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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Energy Restore

Diamond & Pearl


Date Reviewed: 06.04.07

Ratings & Reviews Summary
Unlimited: 2.00
Modified: 2.80
Limited: 3.25

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

Alex Bramham

Top 8
UK Nationals
Energy Restore

Doesn't look like this card will see much tourney play. In Flygon, Chimecho is the best choice for energy retrieval as it's mentorable. Other decks such as Blaziken or Dragonite orientated, want to keep the basics in the discard.


PTO - St. Louis
"You must respect my authoitae"
OK, here is one of the not too exciting trainers from Diamond and Pearl...so let's take a look!!!

Flip 3 coins to get 1 basic energy into your hand for each heads.

OK, very rarely will this auto fail, and could be considered a good way to get back energy IFFFF....

There was not Chimecho or Power Tree in the system.

Some may consider it in low energy/special energy decks like Metanite, Flygon or the like...but I will guarantee you ONE thing, when you REALLY need one head, you will flip all tails.

It just happens.

Not really since Neo Genesis Slowking has there been a deck in the format the constantly succeeded that relied on flips.

Too simple. I can see it squeezed in where power tree does not work due to special energy, and Chimecho feels like a waste.

unlimited. Um...NO. 1/5

Modified. OK, maybe some limited use here. 2/5

Limited. Usually you are playing high energy decks in this format, but if I got this card, I would cut my energy count down by 2, so, some usefulness. 3/5

That's it...as easy as 1-2-3



Energy Restore Diamond & Pearl

Howdy. This week in Pojo’s pokemon COTD is the new D&P trainers week (not supporters or stadiums as those are no longer trainers.) Energy Restore is a reprint from older packs (can’t remember which.) This card is the best energy recycling card out there as it is not a supporter (which you’d want to save for something more important.)

Energy recycling (Always good to recycle.)
Not a supporter.

Flipping is bad.

Unlimited – Wow, now that there are basic dark energies, this card could have some use. Too bad Slowking reins supreme right hand man to sneasle, and it loses out to bill and oak and… 2/5

Modified – This card is very useful here. 4/5

Limited – In a world that needs energy, this fits the bill nicely. 4.5/5

Could work nicely,

“I used to be indecisive, now I'm not so sure...”

Muk Man

Today’s Card Of The Day is…Energy Restore from Diamond & Pearl

This is just an updated version of an already bad card. The BIG problem with this card is that it is limited to basic energy. There are already several trainers that get basic energy back from the discard, and some of those don’t require coin flips. If you need basic energy bad enough to consider this card just run Holon farmer or power tree. If you don’t mind flipping then energy recycle is a much better option becase you can get special energy back as well as basic.


Combos: Works well with a binder


Modified:  1/5 Better off playing more basic energy

Limited: 1/5 better off playing more basic energy



Current ebay Value: .75 cents(Plus or minus .25 cents)


Diamond Friend Code 0000-9956-0916


~Muk Man~

P.S. Jeff Reynolds is the best T.O. EVER!



For questions or comments, send an email to Treluv3@Excite.com




James the
Hey Everyone it’s the M-Azing one Here welcome to another full week of Pokemon Card reviews! This week were looking at Trainers from the DP Set, some of these brought back some memories but We’ll touch on That as the week goes on. Today were looking at a card that reminds me of Energy arc from one of the Neo Boosters, but this cards better in every sense.

Energy Restore is the Card of the day and the effect is Pretty Simple, Flip 3 coins for each Heads get a Basic Energy card back from your Discard pile and add it to your hand. This Card has some great Uses IMO Especially with the new Metal and Darkness Basic Energy it allows Pokemon with Huge energy discards to be more playable. On average your going to get at least one energy back, sure there will be times you get none and times you get allot but odds are your going to get least one heads out of 3 so In terms of advantage this Card will almost always pay for itself while giving you back Energy you may need. Not much else I can say kinda like an Energy Retrieval except With a chance factor for more Energy which more is almost always better.

Unlimited: 4/5 with Energy Removal and Super Energy Removal Here getting back Energy could be Key, Also I see this giving Rain Dance a Boost it doesn’t need.

Modified: 4.5/5 A lot less Ways to get back Energy here but also a lot less reasons to see it in the Discard.

Limited: 4/5 If you Draft it Use it! I know I would.

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