three, having almost no place in active position other than to retreat soon (Or as bait, a wall, Ect.) His power is great, being able to retrieve energy from the discard can save lives (And pokemon.)

Pros –
His power rocks
Dude, I think that’s all this guy has for pros. =P

Cons –
X2 Weakness
Only 70 HP
OHKOness by Lucario

Unlimited – Sneasle kills all. 1/5

Modified – He is good in the right deck 3.75/5

Limited – is there even still limited tourneys for PK? 4/5

I hope you had a good time at prereleases (If you had them yet/went to them,)

“A stupid man’s report of what a smart man says is never really accurate because he unconsciously translates what he hears into something he can understand.”


My name is Magneton

I was made out of scraps

With my Magnetic Force

I make Computers collapse


Unlimited: Could be nice in certain Decks since you can discard any one card. But we still have Eco Gym.


Rating : 2/5


Modified: Good card here especially if you combine it with Gatr and Catty. Getting back those needed energy can be very effective in certain Decks.


Rating : 3/5


Limited: Limited is all about getting the RIGHT Energy, so if you can get back the RIGHT Energy it can be Game Breaking.


Rating : 5/5

Michael from Denmark

2 worlds and 4 national finals.


Magneton PK

This card was a killer in its time. Nowadays there are much more ways to punish pokes using pokepowers making this considerably weaker. Its attack is ok in some decks where you can stack a lot of energies. Overall good card

Classic 2
Modified 4
Limited 3

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