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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Darkness Energy

Holon Phantoms


Date Reviewed: 05.01.07

Ratings & Reviews Summary
Unlimited: 3.33
Modified: 3.50
Limited: 3.50

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.


Darkness Energy is a Special Energy card that was first introduced in Neo Genesis.  Given how well known the card is, how many sets it appears in, and how the wording has changed over the releases, I will just let you look this one up.  Simply put Darkness Type Pokémon and Pokémon with “Dark” in their name can use this as something of a permanent “Plus Power”, but that’s offset by the fact that it will use up an Energy attachment and if they aren’t using it to meet a (D) or (C) Energy cost, then that attachment will seem wasted once the Pokémon is KOed.  I’ve even seen it left out of some decks that have Darkness Energy requirements on the Pokémon’s attacks because it was just easier to use the many other sources of providing (D) Energy we now have, like Holon’s Castform, Double Rainbow Energy, Dark Metal Energy, and Rainbow Energy just to name a few.


I’ve heard rumors (maybe they’ve been confirmed or disproved by now) that in the Diamond and Pearl based expansions that are coming; we’ll finally get a Dark Basic Energy card.  If this is true, I can see why: there are so many alternative ways to meet the cost it’s no longer as big a deal as it once was, and shouldn’t unbalance the game.  Moreover, it might remove some confusion when teaching new players.  If this is the case, it would be nice if they considered keeping the Special Energy versions as well but making them for other Types too.  That is Special Energy cards that provide some of the current Basic Energy Types but with a beneficial effect for Pokémon of that Type.


The following scores will seem misleading unless you realize they assume you’ve got quite a few Pokémon that either need it or can get the bonus damage from it.




All: 4/5

Alex Bramham

Top 8
UK Nationals
Darkness energy

As a type, darkness is well balanced. With the rotation of Rocket and the Dragtrode archetype, there are few dark types left. The most potent - Sableye, Shiftry and Absol ex benefit from this energy but lack the delta tag. Darkness basically loses to fightings (Eggs and rogue) but matches very well versus ghosts because of resistance and their weakness (Banette ex and rogue). As middle tier decks accommodate it, darkness energy gets a middle rating.


Anthony C
AKA- The Ft. Laud. Loud Mounth
League Leader
Top 32 Grinder 2004
Darkness Energy

Unlimited- This card is only good for dark pokemon since it does adds an extra 10 damage to their attacks, in unlimited the pokemon that will use this the most is sneasel Rating 2/5
Modified- This card is only good for dark pokemon since it does adds an extra 10 damage to their attacks, in modified there isn't too many good dark pokemon. Rating 1.5/5
Limited- This card is only good for dark pokemon since it does adds an extra 10 damage to their attacks, even if you pull this and a dark pokemon that can use this it is unlikely you will get them in your hand and/or on the field at the same time. Rating 1.5/5
-the ft. laud. loud mouth
PTO - St. Louis
OK, FINALLY, a card that we cannot review at this time.
This card is unstable right now, with the introduction of basic dark and basic metal energy in Diamond and Pearl (assuming we match the Japanese set)
Any deck running "basic" dark and metal will be encouraged to run 4 of the special energy UNLESS they are running power tree (see yesterday)
As for the "Special" energy card...as of this rotation...I will give my "estimated" views....
Unlimited:  What else you gonna power up Sneasel with...huh?  Much more powerful under the old rules...but still, it is a good play 4/5
Modified:  There are not as many cards that abuse darkness energy, unlike the days of Team Rocket Returns....oh, the Dragtrode deck...look, now you are making me all weepy.
Yeah, Yeah, I have heard of the UF TTAR EX too!  Man,..that card rocks!  Just for that...and my walk down memory lane...I will give it a 3.5/5
Limited:  Gotta draft it, if you don't use it, then make sure someone else WON'T.  3.5/5

1st Great Lakes Regionals 07
Dark Energy
I really don't think this card needs an introduction, or even a summery. It will only fit in decks that use dark pokemon, so it gets a 4.5 in all formats if you are running dark pokemon.
Darkness energy - Holon Phantom
This is Greenzangoose, and it's that time again. Today’s COTD is the counter-part of the metal energy and is one that most players will know of. It isn't a basic energy (until Diamond and Pearl.) But it is needed (kind of confusing.) There are plenty of great attacks that need dark energy (like Shiftry EX's (Power Keepers) Skill hack and dirge attacks.) But most don't need it.
Pros -
Attack boosting
Cons -
Special energy
Unlimited - 5/5 it’s an energy, and is good for sneasle.
Modified - 5/5 it’s an energy
Limited - 4/5 just because I can't seem to pull enough of them. =P
Until later...
"Money may not buy happiness, but it sure makes misery much easier to live with."

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