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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Luxio lv 19

Diamond & Pearl

1000th COTD Review

Date Reviewed: 05.21.07

Ratings & Reviews Summary
Unlimited: 1.25
Modified: 2.75
Limited: 4.00

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.


My name is Luxio

Do the Thunder Fang

I can Paralyze Pokemon

Like it ain’t no thing


Today’s our 1000th CotD


*Congrats Pojo and all of  it’s CotD Reviewers trough all these years*

*And a special thanks to our World Champion the man who made CotD famous*

Jason Klazynski!



Unlimited: Not that much of a good use here.


Rating : 1/5



Modified: It’s evolved version has a good poke-power. But depending on the Metagame I will be able to decide about it’s use. The rotation still has to take place until then every card can be  good or bad. As for now…


Rating : 2/5



Limited: Yup I can tell here cause it has free retreat that’s the key in Limited.

And for 1 energy it’s able to do up to 40 damage. 2 for 30 and a 50% chance of Paralyze.


Rating : 3/5

Alex Bramham

Top 8
UK Nationals
Luxio L19

Nothing on it that screams playable to me. He's simply the middle stage in a mediocre evolution line. Metal resistance is positive but for only -20 it's irrelevant. The final evolution is a poor excuse for a Stage 2. Luxray may grab you a prize but then he's just there. Just another card that confirms the poor content of DP cards :(

The 1000th review card should have been so more awesome.

Koopa-Troopa Play it. It's the only one out at the moment and the attacks aren't bad at all for a stage one. It even has a solid 80hp to take a shot or two.

Unlimited: Too much opposition from better electric pokemon here. 1/5

Modified: You don't have much choice now do you. 3/5

Limited: Yes. Not as great as electawin, but it's pretty darn close.5/5

British Nationals



anyway this card is pretty good, 50% chance of 40 damage for 1 energy and 50% chance of paralysis for to plus thirty dmg. he also has a nice hp which is good.

Modified: 5.0

PTO - St. Louis
"You must respect my authoitae"
1000 Pokemon Cards! Wow! Over 3 Years of COTDs!!!

Luxio...what a nice little Electric Stage 1!

80 HP, free retreat, both great for a stage 1.

1 any energy for a flip and hit for 40 is nicely overpowered...a rare type of attack on a stage 1.

2 lightning for 30, flip for paralyzed, not bad either.

If it were a stage 1 line, we would say the attacks are too underpowered. Problem is, on the stage 2 line, the attacks are not all that great either! 80 max damage, in this, the age of 90 for 2 (Infernape) 200 for 3 (Lugia EX) or even 110 for 4 (Metagross Delta) makes this whole line a bit underpowered.

Given the "newness" of the card, and the potential for combos with Pokemon Like Electovire, Dragonite Delta, and the like...it may see some play before it hits the trade binders.

So, for the 1000th time...

Unlimited...um, maybe 1 for a flip and 50 isn't all that bad...pluspower gives you a shot at KOing a Sneasel...but, it is a stage 1...so...

I feel generous...2/5

Modified...If it had a better stage 2, it might actually see some play. There are SOOO many better ways to go in this envio. Just waiting for Chuck, Jimmy and Ness to prove me wrong. 2.2/5

Limited...Grab it. Free Retreat, colorless attack, all good things in draft, and if you don't play it, you don;t want someone else to be playing it!

There you go! Thanks folks

Moza It's good to be here for the 1000th card review, sorry if I haven't done as much reviewing as I would like, been busy with a lot of things, but onto Luxio!

This card is actually a pretty decent stage 1. 80 hp, 1 energy for a possible 40, and 2 L for 30 and paralyze. Since it is the only Luxio legal(to my knowledge), and you will only be using it to get to it's stage 2(was it Luxray?), it gets a 5/5 all format.

Happy CoTD Day Pojo!

Muk Man

Today’s 1000th Card Of The Day is…Luxio from Diamond & Pearl

A very average stage 1 Pokemon, with 80hp and a nice attack. For 1 colorless energy, if you flip heads, you can dish out 40 damage, even if you flip tails there is no drawback. Even thunder fang is pretty solid, but because he is just the middleman you only want to attack with him once. But you can’t deny the free retreat he has.


Combos: Works well with Luxray


Modified:  3/5 Nothing too special, but strong enough to survive as a stage 1

Limited: 3/5 free retreat and a solid attacks



Current ebay Value: $??? (Promo going for $20-30)


Diamond Friend Code 0000-9956-0916


~Muk Man~

P.S. Jeff Reynolds is the best T.O. EVER!



For questions or comments, send an email to Treluv3@Excite.com





James the
Hi POJO! Its James the M-Azing one here writing his First Pokemon Card of the Day. Your probably wondering who I am so Ill Tell you a little about myself before we get to what I signed up to deliver. Well I’m 21, I Play Pokemon on a Casual Level, played since the release of Base set all them years ago. I stopped collecting around the time the Neo Discovery Came out and well didn’t pick back up till Crystal Guardians so I guess you could say I’m a little outdated in my Ways in Pokemon.
Ok so time for what you came to see the Card of the day is…..TORTERRA The Continent Pokemon! This Version is Grass and like Most Grass it suffers a weakness form the ever popular Fire type though I think with the Diamond and Pearl set they’ve Changed how weakness and Resistance is Applied so If im Right Fire types Do an Extra 30 damage to our Giant leaf Turtle which I guess is good and Bad because attacks like Base Set Charmanders Scratch would only do 20 to this guy where as something like Base set Charizards Fire Spin would only do 130 instead of 200 damage. His Hp looks pretty solid for a Stage 2 pokemon with a Total of 140. Now being a Stage 2 means your going to have to do a little work to use this guy but you already know that, but I believe this could be one of the better stage 2 grass pokemon of new Era.
His attacks are ok one being Body slam for 3 Colorless with 30 Damage and a Chance to make the Defending Pokemon Paralyzed, in Extended you could soften this cost by running some Colorless energy which would help out with his next attack but If not I Believe Modified Has a grass type that allows Multiple energy placement sort of like Rain Dance did back in the day…Even So this attack really just aint worth the Effort put into getting the pokemon out to Begin with. Now is other attack does have some uses, this one being called Leaf Storm which takes to Grass Energy and 2 colorless. IN Unlimited you could pull this off fairly easy within 3 turns with a Colorless energy and 2 Grass energy, Modified however I think it would take just a little longer though double rainbow energy would prove a huge boost for this Guy. The 60 Damage is nice and with the Healing power added on that removes 2 counters from all grass Pokemon on your bench make him an ok Choice for a Grass deck needing a Moderate hitter with a little recovery thrown in for kick.
To sum this up I guess he’s ok, he’s not on my list of Must haves since I’ve never really used Grass Pokemon… I’m a Water/Fighting Kind of Guy but Hey one day Ill make a Grass Deck Maybe ill try this Guy a Tryout out.
Unlimited: 1.5/5 Low Score but he still can be useful in a Grass Deck or even maybe a Hybrid of Damage Swap? Now there is an Idea ><
Modified: 3/5 Average Score I really cant Judge here since I Don’t attend Tourneys or anything but again In the right build he May just prove to be useful.
Limited: 3/5 if you can Manage to get him out Go for it, Probably any Basic Pokemon that goes against him wont last long at all.

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