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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day



Diamond & Pearl Mysterious Treasures


Date Reviewed: 10.13.07

Ratings & Reviews Summary
Unlimited: 1.50
Modified: 3.67
Limited: 4.40

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

Typhlosion Lv.46 MT
Happy Friday. Today’s COTD is one that looks oddly familiar to another fire pokemon… Who’s that pokemon? It’s Blaziken! They both have the “Fire Starter” Ability, but they both have slight differences. First of all, Typhlosion has 10 more HP, you may be saying “It’s only 10 HP, it doesn’t matter that much.” But it does matter, most pokemon around are trying to do an easy 100 damage to OHKO the “Great Guru of Flaming Gasses” Infernape, that 10 HP could save your live (Or actually, his.) The attacks are deadly close in usefulness, one does damage to bench pokemon, and the other discards water energy on the active. Discarding water energy may not sound that great now, but try facing an Empoleon deck with this and you will be glad to have him. Also, Typhlosion does 10 more damage and keeps all of his energy. Seems like Typhlosion wins here too. Both pokemon have weakness to water, but Typhlosion has the new +30 weakness, not x2. And both pokemon hold the same 2 retreat cost.
These are all in comparison to Blaziken.
Pros –
10 more damage
10 more HP
Only +30 weakness
Cons –
Not as easy to get
Unlimited – Nope, and more nope 1/5
Modified – Try it in place of Blaziken in your Infernape deck sometime 4/5
Limited – Energies from the grave, cool. 4.75/5
Enjoy your weekend everyone,
“I was wearing my glasses when my prescription ran out.”
Michael from Denmark

2 worlds and 4 national finals.

Typhlosien lv 46


This is useful in the same decks as blaziken and is basically the same card…

Its weakness is better than blazikens but not much of a difference. I prefer blazikens attack hitting 10 to all bench have won me several games and cannot be overestimated..

Hp prefers typh but all up to preference.


Modified 2.75

Classic 1

Limited 4

So we have Typhlosion today. quite a beast. 110 HP is all right, 130 being the max right now, isn't too bad.
what really jumps out at me now is the power: Firestarter. basically, it can be used to power up your benched fire guys, straight from the discard. potent, eh?
evaporating heat is also rather good. it can save you from a pummeling from a water deck, by simply depriving them of energy to perform their attacks. which is rather needed considering it has a rather average HP for a stage 2.
the retreat cost is at two, which is just about good right now, considering you can retreat when you need to, without too much of a punishment. Firestarter can also help you recover quickly from a needed benching.
this is just what is needed for some of those infernape decks to help combat the water decks sprouting up to fight them. good, but not overpowered.

Unlimited: 2.5/5

Modified: 4/5

Limited: 4/5
Ian Jefferson Typhlosion, a good card just by itself, but when you really need to re-attach fire energy, this card is far better than Blaziken.

Blaze can do damage to the bench, and thats great and all. With the upspring of Double Rainbow, and multi, and the ever handy Holon's Castform, Typhosion has a much better attack. Any kind of rainbow energy counts as everything at once. So when you attack, your opponent must discard 1 water. Say goodbye to Castform (two turns worth of attaching) and DRE, and that precious scramble when you are behind. If your opponent has no rainbow style energy, then the attack just does a solid 60 for 3. Not great, but the Firestarter power more than makes up for it.

Limited: 3.5 Only if you get a good line of it, and limited decks are generally super multi colored energy, so firestarter may not help much.

Constructed: 4 Magmortar LV. X alone is reason to use this card. And theres always Delcatty and Alakazam discarding cards all over the place.

Unlimited: 1 If you can get the evolution out, congrats, use the power now. Next turn the Aerodactyl/ATM Rock will bring it to a swift end. Don't bother with Rare Candy, Slowking handles those.

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