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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Gallade, Lv. 55

Diamond & Pearl Secret Wonders


Date Reviewed: 10.22.07

Ratings & Reviews Summary
Unlimited: 1.33
Modified: 3.33
Limited: 3.00

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

2005 World

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Unlimited - Pretty bad. If you want to do consistent OHKOs, use Suicune ex and Blastoise. 1/5
Modified - This card has potential.  Sonic Blade followed by a Psychic Cut equals a 2 hit KO on any pokemon in the game. Sonic Blade can be powered up by a single DRE, and since the attack places counters instead of doing damage, DRE doesn't reduce its effect.  You can easily get 2-3 OHKOs off of Psychic Cut before all your prizes are flipped. Gallade is Fighting type which is bad news for Blissey. Psychic Pokemon are few and far between so the weakness isn't bad. 4/5
Limited - Could be tough to get out, being that it's a Stage 2 and all. If you're lucky enough to get a couple Ralts and Kirlia, throw this in. 3/5

Gallade, Lv. 55
HP 130
Sonic Blade and Psychic Cut (? and 60+)
(CC) retreat
weakness to psychic +30
resistance to nothing :-(

ok, gallade. first I have to say I hate the art. that is all. just kidding.
the HP is as of now, the highest it can be for non-ex pokemon. this is pretty good. moving on.
Sonic blade is reasonable for two energies, but if it didn't switch...
psychic cut is the attack I'd use this for. basically, you can add 120 damage in different amounts at anytime. you can score a OHKO on anything, but right now theres no way to flip them back down. if there was this would be sick. right now it can score at least one OHKO, maybe two on 120 HP things. all in all, I like this better than sonic blade.
retreat is good, two is quite reasonable. weakness is getting worse, as they are making a lot of formerly poison pokes to psychic type, instead of grass type. hopefully psychic cut will be able to help there.
resistance is to nothing, not to hot about that. resistance needs to be on more cards. It's a critical part of the in-game experience, and needs to be integrated into the game more.

Unlimited: 2/5 I see some hope here

Modified: 3.5/5 guaranteed OHKO on everything.

Limited: 4/5 as above

Tiberius out
Ian Jefferson Today we have a new pokemon from the Diamond and Pearl games, in his very first card appearance. Gallade, a psychic/fighting pokemon that shares an evolution line with Gardevoir.

130HP is good for a stage 2, the +30 weakness is rough, but it is a stage 2 after all, so you can't expect much less. No resistance, ouch. Retreat cost 2.....average.

The attacks are slightly different than anything we have seen before. Sonic Blade does damage counters up to 50hp remaining. Sounds great in theory, 100 damage to an EX something or another, 80 to a Blissey. But in reality, once the attack is used, the party is over. A little basic pokemon will only take 10-20 damage, only evolved, full life pokemon take serious damage from the first attack. And then, the pokemon is switched AFTER damage. And your opponent chooses the benched pokemon that comes up.

Now you are stuck with something with too much hp remaining on the bench. It won't take enough from Drag Off for a KO, and unless it has a PokePower, Rayquaza EX won't be much sniping help either.

The second attack is a little better. Standard 60 damage for 3 energy. I tell my kids at league that roughly 20 damage per energy card. That can change depending on what else the attack does (special conditions, coin flip for extra damage, etc.) So 60 for 3 is fairly standard. The extra damage by turning up prizes is a cool effect. Up the damage to 100 for the OHKO by flipping over two prizes, then pick one up knowing what you are getting. Sadly, after the 6 prizes have been flipped, the damage stacking is over for the whole game.

This card is a early game attacker obviously, but with lame attacks, it may not see much play. With the exception of Gardevoir EX delta players slamming 1 in in hopes of getting to  Blissey before the Holon FF does.

Unlimited:  1   NO reason to play this card in this format.

Modified:  2.5  Maybe there is something in another DP set that makes this card useful, but right now, its just an inconsistent 130hp stage 2 cannon fodder pokemon.

Limited: 2  Low HP mostly stage 1 decks are common in this format, too much work for too little damage.

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