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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Charizard Lv. 55

Diamond & Pearl Secret Wonders


Date Reviewed: 10.15.07

Ratings & Reviews Summary
Unlimited: 1.10
Modified: 3.00
Limited: 3.25

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

Yay, a new card from the new set, joy. =D
Charizard Lv.55 SW
Good day to you, hope you’ve had a great weekend. Today’s COTD is the first COTD from the new Secret Wonders set. This set looks really promising, having many, many cards that will help there be more than just a few decks floating around by the time regional’s and world come around. But enough about that, this Charizard is one of the first for a while that I would call playable (Last one being the delta one in the HP set.) Obviously the first thing most people notice it the amazing 120 attack damage, and the massive 130 HP. The Poke-body ‘Fury blaze’ is great too, if your opponent has 3 or less prizes left, 120 turns into 170! Wow, that is a ton of damage, it can OHKO anything in modified. The attack is great, for 3 (f) and a © you do 120 damage then flip a coin if heads you discard two energies from Charizard. If tails, you have to discard four energies from Charizard. Dang, either have an easy way to recharge Charizard, or pray that you get a heads. The weakness is Ok, as even at +40 he is able to survive a OHKO from most water pokemon. The resistance is great as there is a lot of Mario running around (As he always does *Video game joke*) the retreat cost is a bit heavy, but can be played around (Warp point anyone?) Just add this, Blaziken w/ fire starter, and Typhlosion w/ fire starter and you may be able to do 120 or 170 damage every turn!
Pros –
120 damage
130 HP
‘Fury Blaze’
Resistance to fighting
Cons –
+ 40 water weakness
3 retreat
Expensive (Energy wise)
Unlimited – way too slow, this card can do 120 in 4-6 turns, Sneasle can do in 2. 1/5
Modified – could work as long as you base the deck around him. 4.25/5
Limited – too energy expensive, will rune you dry before you win. 3.5/5
Someday, I may be calling this card the “Omega pokemon BBQer” but for now…
“I have a mind like a steel trap; it is sharp and illegal in 47 states.”




My name is Charizard

I got Fury Blaze

Even thuogh I’m Hot

I don’t have a My Space


Unlimited: Not that good here since Suicune Ex and Blastoise run this Format.


Rating : 1/5


Modified: There are better cards that can do 120 like Electivire.


Rating : 1/5


Limited: It’s Body could be kinda good in Limited if you can get it out.


Rating : 2/5

well... one of the first pokemon ever... lets see if time has diminished it any.

the HP is good, can survive a OHKO from just about anything, though water tears this apart. simply, don't play against water. again, like last week, fire is getting countered harder than ever with the face of some new water decks.

Fury Blaze is almost needed, considering how devastating the attack can be to your own charizard, but It effectively makes Blast Burn a OHKO on anything. even pokemon ex can be nailed by this. only wailord can avoid him, but then again, why are you playing chari against him, and why is your opponent playing a wailord anyway?? ^^

resistance is rather good, considering the mario decks (machamp/lucario) that have been wrecking havoc.

all in all, alright, but I believe there are slightly better choices for a fire deck these days, especially when this one can discard four energies on the flip of a coin. :-( we're doing another card this week that I like much better. check for another fire poke later this week

Unlimited: 1.5/5

Modified: 3.1/5

Limited: 4/5 BURNINATION!!!
Michael Charizard lv 55


This card is terrible . just considering playing this requires serious commitment to cards that bring in loads energies and that isnt even enough

The pokebody isn’t useless but close a pluspower is going to do the same for you.


Modified 2

Classic 1

Limited 1



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