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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Pachirisu - lv23

Diamond & Pearl


Date Reviewed: 05.24.07

Ratings & Reviews Summary
Unlimited: 1.50
Modified: 2.12
Limited: 2.88

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

PTO - St. Louis
"You must respect my authoitae"
OK, The Electric Squirrel

I hope they discover an evolution for him soon, because this is ONE SAD Pokemon!

Let's talk about all the good things....70 HP and Metal Resistance for a basic, not bad. 20 damage for 1 energy, not bad too!

Now let's talk about ALL the bad things....

1 Attack gets you a basic energy...WOW...sarcasm

2 One attack on a flip damages yourself too....oof.

3 No evolutions to go into

No real synergy with ANY other Pokemon. If you really need a basic energy, play energy search and ANY other Pokemon.

OK, it's kind of cute in a Pikachu way.

Ratings...this is easy.

Unlimited...1/5....if your opponent starts with this, get ready to shake a paw, your match will not take long.

Modified...1/5...I cannot think of many worse Pokemon at all.

Limited...2.5/5...70 HP basic that does 20 for 1 energy, and helps accelerate energy in a low energy draft deck (if anyone does that)...OK, there may be SOME potential here.

There you go!


Pachirisu Lv.23 Diamond & Pearl
Hey there, life treatin ya good? =D This card is not good at all. No good attacks (if you want energy use Mr. Stones Project,) No evolution, and its only damaging attack only does 20 damage and may hurt itself. Other than that, the HP is nice for a basic, and resistance to metal is great. This card is begging for better attacks or an evolution.
Nice HP
Nice resistance
No good attacks
No evolutions
No good attacks =P (needed to be said twice.)
Unlimited – Lol no. 1/5
Modified – Nice try, try again. 1.25/5
Limited – It’s OK here. Good HP and can search for energies. 3/5
That’s all. Greenzangoose out,
“Procrastinate now, don't put it off.”
James the
My Review of Pachirisu

Hey Its Me the M-Azing one here time for My Second Pokemon cotd review! My First one was of Torterra but it was placed under the Luxio cotd just incase anyone was wondering why my Review sounded a little weird. Today We look at Pachirisu the Electric Squirrel Pokemon. I don’t know about you but when I first ran into one of these in my Diamond game I Thought of Foamy the Squirrel XD. Anyway Enough of that its time for the Review on Foamy the Electric Squirrel.

Well to Start off he’s a Base Form Electric type with 70 hp and no Evolutions. His retreat cost is one, he’s plus 20 weak against fighting, and both his attacks cost one energy each already this guy sounds not half bad well to be honest he isn’t that bad. His first attack is called Minor Errand-Running and the cost is one Colorless energy. Basically this attack naps you an energy card from your deck once per turn, its kind of like running a Continuous Energy Search as long as he stays alive. His Second attack Thunder Jolt isn’t to Shabby either with a cost of one Lightning Energy and doing 20 Damage regardless, it does have a weakness however , when using the attack you have to flip a coin, if the results are Tails our little friend here takes 10 Damage, meaning on a bad day you’ve got a max of 6 jolts before he fries himself…providing he doesn’t get Ko’ed first. So to Sum it up if you Run an Electric Deck try a copy or 2 out, early game he can give you Energy for the more important pokemon on the bench and if needed can hit for some damage early on.

Unlimited: 2.5/5 He could prove alright beside some BBP’s of the past such as base set Electabuzz and the swarms of Pikachu ad Raichu running wild.

Modified: 3/5 a lot less Electric types here to chose from here.

Limited: 4/5 not Perfect but with even less Electric types to pick from he could provide some cheap damage and a little extra speed for powering up a bigger hitter later on.

~Hope you enjoyed today’s review, if anyone ever wants to reach me you Can send me an Email at MajinJames04@yahoo.com just state in the title something that will let me know your E-Mailing me about a Pojo or something of the like.~

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