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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Crystal Guardians


Date Reviewed: 05.09.07

Ratings & Reviews Summary
Unlimited: 1.50
Modified: 3.10
Limited: 3.67

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

Alex Bramham

Top 8
UK Nationals

If you're using Blaziken, then THIS is the combusken. During setup, you
simply mentor for your basics and a castform then next turn warp point,
celio's, attach castform and blast that opponent's castform! Focus energy is
also cool if you get the chance to really put on the pressure before you
discard a fire to retreat for Blaziken's firestarter and evolve again.
Groovy stuff, but Blaziken lacks that X factor Metanite has for consistency.


British Nationals

Good Hp, Respectable attacks , considering that your gonna evolve him into blaziken, he is decent if your running a fire and fighting deck that involves blaziken.


PTO - St. Louis
"You must respect my authoitae"
Combusken...EX Crystal Guardians.

Great! We have a fighting type chicken weak to Psychic!

80 Hp is nice, but, 1 for "focus punch" (read, you are getting knocked out anyway most likely against 90% of the decks out there, even with 80 HP)

Then, 2 for 30, is really, well, underpowered in this envio.

Psychic weakness makes this chicken food for Mew, Vibrava/Flygon, Deoxys Metagross, Espeon, Banette, and the list goes on...DON'T PLAY IT.

The fighting type, and 2 for 30 aspect is very tempting. Turn 2 popping a Castform, or an Elekid, Pikachu, a lot of fighting weak stuff right now.

If I felt the need, or desire, to splash some fighting in my Fire/Blaziken deck, this may be the choice I make...

Boy, do I sound like I am on the fence? If you are playing the Crystal Guardians Blaziken EX...fighting type, you may well use this baby.

OK, let's rate it.

Unlimited. Blaziken? I don't think so. 1/5

Modified...Pink Decks (Blaziken/Delcatty Variants) are becoming more and more popular. It may have some use in here...I will stretch to give it a 2.5/5

Limited...OK, 2 for 30 is good in draft and fighting is a good draft type. Unfortunately Psychic is a good draft type too. It's not as easy in limited to knock this out in one hit...and you may be able to focus punch. .Let's be nice and go 3.5/5 here.

This is all subject to change when the magic of Diamond and Pearl comes out!

Moza Combusken CG

Well, he is fighting type, so focus energy then high jump kick could OHKO steelix ex, and steelix would have to mudslide it because of it's 80 HP.

But I like burn better, so use the other one

Modified: 2/5

Limited: 3.5/5
Combusken – Crystal Guardians

Hello again. Today’s COTD is the stage one of the pokemon Blaziken. There are now 6! (Yes 6!) Combusken’s in the modified format. Here’s a list of them, Combusken CG 16/100 (the COTD,) Combusken P3 7/17, Combusken CG 21/100, Combusken PK 29/108, Combusken EM 25/106, Combusken T2 2/10. The biggest difference between the COTD Combusken and all the other ones is that the COTD one is the only fighting type Combusken (and has a psychic weakness not water.) The problem with this is that there is only one fighting Blaziken and that the COTD Combusken has psychic weakness (has Banette bait written all over it.) All in all I’d stick with a fire type Combusken (probably the T2 or the PK one.)

Unlimited – 2/5 Blaziken isn’t strong enough in unlimited to make this pokemon very good.

Modified – 3/5 There are better Combusken you can use.

Limited – 4/5 There are two Combusken in the set, run whatever you need to run to use your Blaziken.

Smell ya later, =P

“Keep smiling, it makes people wonder what you're up to.”

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