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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Pokedex HANDY910is

Diamond & Pearl

Date Reviewed: 06.08.07

Ratings & Reviews Summary
Unlimited: 1.00
Limited: 2.80

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.


My name is Pokedex

Look at your top 2

Choose the best card

If you was me you would too


Unlimited: We have so much better Trainers too use here.


Rating : 1/5


Modified: I doubt if this is going to be used. I mean you would rather play a good draw supporter or a search card to get what you need.


Rating : 1/5



Limited: Almost any Trainer is good here. This is one of them take it.


Rating : 3/5


Anthony C
AKA- The Ft. Laud. Loud Mounth
League Leader
Top 32 Grinder 2004

Pokédex HANDY910is


Unlimited- Cards like Prof Oak and Prof. Elm are so much better here. Rating 1/5


Modified- Cards like TV Reporter, Copycat and Bill's Mantance are much better here Rating 1/5


Limited- This card is ok, it can possibly pull out a card you need and can thin the deck in the process. Rating 4/5


-the ft. laud. loud mouth

PTO - St. Louis
"You must respect my authoitae"
The DS Lite of the Pokemon World!

This card at first made me shrug, oooh, great, I get to choose 1 of 2, and bury the other one...GREAT!

Then we heard, LOUDLY, of 2 combos that might work with this.

Deoxys Magcargo....put any card at the top of your deck, then get it with Handy910is! That works, and you still get to play a supporter!

Delta Electabuzz (evolved)...take the card from the bottom of your deck once per turn...you can get that killed card!

Both have potential...need to be looked at...

I can see some fun with each.

Unlimited...nope 1/5

Modified...using the combos I talked about 2.5

Limited...more cards is always good. This is one of those cards that you like in draft WELL MORE than in other formats! 4/5

Thanks and talk to you soon!


Pokedex handy910is Diamond & Pearl

How many different Pokedex’s are there? I mean does there have to be a new one every time they make one? And why is it called handy910is? It’s not very handy, and it hardly works. Stick with something else.

Not a supporter

Not very useful

Unlimited – No. 1/5

Modified – Still no. 1/5

Limited – barely better here. 2/5

Just no,

“Note: put witty comment here.”
James the
Its Finally Friday! Which means payday for me, time to go Support my TCG Addictions and buy some DP boosters IF the stores around here have finally gotten them in. Anyway to Close off the week we look at a a New Pokedex which the full name is Pokedex Handy910 but for the sake of argument lets call it pokedex. Now is it just me or does this Pokedex Kinda look like a Ds Light Fused with a Psp? Well Enough about Art work lets get to the Card.

Our new Pokedex here to me is Rather on the lame side. Instead of the top 5 cards we only get to look at the top 2 cards but were allowed to take one of those and add it to our hand while the other less useful card goes to the bottom of the deck. that’s pretty much the jist of it, want my Opinion don’t use it there are way better options out there and sorry if I sound mean but when we get upgrades to old technology such as the case with this one over the original isn’t the upgrade suppose to be better?

Unlimited: 1/5 Id go 0 if it were allowed. Pokedex (( the Original)) New Pokedex. Pokenav they all blow this thing out of the water.

Modified:1/5 again we have better options out there.

Limited:2/5 ONLY because here we don’t have nearly as many options as we do otherwise, if you find you need another trainer in your deck then toss this in there but only if you have nothing else.

A wize man once said forgiveness is divine but never pay full price for late pizza.

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